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  1. Sonic EPIC has been put on hold. I'm thinking of converting it into a comic series. That way I can actually complete it and release stuff for it. I'll release what I have so far in a show reel sometime maybe. However, I got something new coming up for the summer that's episodic that should be totally satisfying. Got good VA's and funny stuff.
  2. Thanks man! I checked out some of your stuff. I like that you're learning the ropes of fbf, and if you keep at it you'll be a pro in no time. Patience and exploring new mediums of animation will take you to exciting new feats my friend.
  3. Hey Sonic Stadium! 792Ashman here, I felt it might be appropriate to make a topic for my stuff here as I see a lot of other people doing the same thing. I make a lot of fan stuff for the Blue Blur and love doing it. Yesterday I uploaded a new animation to YouTube and as it may be silly, it's relatively well done. The other thing here is a bit more Sonic game oriented and a good showing of my style and quality. My birthday's tomorrow and I'll be getting a new computer that'll give me the capability to export my stuff in HD! I cant wait, cause I got a lot more good stuff coming up on the way.
  4. This is one cool topic, I could talk about this stuff for hours. To address the original post, the issue with Sonic 06's animation and cut scenes was only partially due to the rag doll flopping around puppet style animation. While you do need firmness and crispness to compliment most movements like what Sonic Generations did, you have to have facial expressions and freedom with mouth movements. Sonic 06's lip syncing was truly no better than that of, say, Shadow the Hedgehog. It's all an up and down jawlike style no different than that singing bass trophy you hang on the wall: Look at Sonic and Shadow here: Now look at this Eerily similar.... In terms of Sonic's animated design during cutscenes, my favorite thing I've watched progress over my lifetime is how SEGA has worked on Sonic's shading and textures. It's changed more times than I can count. From Sonic Adventure's reflective and shiny-ness to Sonic Heroes Plastic-ness. In fact, Sonic Adventure 2's clay-like 3D models were brought back in Shadow the Hedgehog as if Sonic Heroes never happened and Sonic Heroes skipped Shadow the Hedgehog and continued it's plastic style with Secret Rings! SEGA kept things updated but you could still see the stylistic directions they were going in. I thought they would finally settle with Sonic Unleashed, Colors, and Generations deep and hinted lighting but with Sonic 4 they jumped all the way back to Heroes! With Episode two they're slowly climbing back up, but it's remarkable to consider how many evolutions have taken place therefore making Sonic an ideal representative of how the shading and texture medium has changed over 3 dimensional gaming. Heh heh, rambling.....
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