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  1. Hyper Sonic is not part of the continuity at all. He was only in Sonic 3 and Knuckles because of the lock on he was not in Sonic and Knuckles. If Hyper Sonic did return the cannon would not fit and the time line would be out of place, because Sonic 4 takes place after Sonic and Knuckles not S3+K. The Hyper Emeralds were not in the original Sonic and Knuckles game, they were just chaos emeralds.
  2. For my 3 favourite 3D Sonic games I would have to select: Sonic Adventure - Dreamcast Sonic Adventure 2 - Dreamcast Sonic and the Secret Rings These games just have a feel about them as to how a Sonic game should be played, and there is a lot of speed and action in all of these games with no gimmicks. Just pure Sonic action and speed.
  3. After seeing this new trailer of game play I can see that SEGA really put a lot of effort into revamping Sonic's speed and running animation. He seems to get the "blurry feet" motion as soon as he starts to run, which is what it was like in S3+K. Plus the floaty physics on the jump seem to have seen a great improvement as well as a few other features, but I just can't see why they had to put in the uncurling motion for when you roll up a hill in spin dash mode. That could be a very bad move SEGA.
  4. If you think Joe will; be hard character to land combos on then you will not want to play Tantsunoko Vs Capcom. he is the most irritating character to hit. So it would be best to play as him than having to face off against him instead. He does have some cool combos.
  5. I would have to say Tails, the little guy gets very little screen time from now on. He is a very under rated character in the series, more so than Amy. He is very handy to use in Sonic 3. He should have more solo games because the only ones he had were Tails Adventure and Tails Sky patrol. He is very loyale to Sonic and sticks by him no matter what.
  6. This sounds promising. The writing in Tomorrow never Dies was just epic. And if it is an original story and not one based on a movie, then I hope it does not dissapoint. If the gameplay is like Everything or Nothing, then I will enjoy it. The new remake of Golden Eye should be good, but I enjoy originality a lot more better and fun to enjoy.
  7. I don't know what to think about this new VA.I have heard one clip when Sonic absorbs the Orange Wisp ans turns into a rocket and his voice is a little deep. I will have to see what the full voice is like in the full game, but I think this guy has potentail. Make us proud Mr Redfeild.
  8. Well the person who voiced Spidey in Spectactular Spiderman was called Josh Keaton and he will be voicing Spidey in the Ultimate universe so you will be very happy to play this universe. I am looking forward to playing the Ultimate series, I wonder if it will be better than the main game that was released a few years back?
  9. I was going to buy this but after seeing the price of what kinect is going to be I will hold this off. It looks very entertaining, and you can get a lot of exercise in with this game. I wonder if it will follow on from Zero Gravity or if it will have a brand new story. Well when Kinect goes down in price within the next 10 years I might then consider it.
  10. I would have to say that Sonic gems was my favourite out of all the compilations. It has some really old school classics in it. Sonic CD is the main reason I bought this compilation. Sonic Jam was not that good. It was just a 3D hub with Sonic1,2,3 and Knuckles. I used to like playing some of the old Game Gear games and to have the opportunity to play Vector man on the Gems compilation. Epic game.
  11. If we had the special stages from Sonic 2 in a 3D Sonic game for the 3DS then I think a lot of people would be having fits and stuff like that, because imagin what they were like in the MD style and then think what they would be like in full 3D. And the ones in Sonic Heroes would be just as bad.
  12. Awesome a new CV game. But I hope it will have a PSN release as well, because arcade games feel better to play on the PS3 controller. Well I will have to check out the gameplay trailers if there are any new ones yet. I have not played any of the new games yet, but I have every intention of getting them, I really like the series. I have played the demo of Symphony of the night, and it was great.
  13. Sonic Adventure 2 has only been re-released twice and one of those was a remake of the Dreamcast version, with two player modes and had enhanced graphics. Sonic Adventure 1 has had the most releases, and since like you said that it is getting the XBLA and PSN release in HD then it would be better if Sonic Adventure 2 got the a release for the 3DS. Plus if it was released for the it, then I hope SEGA keep the multiplayer. If there should be a Sonic game that should get a 3DS release it would have to be Sonic CD. Nuff' Said.
  14. What would you rather have though, a GAME store that over charges ridiculous amounts of money for a new release game or wait a few extra days and have them cheaper by at least £5-10. I makes sense to go for the latter option because you will be saving instead of losing money.
  15. Mine faves would have to be in Sonic Adventure 2, when Sonic "died" and Tails was mourning. And when you have to fight Tails as Eggman, he says "What did you do to Sonic, I'll never fogive you for this". Another one is in Sonic Adventure when Tails shows Sonic the purple Chaos Emerald, "Wooah a Chaos Emerald." Priceles face and line.
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