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  1. Whelp, critics seem to bash the hell of it while the audience loves it. It's going to be hard to please both sides.
  2. Yes, I recently discovered this existed and it slaps though..... Too bad A New Legacy's OST has nothing on the original.
  3. Now that makes us wish for more of sub-team of Sonic Team for each region, like Sonic Team Europe or Sonic Team Australia like what happened with the US branch.
  4. Wasn't there already a Team Wild in Sonic Runners, with Tikal and Werehog Sonic both within the team as Sticks lead?
  5. Ah yes, always would imagine Sticks as an alternative Power character for Team Rose judging by her arsenal of weaponry that could be put to good use in the comics or games.
  6. I find it hard to believe that we currently live in a world of an ongoing pandemic and normality struggles, but one thing that has recently cropped up and shown its ugly side is the major issue of the mistreatment of Cancel Culture and how it's affecting virtually everybody that has made a mistake or has grown stronger. In short, Cancel Culture is the process of dismissing someone for their wrongdoings, either recently or years ago by digging up their past and trying to locate something that can be offensive. A GOOD example of how to utilize this is when you are attempting to cancel somebody if they have committed a heinous crime in the past that is easily classed as a felony. The number one reason I'm bringing this up is when it it isn't used in the right way, and it ultimately screws innocent people over for having an opinion. Nowhere is this more worse than Twitter, where literally a tweet from years ago can cause such a big issue. Again, this is done right if the person behind the tweet says something derogatory, sexist or racist. It's only a problem when the words they use can be taken out of context and EVEN misread or misunderstood that it becomes an issue. The last few months have gotten so bad that Cancel Culture literally targets cartoon characters, text-to-speech and literally anything that will make Twitter-stans get offended. A prime example of this is with the recent Space Jam sequel and why everything is not what it used to anymore. Cancel Culture literally targets three of the most important characters, past and present for misunderstatment. Speedy Gonzales is a character that debuted in the early-mid 50s and was represented as a Hispanic icon for the franchise. As such, when the character shows up in one of the posters and in the trailer, he was at risk of getting cancelled due to being a Mexican stereotype, even though he did more good for the Hispanic community than bad. Even Gabriel Iglesias, an American actor defends the character, proving how much he has an impact on the community. Pepe Le Pew debuted in the mid 40s and was a skunk who was flirty with a black cat named Penelope Pussycat. He was removed from the film and potentially any upcoming projects within the franchise for being a representation of a rapey-character. The original joke that popularized Pepe was that he would mistake Penelope for a skunk due to her being black with a white outline on her back, and would often run away from him due to his skunk oder. He was planned to be included in the second movie, showing up in a Casablanca scene before the drama started. Lola Bunny is a character that debuted in the original Space Jam and was portrayed as a strong, independent woman for the female demographic. Despite having a built-in personality, her appearance was akin to a sex symbol, which made her character stand out more. The director of Space Jam 2, Malcolm D. Lee basically redesign her to be less sexualized, effectively nerfing her and causing a huge outcry among fans. However, in the first film, she was strong, capable and the best player on the team behind Michael Jordan. She often took no shit from people calling her 'Doll' and would embarrass them by performing better, thus she became some sort of a mascot for Space Jam. Lola shows that having a mix of stronger characterization and being feminine can work both ways. Of the three characters, the change given to Lola was the most impactful and everybody was covering the backlash, even the character was trending on Twitter at some point. That's how people care so much about the original design. I know this is longer than my past posts, but Cancel Culture has become such a big thing recently and I'm noticing it way too often and it's stupid. By reading all of this, you understand the pain I am feeling. I didn't manage to get the Speedy controversary posted because of the limit regarding the file size, but if you want to read more about that, you can easily find it yourselves. This was mainly to spread awareness that the trend is going south really quickly.
  7. If it provides a good starting point for Sticks to be represented in the main canon......
  8. Let's just hold out for Sega in case they remember that Tekno the Canary exists from Fleetway.
  9. I agree with Angyu. The Adventures games allowed you to move freely within stages and hub worlds and rewarded you by going off-course and exploring. Sonic Unleashed, despite being a boost game at heart had freely explorable hub worlds which rewarded the player out of curiousity.
  10. Sephiroth being in smash is great, but don't you think Sakurai is stretching the 'one third party character per series rule' by adding him in. What does this mean for other third party franchises like Megaman, Metal Gear Solid and especially Sonic? Would it not be enough to maybe add a second character from those series if maybe Sakurai allows it, or is he making Sephiroth and exception because of the Final Fantasy VII remake? And no, echo fighters do not count as a second addition.
  11. The primary reason the Freedom Fighters truly exist is because of the dynamic of a good organisation within the Sonic continuity. Having Sally appear can be a foothold for other mobians like Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor join in. But yeah, I'm not that really fussed about Sally being pushed for a game appearance in over 20 years, I'm just concerned about Sticks, ya know.
  12. I'm keen to point out you missed The trio that is Gotta Go Fast, Tails and Sonic Pals and emeraldmasters. Going back to what Dave said, what would all of these fans do in the scenario of Sega actually hiring them? What qualities will they most likely show off in conjunction to this? This doesn't even factor in their qualifications from educational establishments since getting a job requires at least one or two nowadays, correct me if I'm wrong, but was it always like that with game studios? The biggest problem is trying to convince Aron Hansen of GameGrumps and ESPECIALLY Ken Penders, who all we know doesn't even want anything to do with Sonic anymore. This is the mind of an ambitious young kid, but sometimes going way too ambitious is stretching the bar and hindering what makes the fans weep for the most part.
  13. It's easy to forget about Tekno, since she came from a British comic series only diehard fans know of. Sticks, she has alot more than what you stated above. It's in your own interest if you like to spend some time watching the Sonic Boom cartoon. Marine and her are very similar in appearance in stark contrast to their personalities, upbringings, abilities. etc.
  14. Sticks. No contest. Basically the best girl that isn't in the canon yet. Honorable Mentions: Tikal, Amy, Cream, Tekno, Blaze.
  15. Call it a duology, strange that Sonic Rush met the same fate and the only games that remotely resembled both formulas were the last time Sega experimented with the idea. (06, Colors DS). If Sonic Adventure 3 does get greenlit, and I mean it boldly, then Sega has to give every Adventure fan high expectations and expand on Adventure 2's already nostalgic success. Enough hinting about a possible remake or a standalone chao-garden much like the Tamadachi-esque idea we got. Let's see what they have got waiting for us.
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