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  1. Never expected to see you on here. Anyway, I hope you've had a pleasant time and I'm definitely a fan of your work, as I'm sure the vast majority of us are. 

  2. Thanks. I prefer not to think of it as a competition. We're all actors portraying a rôle, in our own way and time. The fact you've seen our performance in the first place shows we've already won the biggest competition of all: the casting process. I fight that battle constantly. Every win is a precious gift.
  3. Thanks! So far, so good. Hope you're the same.
  4. So the real Mike Pollock, huh? Hope you enjoy your stay! You make an awesome job voicing Eggman. Nice work!

    Don't mind me, I'm just a fan wandering around.

    I wouldn't mind an autograph tho.

    1. itsamike


      Thank you so much!

      Please meet me halfway.

  5. Welcome to SSMB Mr. Pollock,

    Though a little late to be in advance, sorry for us being overentitled.

    Anyway, enjoy your stay and thanks for all of your work as the voice of Dr. Eggman. I know you get paid for it, but you still deserve thanks as well for making us love him so much, so thank you.

    1. itsamike


      Thank you so much. But you should also thank the people who choose to keep hiring me.

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      True, as they make sure we have a consistent Eggman that we love.

  6. Thanks! In a perfect world, the actors trust the talent to be able to do their job, and vice versa. It's much better when we collaborate. They're directors, not dictators, after all. The games are generally recorded separately (more separately with me, as I record remotely from New York while the production team remains in Los Angeles). There are handful of people behind the glass, including the director, and various localizers, writers and/or producers. I'll get a spreadsheet with my dialog in one column, and line numbers, audio file numbers and notes in the other columns. If I don't get full scenes, I rely on the production team to make sure I sound like I'm delivering in the proper context. They're there to fill in the blanks if I have questions. I'll get briefed on the story of the game, and of each scene as we go. I'll give to or three reads on each line. They deliberate, and if they have notes, I'll make adjustments and go again. We do it 'til we get it right. I'm generally done in a couple of hours, and am off to find the next gig.
  7. They're 99% scripted by the Social Media team, and completely self-directed by the talent.
  8. I'm quite real, and thank you. I have no desire to stifle criticism. My concern is the spreading of misinformation, so I dropped a little knowledge.
  9. You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. The initial auditions for SONIC X were voice-matches. I was given clips of Deem Bristow and told to sound like him. The results of that audition speak for themselves, and are evident in the first several SONIC X episodes. Several weeks into the run, the production team informed me they wanted to lighten the voice to better service the comedy, specifically requesting Jiminy Glick-style peaks and valleys. I obliged, to their satisfaction. I'm an actor. (The goal of any working actor is to book as many rôles as possible, to the apparent dismay of some.) I adjust my performance to suit the script, and the desires of the director. In the franchise's darker games, I gave a darker read, as appropriate. For the lighter games, I play up the comedy to the best of my abilities. You can't please everyone. I don't have to be your favorite. I respect whatever opinion you have, because it's your opinion, and it's personal, by definition. The opinion that matters most is that of the producers, who choose to keep hiring me, and presumably approve of my performance.
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