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  1. The primary reason the Freedom Fighters truly exist is because of the dynamic of a good organisation within the Sonic continuity. Having Sally appear can be a foothold for other mobians like Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor join in. But yeah, I'm not that really fussed about Sally being pushed for a game appearance in over 20 years, I'm just concerned about Sticks, ya know.
  2. I'm keen to point out you missed The trio that is Gotta Go Fast, Tails and Sonic Pals and emeraldmasters. Going back to what Dave said, what would all of these fans do in the scenario of Sega actually hiring them? What qualities will they most likely show off in conjunction to this? This doesn't even factor in their qualifications from educational establishments since getting a job requires at least one or two nowadays, correct me if I'm wrong, but was it always like that with game studios? The biggest problem is trying to convince Aron Hansen of GameGrumps and ESPECIALLY Ken Penders, who all we know doesn't even want anything to do with Sonic anymore. This is the mind of an ambitious young kid, but sometimes going way too ambitious is stretching the bar and hindering what makes the fans weep for the most part.
  3. It's easy to forget about Tekno, since she came from a British comic series only diehard fans know of. Sticks, she has alot more than what you stated above. It's in your own interest if you like to spend some time watching the Sonic Boom cartoon. Marine and her are very similar in appearance in stark contrast to their personalities, upbringings, abilities. etc.
  4. Sticks. No contest. Basically the best girl that isn't in the canon yet. Honorable Mentions: Tikal, Amy, Cream, Tekno, Blaze.
  5. I'm curious how they will broadcast the news to us. I'm still disappointed that they hadn't announce something during New Game Plus. If they want to announce a teaser at best, Wednesday is the time to do it.
  6. Shadow doesn't need a complete rewrite as much as Tails does right now.
  7. It's nice to see this thread revived again. It really seems like Pontaff and Graff are writing the cocky nature of Sonic aside and focusing more on his humor. Now that Sonic Forces changes nothing from this formula, it's shame they're drawing more closer to flanderize rather than expand.
  8. TSR's biggest problem was it's minuscule character roster compared to Crash Team Racing and especially ASRT: Transformed. Iizuka's focus was on team-based gameplay rather than balance quantity and quality to a point where even the game would be deemed passable over Sonic Drift and R. If he could've let Sumo take the delayed time of 5-8 months during the last quarter of 2018 into 2019 to make things rights, like adding more to the roster, then I would have loved the game more. I agree, alot of people seemed to have lost interest over the fandom because of the increasing game announcement drought. We waited over 6 months for something new only to have 30 minutes of Catherine: Full Body shoved into our faces when it was appropriate to show us at least a teaser. But I get it, the Japanese citizens are in quarantine like the rest of us due to covid-19, and SEGA's making the right decision in that regard to delay everything and make show their employers stay safe. I'm not saying it's not a matter of 'when' they will show us something, it's a matter of 'how' it's going to be shown.
  9. I thought of an idea I had in my head a while - what if we name new locations and lore into the already existing Sonic World Map and start world-building from there. Like for example, Glacierland in Team Sonic Racing, in appearance looks as though it could be in an unnamed part of Holoska, bar the volcano elements. But it's never specifically mentioned in the game. The southern regions of Yurashia (Adabat area) and some of Soumerca (Glyphic Canyon continent) could be filled up if it's necessary. Have some indigenous mobians akin to that of the tribes of real-world South America and Southeast Asia and give them some character. By the way, I assume that the Mobian U.Z.A is Soumerca in game universe and the region around Adabat is actually southern Yurashia above Chun-nan.
  10. I just noticed he posted that sentence twice, Badnik. Ignore him. But yeah, Tails' bad writing isn't the fault of the character. Basically everything Sonic-related Pontaff writes comes off as cringe rather than cheese.
  11. It's nice to finally hear Drummond back doing some Sonic work, even if it's unofficial. Tails being voiced by Emi Jones leaves nothing much to be desired. I think it's a perfect fit for her since Tails is her all-time favorite of the Sonic cast. Humphrey portraying Knuckles needs a bit of work to sound closer to Scott Drier. Mike Pollock is perfect for who he is. For future episodes, if possible try and get some of the other characters like Shadow, Rouge and Amy into the show. For a first episode, the story is set up nicely for others to follow and expand upon.
  12. This looks amazing, both aesthetically and in game play. I wish Sonic Team would make something like this, they'll probably stick to boost for the time being.
  13. Where did you get the information from? I need a source.
  14. Your hypothesis seems to only cover the Classic Era before Adventure, but regardless it's a pretty interesting read. I'm curious to see where later entries, such as Forces and TSR fit into this timeline. Good Job though.
  15. I have a pretty good few Rare characters, like Jet, Longclaw, Zavok and Tikal. Jet is probably the easiest Rare character to unlock.
  16. From what I can gather, SEGA is the frontman behind this revolutionary technology. The idea of operating even beyond closure of their offices (Japan) could encourage other companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and Capcom to do the same granted it's safe to do so. Remember, this is the same company where blast processing technology was born, SEGA can do anything new, hardware-wise.
  17. Wait, what? I never noticed that detail. Maybe I need to play the Olympics mobile to find out. Maybe they're just taking it slow with the character first.
  18. Is there any reason why they're ignoring such a great character when other favorites like the Babylon Rogues or Cream is in the game? I'm concerned about Hardlight including Sticks in the roster. Not long after Tikal was confirmed for Runners, we got confirmation on Sticks, along with Werehog. I'm worried the same won't apply here too.
  19. There's a disturbing lack of chao gameplay in the later entries and that's a part of makes it unrecognizable to an extent. The only reason there's even replayability in SA1 and SA2 is because of the Chao Gardens.
  20. Most of their budget seems to go on marketing, I believe.
  21. What we need is fresh, new writers for the story and not memelord cringe-worthy Pontaff & Graff. Seriously, I haven't been able to enjoy the current Sonic games in comparison to Shiro Maekawa's stories from the Adventure era. I think it's fair to say I grew up playing those games because they were fun and didn't force me to quit my game because of bad writing. About Sonic's voice. Yes, I know Roger has been doing Sonic for a decade now, at least, but I think it's about time we introduce Ben Schwartz into the games and bring in the aforementioned paragraph above in combination to make a fresh new experience. Are we going to see nostalgia in the 2021 game? Yes? No? Maybe? The only thing holding the blue blur back this past decade post-Colors was the massive influence on nostalgia, shoehorning Green Hill Zone into our faces in every mainline game (Generations was an exception). I want them to experiment, show us something new, then we have our thoughts.
  22. Don't worry, I have a somewhat decent view of '06, not because It's better than Rise of Lyric, but because it told the end of the supposed Adventure era of the series. You are not alone.
  23. Don't forget films like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, where you can hear Sonic sound effects among many video game homages.
  24. To me, Sticks has found a special place in the modern cast in my perspective. I'm just a little worried now that Boom is dead, means we never get to see Sticks again. But then again, look at the Babylon Rogues for example. They have appeared in a number of games outside of the Riders games (bar Storm). Are we going to see Sticks in a future game? I think. Iizuka did state in a SXSW panel that they have plans for her, but finding an appropriate place to put her in could hold her back to some extent.
  25. This was confirmed by the executive producer after one of the fans asked Ivo Gerscovich about Sonic Boom's fate over on the AMA.
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