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  1. Most of their budget seems to go on marketing, I believe.
  2. What we need is fresh, new writers for the story and not memelord cringe-worthy Pontaff & Graff. Seriously, I haven't been able to enjoy the current Sonic games in comparison to Shiro Maekawa's stories from the Adventure era. I think it's fair to say I grew up playing those games because they were fun and didn't force me to quit my game because of bad writing. About Sonic's voice. Yes, I know Roger has been doing Sonic for a decade now, at least, but I think it's about time we introduce Ben Schwartz into the games and bring in the aforementioned paragraph above in combination to make a fresh new experience. Are we going to see nostalgia in the 2021 game? Yes? No? Maybe? The only thing holding the blue blur back this past decade post-Colors was the massive influence on nostalgia, shoehorning Green Hill Zone into our faces in every mainline game (Generations was an exception). I want them to experiment, show us something new, then we have our thoughts.
  3. Don't worry, I have a somewhat decent view of '06, not because It's better than Rise of Lyric, but because it told the end of the supposed Adventure era of the series. You are not alone.
  4. Don't forget films like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, where you can hear Sonic sound effects among many video game homages.
  5. To me, Sticks has found a special place in the modern cast in my perspective. I'm just a little worried now that Boom is dead, means we never get to see Sticks again. But then again, look at the Babylon Rogues for example. They have appeared in a number of games outside of the Riders games (bar Storm). Are we going to see Sticks in a future game? I think. Iizuka did state in a SXSW panel that they have plans for her, but finding an appropriate place to put her in could hold her back to some extent.
  6. This was confirmed by the executive producer after one of the fans asked Ivo Gerscovich about Sonic Boom's fate over on the AMA.
  7. If we are not counting Comic-exclusive characters and only focus on the ones from the games, then I would undoubtedly choose Zavok. Why? When Sonic Lost World released, Zavok was introduced as a kind of leader of his own sub-group of villains. The only other Zeti that could close to rival him is Zazz, but even he has problems. Zavok appearing in later games as an unnecessary addition doesn't come off as annoying, it comes off as pointless. Zavok only has one character trait - leader. If you take that away from him and have him join Eggman in every adventure, where does that put him? I feel like Zavok is only there to cater to the Mario fans who enjoy Bowser so much and praise his dialogue, which I find jarring to say the least.
  8. Shadow the Hedgehog, because despite the story and general existence being only to focus solely on Shadow, the game is still pretty fun and do go back to it from time to time. Sonic 06, there are some elements (music) which outweigh the others and it's probably the closest out of all of the post-Adventure Sonic games that feels likes a legitimate sequel. Not to mention, Silver is one badass hedgehog.
  9. It'll be interesting how they will write the Babylon Rogues if they do make it. In what way could they go with the story?
  10. So I decided to write again after a few months and wanted to raise the biggest question that Team Sonic Racing is lacking: more playable characters. It's still a work in progress, as there are only 2 chapters published right now. I really hope you read and enjoy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13527863/1/Team-Sonic-Racing-Ignition
  11. I got a good interaction we haven't seen yet - Tikal and Sticks Both grew up in the wild and both have wildly (no pun intended) contrasting methods of dealing with situations. Tikal is a kind-hearted pacifist who wants nothing to do with using her hands for fighting while Sticks, on the other hand has a barrage of weaponry crafted by one's self I.E a boomerang, mace, bó staff and nunchucks. Tikal could give advice, and Sticks could teach, or maybe even defend Tikal from danger.
  12. 1998-2004 was when Sonic was good, given the quality of the adventure games and Heroes. If we're taking things out of context regarding consoles, then we'll likely fit the Advance series in there too. Sure, Sonic 06 was bad, but not as bad as Boom or Lost World. I'd rather play that game over those two because it had a sense of 'adventure' to them.
  13. I use another site to read the IDW Comics. Safe to say I enjoy what Flynn writes regarding the current arc.
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