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  1. It was Sonic CD, the Gems Collection version to be more precise. I beat it in 2014 (I was 10 years old). I already knew Sonic before that and really liked the series, but I never had the chance to play anything before it and emulators were rocket science for me. I knew that Sonic CD had multiple endings when I first played, but I didn't really care about it until Palmtree Panic Act 2, where I decided to go for the good ending and since the Special Stages were to hard for me or something, I went looking for the Badnik transporter instead. Silly me tought that destroying most of the transporter would be enough, and that the game would simply forget me for not destroying that one capsule on Palmtree Panic Act 1... Boy was I wrong...
  2. Super Sonic, notice how the other characters are also being affected by the lighting
  3. Yeah, I thought it mighty be a joke, but wasn't sure :v
  4. I just wanna say that I'll be really disappointed if my favorite character that was introduced in Adventure 2 doesn't make an appearance in this arc... I'm talking about Chaclon of course
  5. I know these comics are made for kids and they don't want to drag things even more, but I just wish each Zeti could get at least one entire issue for their battles, maybe it's because i'm used to long-anime style arcs like Dragon Ball have, but it always bothered me how the fights in these comics are so short and it's all resolved so easily that it feels like every victory to the heroes was undeserved. Most of the time, it's something like "Character X punch Character Y, they talk a little, the fight ends", no choreography that's just fun to look at, no smart strategy that make you go "WoW", nothing. It's always feels so rushed and uninspired that any page containing a fight scene mighty as well just be blank with a "Fight is happening" text written over it. With that being said, the ending itself was pretty cool and I don't have any complaints about it , I do enjoy Flynn's writting a lot, and IDW Sonic has been a fun ride for me from the beginning, but i'll never not be annoyed when I see a fight scene in the book...
  6. Notice that Big's eyes are glowing in that first page
  7. I can understand why you like him, but honestly I think he's to boring to provoke any feeling on me, he's too stupid to be unnironicly enjoyable, but not stupid enough to be funny, there's nothing too absurd about him, he's just another bad written character between hundreds of those. The fact that he has so little interesting things to do in this story also helps, he seems more of a plot device to me, like, he's just a weapon that Eggman used to conquer the world, you could remove him entirely from Forces and you only would need one or two changes for it to be completely unnoticeable... Okay, to be fair, you could say that to almost every character on Sonic Forces, but still
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