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  1. I think that has something to do with Amy being a side character in the series like I said before. Her major appearance were the Adventures and Heroes. Her role just shrunk after that. Amy is one of my favorite characters, but I don't think she works as a main one. She could've elevated if they kept Team Rose and Cream as her sidekick. It would've felt a heck lot more natural than just saying she just "matured" because of her adventures when we haven't seen her on one since 2003. Or just showing her tinkering with machinery one game out of the blue, when it's never been apart of her character. It just feels like SEGA is just trying to push her as a main character since she's the most reoccurring female character. Mmm hm. This is the better end out of the two. Be glad you followed this one.
  2. Let's find something to agree on. Like... I'm trying to be nice to you. So don't go crying to the mods, like you guys on this website are good for, when the shots are fired back. Now go agree or agree on that.
  3. It's moreso people don't care to understand the character
  4. You mean making inventions? Like he did in the beginning of SA1? And he's back to cowering without Sonic to Choas 0, which we seen he can fight on his own in the Adventure games. 1) She didn't know what was Silver's motives. She only knew he was chasing after this dude. And excuse me, but where the hell did you get "even if doing so meant Sonic would cause the destruction of the entire space/time continuum" from lmao? And also, if you're going to bring up Amy's worst moments, you should bring up everyone's bad moments. Because every character had their moments.
  5. As sure as people talking about how Tails and Shadow downgraded over the years lmao
  6. The thing is, it's not like it's an adult threatening a child. It's a child threatening a child. They had a sibling-likr relationship, which is how siblings can act in real life. Otherwise, I agree. One of my biggest problem was actually they say Amy's now a "mature, strong female character" without actually showing it. Actually, it was the other way around. Cream was supposed to debut in Heroes but SEGA felt like it would've been a better introduction in Advance 2. You've yet to explain how she was a stalker. And it does justify the writing for her. Nobody holds Tails and Shadow to how they're portrayed in Forces and Shadow...
  7. EVERYONE was exaggerated in those games you mentioned. EVERYONE. This is is exactly what I was talking about when I said how people only seem to care when it's Amy that's being flanderized. But like I also said, Amy had her own team and sidekick in Heroes. When did SA1 Amy ever "stalk" Sonic? She actually approached Sonic so he could help the "birdie" and it was actually HIM who was acting weird first. Then the rest of the game, she's helping Gamma and the bird. It's not weak for a female characters to have a crush on Sonic. Think of all the movies with a strong "male" character and romantic subplot. Does that make them weak? This is even a thing in stories made by female writers like Twilight.
  8. I respectfully disagree. Like I (and yourself) said, Amy had her own team and sidekick. Her thing was also that she sees the good in anyone.
  9. She's really not, unless if having two minute worth of scenes combined from both Lost World and Forces qualifies as being a main character lmao This, so much. I don't know why Ian changed her for IDW when he got her right before it. The new, "mature" version just feels like the generic strong female character. I said it before, and I'll say it again. It's like taking away Sonic's quips and cockiness and going "okay, he's mature now"
  10. The thing is, Amy isn't a main character. She's a supporting character, which is where I think the new issues come in imo. And we can mostly draw on how she's like in TSR and IDW (which I don't like either characterizations tbh). Other than that, I agree fully with what you said. Every character you can say, "oh he's funny". "Oh, he's cocky". "Oh he's moody". I honestly can't tell you IDW Amy's personality. It's like taking away Sonic's quips and cockiness and saying, "ok he's mature now". The thing with that is the male characters had to get rescued a couple of times too, including Sonic himself.
  11. They only noticed until recently, with the recent games
  12. My honest answer? No. The crush was played as a running gag, yet people treated it like a serious plot point. All the characters were exaggerrated in certain games, yet people only seemed to notice Amy. She was only the "damsel" in CD. People forget she rescued herself in Adventure 1 and even Sonic in the next game! I see there's been more focus to make Amy more "independent" but wasn't that already her arc in Adventure 1? In that same game, she stopped Sonic and Tails from turning Gamma into scrap metal. In the Adventure games, she turned Gamma and Shadow against the villains. (However, a common argument I see is that anybody else would've did the same. False. Sonic and Tails were going to turn Gamma into scrap metal. Sonic butt heads with Shadow because of his immaturity. On the other hand, Amy wouldn't fight Zero until he hurt the bird she was defending) In Heroes, she had her own sidekick and team.
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