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  1. I think it works, after all, Eggman doesn't really care that much about his individual robots, and rarely , if ever interacts with Omega. it's not unlikely that he could just not care about who Omega was, and just see him as another drone to do his bidding
  2. Ok I might actually read this if it looked like this. Don't get me wrong the writing would still be an issue, but not nearly as much as the art. It's a shame that Ken doesn't do this instead, it could genuinly stand on it's own.
  3. You say this as if Sega is the one writing all of these games, rather than a variety of writers with their own beliefs on how they should write Sonic.
  4. Knuckles' tracks are some of my favorites because they often give him more depth, and add more to his story.
  5. The worst part about Ken is that he has the patience, following, and means to create his own graphic novel series, but he's so FUCKING incompetent, and all he needs to do is actually LISTEN TO THE CRITICISM. Had he done that, he would've realized that maybe his artstyle doesn't work at all, that he should focus on writing and drawing his book before even considering translating it, but no, and at the pace he's going it might never get done, because he'd rather get into arguments on Twitter and spend his life savings on creepy CG art of his characters than actually get things done.
  6. I think you forget Sonic 1 had locations like Starlight Zone and Scrap Brain Zone, besides, having realism doesn't mean going as far as 06 did. I think it should be like Generations and the Adventure games, where fantastical locations like Pumpkin Hill and realistic locations like City Escape exist together
  7. Actually, Chili Dogs appeared much earlier than Underground, if I remember correctly, they've been around since AoSTH, SatAM, and Archie.
  8. This is great, I gotta say
  9. That's not really the case. Archie had Scratch and Grounder, but that doesn't make AoSTH canon to that universe.
  10. I would enjoy that, but that'll simply sour the public's opinion of Sonic fans once again, as we'll be associated with this bullshit. The Movie and Mania have helped revitalize the brand to the public, the last thing we need is to get that hate train rolling again.
  11. How canon is said DS RPG game? it's never mentioned again, but I don't think it ever goes against canon, and even if it ended on a cliffhanger, so did Sonic 4, and yet that's still considered canon by us.
  12. I'd say it's less of an "Everything Happened" continuity, and more of an "Anything Happened" continuity
  13. Alright, so my grand vision is a massive, multi-dimensional event. The story would center around Game/IDW Sonic, Fleetway Sonic, and Movie Sonic, along with their respective casts, as they are forced to team up, and utilize Warp Rings to travel across familiar realities, such as Sonic X, Boom, Archie, the OVA, and others, to stop some great threat against the multiverse, not unlike the Worlds Unite story, but exclusive to Sonic.
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