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  1. Thank you. I thought that was the case but couldn't find any definitive answer; figured if it hadn't been said that he wasn't leaving. But also wasn't sure if he had been implying he was beginning to transition off of the book.
  2. Possibly stupid question... with Ian's new job is he done with Sonic on IDW for the foreseeable future aside from small projects? Or this won't affect his Sonic writing?
  3. My point is Sega manages the way the characters are controlled. The writers individual freedoms are limited to what Sega wants. Ian Flynn is having this issue on IDW
  4. I pretty much liked all of it. It was the first Sonic show to actually be funny. That's not nothing.
  5. I'm increasingly convinced only way to properly do Sonic right is without the Sega license; the fans understand why they like Sonic more than Sega. As in, the premise & cast of Sonic have so much more potential than Sega will ever be willing to realize. Imagine something like Sonic in the hands of the Adventure Time creators. Even the OK KO episode with Sonic & Tails guesting had more ideas than some of the game stories.
  6. Sega's always been skilled at ignoring reality but I'm excited to see whatever their 2020 plans are and how they reflect any listening/learning from the obvious conclusions from the data of the last few years for the Sonic franchise. Mania and 2020 Movie both were commercially and critically successful, both performing above expectations. It'd be more strange if they didn't both receive sequels, but then, Sega/Sonic are no strangers to strange decisions. Point being, of all recent Sonic output, those featuring the "Modern Sonic" design have been least popular. 2020 is a new decade. If it were up to me, I would take the opportunity for a fresh start, and kick off a new generation of Sonic with an updated design, and a new structure for the games/spinoff media. 1) Classic Sonic continues from the Taxman/Whitehead team with 2D and maybe 3D adventures; whatever they want to do. Bring aboard Mystic and Rob and the SRB2 community all stars and do Saturn Sonic with the license. "hey Sega hire them plz" is a cliche but in an ideal world the Sonic franchise would be as community-owned as possible. It would be wise to invest in talent that loves and understands the franchise on a molecular level, and they're probably far less costly than the Iizuka Sonic Team. Just seems logical. 2) Modern Sonic era is over, and should go out with as much grace as possible. Not with a new title, but with HD remastering/bug-fixed re-releases announced — The Adventure Collection (SA, SA2, Heroes, 06) and The Modern Collection (Unleashed, Colors, Generations, Forces). 3) The big-budget series would Post-Modern Sonic would be a new design, and new gameplay. 3a) The design should include the blue arms, and a furrier texture compared to Modern's plastic sheen. Imagine a combination of Movie, Boom, and Classic in a way that feels both new and familiar. The people who ought to lead the redesign, obviously, would be Tyson Hesse, Tracy Yardley, and Evan Stanley. 3b) The games will continue refining the Boost/Modern levels from Generations and Forces, embracing the on-rail nature of this "3D" Sonic that occasionally switches to the 2D platforming and back again. It's fundamentally 2D gameplay and, as the new Sega Lords, we are saying we're okay with that, the trick now is to continue finding clever fun gimmicks for variations on it. From the Sonic 2 half-pipe through the Modern era, we're saying — this is how Sonic levels work, this is what they are: wacky racetrack obstacle courses with branching pathways; its Star Fox 64 but Sonic. Whether you need to hold up on the L stick or enable automatic forward movement, these are the levels, the Zones. To supplement, Post-Modern Sonic games will feature gigantic "open world" hub maps, separate from the Zones. Unlike previous Sonic hubs, the player does not return to the hub between levels. The Zones progress as they do in Classic. However, the player is free to exit the Zone and return to the hub world at any time, and return when they're ready. The Zones are accessible via Warp Rings, not dissimilar to the Mario 64 paintings, with each level unlocked after its completion. The hub world would need to be developed by a dedicated team, working alongside but separate from the level designers. You want the Sonic Utopia dev/s working on the hub, and the SRB2 devs on the levels. The hub needs to be massive. At least the size of a PUBG/Fortnite map. It is full of interesting terrain, springs, and rings, but no enemies. The point of the hub is to be the "Tony Hawks Pro Skater" park for the Sonic moveset. This is just a giant South Island where you can run around, learn new tricks, find secret gems, and pursue mini-game activities, like a Chao garden. The hub can also be a place to reward the player with aesthetic prizes for completing extra objectives in the level campaign— a Flickie bird bath, or a swirly side for the Pockys and Rickys. Lastly, most importantly, Post-Modern Sonic would emphasize multiplayer, both co-op and competitive, both arcade-style drop in / drop out, with modern online capabilities. ...That's what I'd do, anyway.
  7. For Knuckles and Sonic, it's not "friend or foe" but "friend and foe" — he's a knucklehead. He's a frenemy. They're friends, but they also butt heads on things with their clashing egos. Knuckles is a valuable friend to Sonic because he's an equal; he isn't a sidekick or admirer like Tails and Amy; he isn't struggling with a dark side like Shadow.
  8. Sega should just buy up the IPs for at least the Archie/SatAM cast and integrate them, even if only for the party games. Sally, Bunnie, and Mina still have fans, and probably even more than Rouge. Sonic has always had the ability to appeal to more than just the male gender, but moreso in the comics. One way the Sonic franchise could elbow Mario is in having more vibrant cast of female characters than just "The Girlfriend Who Is Pink." Sonic is Sega's most valuable brand, by far. If the MCU can exist, Sega can put Bunnie Rabbot in a game.
  9. Those are examples of Sonic taking the shortest/fastest route to the conclusion of a stress point. He's a forgiving character because it's the choice that's more free of worry. He's forgiving in the sense of he isn't going to go out of his way to mess with you if he doesn't have to (generally speaking; Sonic can often be the aggressor with others, like Knuckles or Silver, but it's always when Sonic feels he's in the defensive spot. He's not one to sucker-punch people like Knuckles does to him in Sonic 3). Eggman and the other villains force his hand. And then Sonic wants to be done with it as soon as possible. With IDW and Mr. Tinker, it's the same. It would be more baggage for Sonic to hold a grudge or try to hold Eggman accountable once it was clear his memory really was wiped; the freer choice was to shrug and say live and let live. This is kind-hearted, but can sometimes be exploited as weakness, as we see with the consequences of IDW. Eggman's metal virus doesn't mean Sonic was wrong to not execute him when he was Mr. Tinker -- it's not right or wrong, it doesn't matter; he's making the choice to go his own way...
  10. Title The Evolution of Eggman Media Comic / animation Outline A new version of Robotnik's origin. Begins with Jim Carrey's Robotnik alone on the mushroom world at the end of Sonic Movie. We flashback to his Earth origin and weave the games/comic lore in there — how he admired his grandfather Gerald but despised his family, except his nephew Julian Snivley who admired Ivo Robotnik as much as Ivo admired Gerald. We see a quick timeline of Robotnik as a lonely inventor, graduating early, developing tons of new patents and an electronics empire until he's become the leading international expert on robotics. He's in the early stages of his planned coup of the US Government when he's set on the case of Sonic the Hedgehog, an alien creature full of more power than he's ever seen, yet seems oddly familiar. In the present, Robotnik has shaved his head on the mushroom world and is losing his sanity and babbling to the rock he's calling Agent Stone... then after repeatedly tossing the stone, discovers a Chaos Emerald. Using its power, he's able to jury-rig a device to transport himself back to Earth — except he finds himself in Sonic's World/Mobius, not realizing he's in the past, 5 years before Sonic will be born. Traveling through time with only the one Emerald, Eggman is able to build self-replicating robot factories, overthrow the Kingdom of Acorn and upset global stability, return to Earth to recruit Snivley as his assistant, and sets in motion his plan to conquer not just any one planet, but every world he can find, an empire of all space and time. Now in present day Mobius with his factories and workforce firmly established, we can see that all of the time/space machinations have warped Robotnik's sanity & appearance into the familiar Eggman figure. And that's when Eggman learns from Snivley that there are, in fact, 6 more of these Chaos Emeralds on South Island. The End. Does it exist? No Tl;dr How did Jim Carrey Eggman turn into the Eggman we know?
  11. Totally agree, OP — it felt like "Sonic: Year One" Emphasizing that Sonic & Eggman are both deeply lonely, but deal with that emptiness in different ways, was a smart observation by the movie writers. It makes them more like Sherlock/Moriarty, or Batman/Joker, in the way they parallel each other.
  12. Less a headcanon and more of an observation — Silver & Blaze are kind of like the flip of Shadow & Rouge in personality/archetypes. Blaze and Shadow are serious superhero ones. Silver and Rouge are a bit goofier, but still powerful partners.
  13. He's such a buffoon doofus. If he had real confidence in this story, he'd retell it from the beginning with OCs / humans. Penders M25YL is boring as hell, it's insane. I know he was building some big Infinity War version of his OCs, he thought, but whatever. Reboot your Geoffreys and so on to be HUMANS. And if the story is good, people will say, gee that's cool, wonder what it would've been like in the Archie comics, oh well. Or they'll like it independently of Archie Sonic. This has no chance of that, at all. This requires at least 1, probably 2 or 3, wikipedia articles read before understanding what you're in for and for what perverse reason you'd ever both.
  14. Dang, I don't know how I missed this thread the first time around... everyone's ideas, from OP to page 9, are pretty spot on. It's interesting how much of a natural consensus exists among fans, with only minor variances among smaller details, but wide agreement on general concepts/styles that should work and how to focus on them more effectively. There's no shortage of Sonic talent out there -- only really in the Sonic Team 3D game design is the talent lacking (for a variety of reasons). The comics, cartoons, movie, Mania were all fantastic in terms of execution on what's available. Even the 3D design could be good, if better focused (ie, Unleashed if boost/battle stages were separate campaigns instead of just tripping up a game in a series originally built around momentum) But Sega is the final boss, and they have the final say. So. If I were in charge, I'd essentially approve every post thus far in the thread. And one new idea. Mania team reunited, collaborating with the core original Sonic Team -- Ohshima, Yasuhara, Naka. Small team. No hierarchy; just different jobs that need to be done and different specialties. Decisions made based on majority vote if there's disagreement. Ideally, once programming, the two teams would begin to "finish each other's thoughts" in a way and create brand new level challenges.
  15. I favor simplest possible controls, emphasizing overall momentum of the gameplay experience by not interrupting the level campaigns (ie, Boost levels should all be together; Hunt/Battle levels should be a separate campaign). Two types of basic gameplay with two-button gameplay. Virtually every character can be playable as a visual/power adjustment to the main Boost and Hunt/Battle star characters --- Sonic and Knuckles. Here's how-- Sonic & Knuckles 3D Choose Campaign: —Rescue (Speed stages) —Hunt (Battle stages) —Final (Unlocks after both are completed for first time) Rescue is the day/boost stages, following Sonic on the trail of the Gaia Temples (to restore the world with the Chaos Emeralds) and, along the way, rescue humans/animals in need with Tails keeping up in his transformable T-3 hovercraft, with Chip in his passenger seat. Blaze and Agent Shadow are both on the trail too, each with their own motivations, but all having the same end goal, so they team up with Sonic along the way while otherwise keeping a separate path. Sonic is the default character, and best/easiest overall. In co-op, 2P co-op is instant split screen (vertical as default) , with the 2P character dropping out of a Warp Ring at the same place as the 1P Sonic if it's mid-stage out of the pause menu. If 2P co-op is from the beginning, then obviously split-screen from the start. Co-op character has infinite lives, but their progress counts equally toward completing the stage — whoever finishes first completes the level; the second player can finish or choose to Warp Ring to the end. You can easily cheat by playing 2P alone, keeping 1P Sonic tapping his foot, and play the overpowered 2P co-op to completion. The game shouldn't bother with any effort to prevent that, because it's just obviously a bit... pathetic to play that way; so if you really want to then more power to you. The idea is for the girlfriend/sibling/roommate 2P to be able to have fun and contribute without getting frustrated needing to learn how to play. They can just press buttons and do okay if they're terrible, and if they're even a little skilled, it can be a lot of fun to team up throughout the level. Tails in T3-Jet, Shadow, and Blaze (the co-op characters) aren't playable in 1P solo until after the campaign is concluded once as Sonic; then all 3 are unlocked. Any of the CPU can called in to join you from the pause menu -- Tails, Blaze, Shadow -- and can be set to one or two modes "Help" or "Compete." This becomes an instant difficulty modifier for the stage in 1P solo, while keeping things fun and interesting. If you call any CPU character to Help, they come in and act like a souped-up version of Tails AI from Mega Drive, killing enemies for you, and offering to carry/warp you in whatever direction you like. If they're there to Compete then it's a race to the finish, instantly making the level more difficult. If you play entirely solo, it's simply you as Sonic through a full campaign, the other characters appearing in skippable cut scenes, then the others are playable as unlockables. Two buttons, Two sticks, Two triggers -- Boost (Sonic) B -Jump (twice for Homing; down+jump is roll/crouch, then jump again begins Spin Dash charge) A -Boost (down+boost is stomp) L stick - forward/backward/strafe R stick - camera/vision L1 - sidestep left (hard left if L1+left) R1 - sidestep right (hard right if R1+right) The co-op characters vary in how those moves look and rate of speed / damage they possess (Sonic is best, meaning the other characters are all a bit more difficult to play as because they're relatively less fast/powerful), but functionally they're the same. Quite simple. (If "Rescue" is completed first, the Gaia Temples are marked by the player character with Warp Rings. If "Hunt" was completed first, then the Emerald is placed in the altar.) Hunt is the night/fighting stages. Knuckles is on the trail of the Chaos Emeralds. He's coordinating with Amy Rose (borrowing/recontextualizing scenes from Forces), and she's coordinating Sonic & Tails on their quest to find the temples from HQ. The story is simple. Knuckles + all of the heroes are searching for the Emeralds, while also defending the world from attacks by the Dark Gaia creatures. Co-op in this mode doesn't require a split-screen. Knuckles is the default character and best/easiest overall. Because the Hunt stages are slower beat-em-up action stages, the 2P co-op characters can be much more expansive to spruce up the fun. Tails in T3-Mech (upgraded SA2), Shadow, Blaze, and just really any character can work as a puncher, especially in this worldwide Dark Gaia apocalypse with demon creatures from the pits of Hell. Amy Rose, Silver, Rouge, Vector, Espio, Big the Cat, Mighty. Truly pretty wide open. The only character who cannot be there is Sonic the Hedgehog, only Sonic the Werehog. However, once the Knuckles campaign has been completed (all Emeralds have been found), Sonic the Hedgehog is available in Battle. Without a 2nd player, the 1P/Knuckles can choose any 1 partner CPU with 3 options of behavior/difficulty adjustment -- Compete, Help, and Assist (default). Assist means the CPU will help out a little bit, but not much; they mostly serve as a distraction. Help makes the CPU aggressive in clearing the way for you. Compete ups the difficulty by requiring the 1P to end the stage first/with a higher score from that point to the end of the level. The stages don't need to be all at night. Instead, if Sonic comes in as the CPU/2P co-op, it's the presence of strong Dark Gaia energy that brings out his Werehog transformation. So when Sonic uses a Warp Ring to join Knuckles, he transforms into the Werehog because of being in the stage. Two buttons, Two sticks, Two triggers -- Battle (Knuckles) B -Jump (double jump is Glide/Climb)(down+jump is roll/crouch, jump again to charge Spin Dash) A -Attack -- for Knuckles, this is punch. (tap, hold, etc for different types of punches) Jump+attack -- for Knuckles this is Drill Dig. (specifics of this and attack/double jump vary by character but are functionally the same).
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