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  1. Just something I was wondering about, it makes sense they wouldn't do a tie in game. Thanks for the replies. 🙂
  2. Hey, I really didn't see this posted up anywhere, but... does anyone know why we didn't get a sonic movie game? It seems like such an obvious thing, and a good way of making money/striking while the iron is hot. Yes, I know about the movie content that has appeared in the mobile games, but we got games set in the Boom Spin-off universe, why not the movieverse? Also, I don't understand why we don't have a movie-inspired animated series (not actual movieverse, so you don't step on paramount's toes). It just seems odd not to have content ready, when your audience is hungry for content. They knew the movie was coming out, and it seems strange noting was ready to go to cash in. Anyone else think this was wierd?
  3. Anyway, if anyone is reading these stories, I'll be doing a slight rewrite of these stories, then I'll be winding down my sonic story writing. I set out to write my version of a continuation of the movie-verse (to make up for a lack of movie-verse content). Anyway, thank you to anyone who read these stories, I really hope you enjoyed them. ^^
  4. That would be great. And Imagine Knuckles and Tikal turning against their chief and Robotnik, and joining Sonic to save both worlds!
  5. Um, yes Underground and SATAM could (loosely) fit together. Sonic's parents weren't in SATAM at all. Uncle Chuck was in both, he was roboticized in both, Sonic makes references to other 'freedom fighters' in underground spread all over the planet. And a statue of King Acorn even showed up in underground. You could easily fit underground before the events of SATAM, then at Some point Sonic left his siblings to join up with princess sally and the Knothole freedom fighter group. King Acorn and Queen Aleena rule two separate kingdoms on Mobius, and during the events of the episode 'blast to the past' Sonic and uncle chuck were visiting King Acorn's capital (North Mobitropolis), when Warlord Julian took over. Heck, the great war in SATAM might have been between North Mobius (King Acorn) and South Mobius (Queen Aleena's kingdom) Aleena's kingdom fell first, she put her children in hiding, then Acorn kingdom fell later, when Sonic was a toddler and living with uncle chuck. I've figured out several ways to fit those two together. Heck, I once came up with a theory to fit ALL of the cartoons thus far together loosely. Fitting every form of media together however... that's a bit harder, lol.
  6. With Pachacamac being the echidna who led the raid to capture sonic and firing the shot that 'killed' Longclaw, I wonder if he will be the big bad in this version, allying with robotnik, and trying to obtain the power of the Chaos emeralds for conquest, only to unleash Perfect Chaos on the world in one of the sequels.
  7. Oh, and I posted a follow-up to my first two stories, Sonic Short stories; https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13537315/1/Sonic-Short-Stories Even if you weren't a big fan of the movie, I recommend giving the stories a try. They really can stand on, and they work as a basic reboot of the Sonic franchise by themselves. (with the first movie as part, of course.)
  8. I actually love this comic a lot; how it starts off in a place after Sonic forces, how closely it sticks to the games. In my mind, the first story arc was incredible, and the comic-exclusive characters are entertaining. But the robo-zombie arc has dragged on WAAAAAY too long! And having it not end due to IDW's publishing hiatus almost feels like some kind of cruel cosmic joke But still, it's my favorite Sonic Comic series so far!XD
  9. Personally, I loved this movie. It served as a good origin story for Sonic, set up the Sonic/Robotnik rivalry, and gave a good jumping on point for new/returning fans. I can't wait to see where they go from here, and what game elements/stories will be incorporated into the films. This was the first game adaptation/live action-CG hybrid that gave equal focus to the human and CG character. This felt like a sonic movie with Tom as a co-star, rather than Tom the movie co-starring Sonic. Personally, I hope we get more adaptations like this, where the worst part is the floss dance. But maybe that is just me. XD
  10. Hello there !I am a long time Sonic fan, who also likes to write Fanfiction. After the recent Sonic Movie came out, I decided to write my own version of the events that would take place after this film (i.e. a sequel), and so wrote two stories that follow up on the events of the film. I take things back in a very game-centric direction, with some elements from other sonic universes as references/cameos, and the characters being a little older than in the games. Anyway, I put these here for anyone who is interested to enjoy, and I would love any feedback a reader would care to give. Anyway, thank you for your time. First story, Sonic Returns: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13510404/1/Sonic-Returns Second story/followup, Sonic Triumphant https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13519924/1/Sonic-Triumphant
  11. Hello everyone, Sonic fan here who's liked the character for many years. My first exposure was on my neighbor's old Genesis back in the day, then watching AOSTH and SATAM in reruns, about the time Sonic Adventure 2 on Gamecube came out. Been a loyal fan ever since, but never linked up with the fan community before. The movie's release finally got me to register, so I thought I'd say hello to everyone. Nice to meet all of you.
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