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  1. In the latest BumbleCast Flynn said Bad Guys takes place between #32 and #33.
  2. New BumbleKast The most interesting thing: Earth and Not-Mobius are connected via "secret giant Rings that we have never seen"
  3. Loved all the stories, hope Clint McOwlroy and Vector's ex-bandmate come back soon.
  4. Nicole needs her Holo-Lynx form to hold hands with her gf. Anyway, here is a yesterday's livestream with Ian and an IDW editor I think:
  5. And it connects with the one for #27
  6. The comics are finally back! And the next issue is just a month away! And we are getting a whole annual between now and then! Feels good.
  7. I am also seeing a lot of positivity towards the comic in fandom, including from more causal fans, and "people making IDW Sonic should be writing the games" is certainly a common sentiment. I am really enjoying current arc, very emotional and impactful, and even if the ending doesn't live up, I don't think it's going to ruin anything for me. The nature of the arc didn't allow for much tonal variety but that makes me all the more hyped for what comes next; I tried to ignore solicits and covers but it seems, whether we are jumping straight into the next arc or getting one or two "filler" stories, Evan Stanley's first issues are going to be more lighthearted and shenanigans focused.
  8. Yesterday Sonic Revolution 2020 Digital Convention had a short panel with IDW Sonic writers and artists: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/656455815?t=04h43m15s Usual questions about SEGA's involvement, posibility of Archie characters appearing in IDW and IDW characters appearing in the games were asked and answered with no new information as far as I can tell. Artists gave some drawing tips. Edit, cause I am not sure if two posts in a row are allowed on this forum: New BumbleKast in which, amongst other things, Ian Flynn explains what effect Metal Virus would have on Bunnie and confirms SonaDow*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyPZVb8yftQ CW for an episode: discussion of mental health issues, mention of suicidal thoughts *not really
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