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    I may be wrong about Project Diva, I only remember reading about it some months ago. I didn't research again before posting my reply and I'm searching now to give the source to you, but I can't find. So, maybe this is not reliable information...
    But, I remember reading here and Sonic Stadium Forum and other Sonic-related forums that nowadays probably there's no "Sonic Team" anymore, only the brand but not a fixed development team in Sega studios. Also, Sega AM2 doesn't exist anymore, not even the brand.
    I play PSO2 for years and everybody in the fanbase says the game uses Hedgehog Engine. I remember reading about it in some wiki, too. But, yeah, this is information might be wrong. I haven't check the sources.
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    Raphael Martins got a reaction from simtek34 in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I don't think these hypothesis make sense. Takashi Iizuka has said about a possible Adventure remake in interviews and based on what he said in them I don't think a remake would be like you described. Probably, it will be the game Iizuka wanted to make in the Dreamcast time, but without its hardware and development limitations.
    The Perfect Chaos from Sonic Generations, for example, is how Takashi Iizuka wanted to make the original from Sonic Adventure, but he couldn't.

    I think the remake would be close to the original but updated for nowadays gaming standards, with more content and fixing the problems of the original.
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    Raphael Martins got a reaction from simtek34 in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I think we will have a new Adventure game soon not because Sega or Sonic's social media is hinting but because it makes sense. We are currently in a nostalgia wave from the late 90s and early 2000s. All "nostalgia waves" came right after the game, movie or whatever piece of art completes 20 years of its release. The original Sonic Adventure is 21 years old in the US, the Adventure 2 is 19.

    The nostalgia wave are all in the entertainment business, we have thousands of remakes of classic Disney animations, we have the return of beloved franchises such as Star Wars, the Marvel movies rely on the nostalgia of the original comics stories, too. In the game's market, we had Crash, Spyro, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy remakes, and it's just the begining.

    So, even if the next Sonic game weren't an Adventure remake or an Adventure related game, Sega's probably starting to develop something to surf in this trend, They're going to put Adventure fanservice in the new game for sure.

    But, unlike the Disney live action remakes, in my opinion the remakes of old games have more than nostalgia to rely on. They could really make the old experiences feel fresh because the originals have hardware and development limitations. For example, when Sonic Adventure was released, it was the very first Sonic 3D game. Sonic Team doesn't know what would work and what wouldn't. Takashi Iizuka also said in a past interview that the Perfect Chaos from Sonic Generations was how he wanted it to look in the original Dreamcast game but it couldn't due to hardware limitations.

    Sonic Adventure remake could have expanded level design, better directed cutscenes and voice acting, better presented story, better design Adventure fields. I could be amazing!

    It's also an opportunity to Sega to revisit the Adventure gameplay and see what they could use in the next games. We see that the boost formula isn't the way. It's fun but also consume too much resources and have some limitations that the Adventure's formulas doesn't.
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    Raphael Martins got a reaction from simtek34 in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I don't agree that Sega has no resources. Last year, Sega was considered the fourth richest video game company of the word, according to The Daily Records. They are bigger than: Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, Konami, Eletronic Arts and Square Enix, for example. Also, Sega put a lot of money and effort in the New Sakura Wars that is going to be released this month in the US, they are even making a new anime series to promote the game. Yakuza franchise has always had high production value, too.

    Sega is one of the biggest japanese developers and publishers. Here in the West, we don't see how big Sega is, but in Japan they have a lot of successful IPs: Yakuza, Phantasy Star, Puyo Puyo, Hatsune Miku, Valkyria Chronicles, Sakura Wars, only to give a few examples. They own 10 video game studios, 2 animation studios, 2 toy companies. They aren't small and they have money. In my opinion, probably the last mainline Sonic games had lower budget than usual because Sega wasn't confident enough with Sonic Team. The studio is failing to delivery a great title for quite a while, so the Sega's CEO could be afraid that Sonic Forces would fail too and the company would lose money, then they decided to put less money and effort (only my hypothesis).

    But, right after Sonic Forces, Sega restructured Sonic Team again in 2018. So, it's possible that the team has grown, and they have hired new talents (also my hypothesis).

    My predictions:

    1 - Sonic Adventure remake
    I think it will happen soon. If the next Sonic game weren't a SA remake, probably the next will be. Because there's a huge demand and remakes of early 3D games are a trend now. Also, it could be a possibility to Sega improve and modernize the Adventures and bring back the Adventure formula in the future 3D games.
    2 - New Sonic 2D
    I think it will be a new 2D game, too, because Sega have being releasing 2D and 3D titles since Colors and Sonic 4 Ep 1

    3 - New 3D Sonic
    I don't think it would be an Adventure remake and a new game. Sega probably would release one main 3D game per year. I have no idea what the next Sonic game will be if it weren't the Adventure remake, but some pieces of information gives me a little hope. First, Ken Pontac and Warren Graft aren't working for Sega anymore. It's possible that Sega is changing the direction of the stories in this new decade. Also, they are really involved in the IDW comics series, so there's a possibility that they want the games and comics to be set in the same universe. Second, when Forces was being developed, Sega spend 3 years developing the Hedgehog Engine 2 and only 1 year in the game itself. Now, they already have the engine ready, and have used it in many other games besides Sonic (Hatsune Miku, Sakura Wars, for example), so it gives Sonic Team more time to develop the new game because they don't need to worry about the engines.

    4 - New Sonic cartoon
    Sega probably is going to announce a new cartoon to surf in the Sonic movie success. It would be a dream if the cartoon were inspired by the Youtube videos or were an adaptation of the IDW comics.
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