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  1. I have played Balan Wonderworld on Switch and at first it didn't feel like the terrible game people are claiming it is. But, after playing some worlds I got bored. Lots of costumes are pointless, having little difference to others or having skills that would work better combined in only one costume. I think this game could be awesome if it was like a 3D Kirby game. A platformer where you could grab costumes from foes and that the costumes expand the move set of the character, not only replacing the only one action move available. Also, the story doesn't work at all. I really like Nights Into Dreams storytelling without dialogs, but in Balan Wonderworld anything makes sense. I don't know yet if the game is as bad as the metascore shows, but it's kinda boring and disappointing
  2. Well, I think this version of Colors will be like Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy Remasters: they have better textures, better illumination, better fps and a little more content. I don't think Sega would remake Sonic Colors entirely. And Colors still hold up pretty well, it don't need much more improvements. I don't think this is going to be the next big project and I'm laughing that some people think it is. Takashi Iizuka has said in lots of interviews for the past few years that Sonic Team is working on the next mainline Sonic game, Sega has already told they have multiples new games coming soon. Remasters are easy and cheap to make, they probably outsourced other studio to make this remaster. Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD, for example, was developed in only 6 months with a really small budget. I don't think Colors will need more than that.
  3. It makes completely sense to re-release Sonic Colors. I know hardcore fans nowadays say Colors it's not a good game, but it isn't true and for Sega what matters the most is what general audience thinks not few hardcore fans. Sonic Colors was successful because it's a pure Sonic experience, without alternative gameplay styles, without Werehog. I absolutely love Sonic Unleashed, the Adventure games and even some of the dark age titles as well. But, it's clear to me that when Sonic went to 3D the franchise lost a part of its appeal to the mainstream audience. In my opinion that happened because classic Sonic was about pure action and accessibility while most of the 3D Sonics aren't. They have Bigs the Cats, treasure hunting stages, werehogs, strange motion controls, etc. They feel bureaucratic. Most of the people say Sonic Adventure 1&2 are good, but the speed stages are the better. Most of the people say Sonic Unleashed day stages are awesome, but the night stages are bad. People were asking Sega to have a pure Sonic experience for a while at that time. Then, they released Sonic Colors. It's basically a Sonic Unleashed with only day stages with beautiful visuals and sound track. Yeah, the story is bad, Sonic characterization ia terrible. But so is Generations' and people still say Sonic Generation is a good game despite that. Sonic Colors gameplay is more simple than Unleashed and Generations because it's a Wii game and has more limitations, but it's still pretty good. The themes of the stages are all new to the franchise and they are all creative and beautiful. Actually, I prefere Colors than Generations. Because Colors is 100% modern Sonic, it has more diversity when it comes to the stage themes and it has more stages. Sonic Generations has only 1 true act (modern Sonic) per world and the other ones are boring alternative missions. Generations gameplay is better, but I prefere the whole package of Colors. I'm happy with this news and it's pretty obvious that this is not the biggest game they are planning. Sega has already said there're multiple games coming.
  4. They are going to release the major game next year. Would be a better timing because the brand will have much exposure due to the Sonic Movie sequel and Sonic Prime. But, I think we'll have some kind of trailer or teaser still this year. Or even a smaller scale game (such as Sonic Mania 2 or other 2D game), or spin-off.
  5. I'm optimist about Sonic's franchise because Sega is in a very good time right now. They are the number 1 published in the Metacritic this past year. They surpass companies like Square Enix, Microsoft, Sony and even Nintendo. They are releasing a lot of good games such as Yakuza Like a Dragoon. Also, Sega is saying in recent financial reports that they are putting more focus and money on their successful IPs, such as Sonic, Phantasy Star, Yakuza. That means probably the next Sonic games will have bigger budgets than Sonic Forces. Sonic Lost World and Forces were both games with notable lower budget, the low production value is pretty noticeable. Team Sonic Racing was also a lower budget game. I think these games were disappointing and didn't reach their full potential due to their limited budget. I can say for sure, but I think Sega is going to put more effort into Sonic's brand. Specially now that we have movies, TV shows and the comics are doing great. Sonic's brand is having a lot of exposure now. This make me optimistic about the future.
  6. I like his gameplay on Sonic Adventure 2 Last Story. His controls and move-set are the same, but the stage objective is different. Instead of treasure hunting is more like a puzzle exploration. All his stages could be that way.
  7. Well, in my opinion, Sonic Adventure formula could easily be modernized, polished and come out in a fantastic game. Mario 64 is as outdated as Sonic Adventure 1 and almost all 3D Mario games are based on the 64's formula, and they work pretty well. The answer how a modern Adventure game could work lies in... Sonic 2006. I know it doesn't make much sense considering how bad Sonic 2006 was, but let me explain my point. Sonic 06 was meant to be Sonic Adventure 3, it's pretty obvious. The game is terrible, but conceptually it was exactly what a modern Adventure formula game should be. The original Sonic Adventure was too ambitious and too experimental, with six playable characters and stuff, Sonic Adventure 2 was more streamlined taking the highs of the original and building upon them. When it comes to 2006, it was even more streamlined, we still had multiple playable characters, but there aren't multiple gameplay styles. All characters play similarly to Sonic's gameplay. Also, we didn't have a single playthrough for all of them, instead we only had 3 stories: Sonic's, Shadow's story and Silver's. The other characters only acted as helpers in some stages. Conceptually, Sonic 2006 also would improve the Adventure Fields, now having side-quests and stuff to do. The gameplay is based on both the Adventures and also on some Heroes and Shadow TH pieces of level design. I think Sonic 2006 could've been great with Sonic Team had more time to work on their ideas and polish the game. We know the final result is still bad. The Town Stages are poorly design, the story is full of plot holes and inconsistencies, the gameplay is bad with strange physics, glitches and terrible camera. But, I really think a game like 2006, but good, would work well nowadays. Unfortunately, Sega is not going back to this formula anytime soon. The series is going through a lot of different approaches, it seems Sega is going for a more light-hearted and less serious tone. Even with the change of writers, they said Sonic Prime (Netflix TV show) will target children. Sonic '06's kind of story is too complex to this kind of audience. Probably the next mainline game will have a similar tone to the IDW comics. The only chance of Sega trying a new Adventure style game would be if they release an Adventure remake, and it succeeds. A Sonic Adventure Remake could take some ideas from Sonic 2006 and work on them. Also, Big the Cat could be a mini-game. The stages could be bigger, the Adventure Field could have side quests and side content, even karaoke, mini-games and stuff (like Yakuza games have). The cutscenes would be re-worked with better animations and voice acting. It would be amazing.
  8. I may be wrong about Project Diva, I only remember reading about it some months ago. I didn't research again before posting my reply and I'm searching now to give the source to you, but I can't find. So, maybe this is not reliable information... But, I remember reading here and Sonic Stadium Forum and other Sonic-related forums that nowadays probably there's no "Sonic Team" anymore, only the brand but not a fixed development team in Sega studios. Also, Sega AM2 doesn't exist anymore, not even the brand. I play PSO2 for years and everybody in the fanbase says the game uses Hedgehog Engine. I remember reading about it in some wiki, too. But, yeah, this is information might be wrong. I haven't check the sources.
  9. Microsoft and Sony are bigger companies because they aren't only video game console manufactures. Sega nowadays is bigger than at the time it used to produce hardware. I don't think Sega wants to go back to the console market anymore because it's a big risk. If the console fails, they could go to bankrupt. Sega has grown since they left the console business and started to develop games for other platforms. It wouldn't be a smart business decision.
  10. I remember reading an article some time ago saying Hedgehog Engine 2 was used in lots of Sega current gen games. Such as the new Sakura Wars, Hatsune Miku Project Diva and even in some sports games. I can't find the source now, but I remember well reading it. The first Hedgehog Engine wasn't used only in Sonic games, too. For example, Phantasy Star Online 2 (which was released in the US today) uses the first Hedgehog Engine. The game was originally released in 2012 in Japan. Being a new version of old game doesn't mean it uses the same old engine. Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD it's a port of an old Wii game and the new version uses Unity.
  11. Sega is bigger now than it used to be. Actually, it's easier and cheaper to make new hardware nowadays. We couldn't see Sega launching new hardware now because they are fine being a softhouse and launching a new console would be a big risk, but they have money enough to do it. I just don't know if it's a interesting business decision for them.
  12. It's difficult to imagine Sega releasing new consoles because the company has grown steadily since it became a third party publisher and developer, but, the new campaign about Sega's 60th really gives a little hope. Have you guys seen? The journalist said the new Sega announcement will be as big as the PS5. I can't imagine anything but a new hardware or platform.
  13. The Hedgehog Engine 2 wasn't developed only for Sonic games. Sega used it in a lot of recent games such as Sakura Wars and the new Project Diva.
  14. It had a high production value and content for its time. I don't think a new Adventure remake would suffer with this lack of content. It wouldn't work because it'd be an outdated remake. If Sega really did an Adventure remake, it must be an updated version of the original with much more content, bigger stages, bigger better designed Adventure fields, etc. Like Final Fantasy VII remake is compared to the original.
  15. I don't think these hypothesis make sense. Takashi Iizuka has said about a possible Adventure remake in interviews and based on what he said in them I don't think a remake would be like you described. Probably, it will be the game Iizuka wanted to make in the Dreamcast time, but without its hardware and development limitations. The Perfect Chaos from Sonic Generations, for example, is how Takashi Iizuka wanted to make the original from Sonic Adventure, but he couldn't. I think the remake would be close to the original but updated for nowadays gaming standards, with more content and fixing the problems of the original.
  16. Your arguments doesn't make sense. There are games with much more characters and voice actors than Sonic Adventure 1 nowadays. It doesn't make the games too expensive to make. Sonic Unleashed wasn't made to "sell consoles" and it has higher production value than the first Adventure. Final Fantasy VII remake is an entirely new experience even if it's a remake. A Sonic Adventure remake could be like that. I don't know if the next Sonic game will suffer with lower budget. The Hedgehog Engine 2 is already made, they don't have to worry about graphic and physical engine, they only have to make the game. Forces had 4 years of development time, but 3 years were only to develop Hedgehog Engine 2. After Forces, Sonic Team had plenty of time to focus only in the development of the game itself. If they started developing the new game right after Forces released, they had 3 years. The Adventure remake could have all 6 characters of the original, but they could rework Big gameplay and make the fishing only a minigame.
  17. I think we will have a new Adventure game soon not because Sega or Sonic's social media is hinting but because it makes sense. We are currently in a nostalgia wave from the late 90s and early 2000s. All "nostalgia waves" came right after the game, movie or whatever piece of art completes 20 years of its release. The original Sonic Adventure is 21 years old in the US, the Adventure 2 is 19. The nostalgia wave are all in the entertainment business, we have thousands of remakes of classic Disney animations, we have the return of beloved franchises such as Star Wars, the Marvel movies rely on the nostalgia of the original comics stories, too. In the game's market, we had Crash, Spyro, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy remakes, and it's just the begining. So, even if the next Sonic game weren't an Adventure remake or an Adventure related game, Sega's probably starting to develop something to surf in this trend, They're going to put Adventure fanservice in the new game for sure. But, unlike the Disney live action remakes, in my opinion the remakes of old games have more than nostalgia to rely on. They could really make the old experiences feel fresh because the originals have hardware and development limitations. For example, when Sonic Adventure was released, it was the very first Sonic 3D game. Sonic Team doesn't know what would work and what wouldn't. Takashi Iizuka also said in a past interview that the Perfect Chaos from Sonic Generations was how he wanted it to look in the original Dreamcast game but it couldn't due to hardware limitations. Sonic Adventure remake could have expanded level design, better directed cutscenes and voice acting, better presented story, better design Adventure fields. I could be amazing! It's also an opportunity to Sega to revisit the Adventure gameplay and see what they could use in the next games. We see that the boost formula isn't the way. It's fun but also consume too much resources and have some limitations that the Adventure's formulas doesn't.
  18. Probably, Sega's offices are closed due to quarantine, it will affect the development time of the games and consequently, its release date. So, it's a better decision to delay the announcement and the release. The entertainment business is having problems because the economic is bad and the entertainment is the first sector to suffer in a crisis like this. Maybe it's not a good time to announce or launch a new game. I would love both options: a classic sonic focused cartoon or a modern one. I just want a new cartoon more close to the games, and hate Sonic Boom.
  19. Probably, Sega gave more attention to Sonic Mania performance because the game had a lower budget than Sonic Forces, but sold almost the same making it more profitable. This doesn't mean Forces sold badly. It seems It sold on the average of 3D Sonic games. People think Sega is a small company because in this last decade most of their games and successful franchises weren't in the US. But, in Japan Sega is way bigger. For example, Phantasy Star Online 2 has 5,5 Million players only there (according to Sega's 60th anniversary website), they have Valkyria Chronicles, Puyo Puyo, Hatsune Miku, Yakuza, other small franchises such as 7th Dragon, and they also own Persona and Megami Tensei. They just revived Sakura Wars that's a big franchise in Japan, too. The original Saturn game is huge successful there. Sega is the owner of TMS (anime studio) and Marza Animation Planet (the CGI animation studio of RE Vendetta and the FFXV movie).
  20. Sonic 2006 is probably the worst main game of the series and it sold more than 2 million copies. Sonic Forces being a bad game doesn't mean it sold badly. How you feel about the game doesn't prove anything, you can only speculate.
  21. English is not my first language, I'm Brazilian. Ok, but still doesn't make sense to assume Sonic Forces sold poorly If Sega said in their financial report that It "performed strongly". In the recent years, Sega stopped revealing sales data for their games. In this financial report they didn't reveal sales of any other game.
  22. If there are no other sources about Sonic Forces sales data, why is everbody saying it sold poorly? Also, Sega said the game "performed strongly" in their financial report. VGChartz has always said they provide estimated numbers, not clear. They use estatistics. We cannot say for sure that the game sold well, but according to these estimates and Sega's own information it makes no sense to conclude that it sold poorly.
  23. The only sources about Sonic Forces sales are VGChartz and Sega. VGChartz said the game sold 1.6 Million physical copies, Sega said It "performed strongly". There's no other source, so we can't assume the game sold poorly without having its sales data.
  24. Actually, Sonic Forces sold very well. We don't have official numbers, but according to VGChartz, Forces sold about 1,6 million copies. This website only estimates physical sales. Nowadays the digital market has become bigger than the physical, because of that, VGChartz stopped estimating software sales in 2018. So, it's possible to tell that Sonic Forces sold at least 2 million copies. It's not a weak number, it's on the average of Sonic 3D sales per game. Sonic Colors, for example, sold 1,8 million copies and it's considered a successful game. A couple of years ago, Sega stopped revealing total sales numbers for their games in their financial reports, but they said "Sonic Forces performed strongly". I don't know why people think Forces sold poorly if we don't have official numbers proving that. We only know that Forces sold poorly on Steam, but it's only one platform the game was released and the Steam version had optimization problems. Sonic Forces wasn't well-received on Metacritic, but a lot of Sonic modern games weren't and still sold well. Sonic Lost World sold poorly, but because it was a Wii U exclusive, even Mario 3D World had weaker sales compared to other 3D Mario games (it's the worst selling 3D Mario game of all time). Team Sonic Racing probably sold well, too. We also don't have official total sales number, but in the first week it sold much better than ASR Transformed in the UK. Sonic is bigger in the US, but it seems that Sonic Forces sold well in Japan, because on the PS4 version the online rankings are full of japanese players. Also, Sonic Forces was well-received in the Japanese media. Famitsu, for example, gave it a high score. I don't know why Sega made Sonic Forces with lower budget, we only can speculate. I think it's probably because Sonic Forces was developed during Sega restructuring process (it happened in 2015), and probably because Sega didn't know what direction to move forward with the franchise after Sonic Lost World and Boom (only my hypothesis). Mario and Sonic Tokyo 2020 hasn't sold poorly, too. Actually, the Mario and Sonic series has always sold like water and the new Sonic at the Olympic Games for mobile phones clearly has a high budget. The success of the Sonic movie will bring more demand and money for the other medias as well, even the games. Iron Man comics were weaker before the Marvel movies. After, it became one of the biggest-selling comic books series they have nowadays. Sonic have been always a multimedia franchise. There have always been comics books and cartoons. The IDW comics series is going strongly, but they aren't as big as the games at all. Currently, the series is selling about 10k per issue (similar number to Archie series in the 2000s), but a single Sonic game usually sell more than 1 million copies, even Sonic Forces. According to Sega, the video games are still the strongest pillar of Sonic franchise.
  25. Sonic, Shadow and Blaze. Because I prefer the speed type, and they are one of my favorites characters, too.
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