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  1. Hey there! I'm an amateur artist working to improve, and every so often I may or may not produce stuff worth sharing! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated of course as my primary goal is to improve my own skills and work my way into being a halfway decent artist! I've been a lifelong Sonic fan (even if I don't draw fan art of the series that terribly often in all honesty) and have a particular fondness for CD/Dreamcast Sonic in particular I'm open to the occasional request when the mood strikes me!
  2. He seems to have lost sight of what might be the most important skill one could have in any kind of venture, creative or otherwise: The ability to plan for failure and adapt. Ken's ego is blinding him to the very real, extremely likely prospect that his project will fail. Whether this is through the clear lack of quality demonstrated by most of his other projects, or through the untold amounts of money he's piling into this is yet to be seen. He's counting his chickens before they hatch without ever thinking to check to see if any of them are rotten first. Unfortunately, many people view comics as little more than a springboard for launching an IP empire rather than a legitimate artistic medium unto itself. Ken's passions lie in Hollywood, that much he's made incredibly clear. He's an old-school Trekkie nerd who has it in his head that the only true measure of success is being billed on a major movie production, or knowing X star. The way he probably sees it is that the supposed legions of fans that grew up on his writing will flock to read his graphic novels because he's "That Sonic dude from the 90's" not realizing that most of those fans have either moved on, or hate his guts for trying to destroy the comics and paint every other creator on them as either incompetent or outright malicious with no evidence other than "I said it was so, therefore I'm right". Also, I'll reiterate yet again because it's really important: He needs to market the damn book using something other than his twitter. This is the single most baffling thing about his project to me, just a seeming ignorance to the fact that without some way of getting the word out about his comic there is absolutely zero hope of it performing acceptably in any capacity. He doesn't have the benefit of working for a company that takes care of distribution anymore, he's fully indie and that means he has to get his hands dirty and sell merch on his own. Frankly though, I don't think he'll realize this until after he's already hemorrhaging money past the point of ridiculousness. Look on the bright side: It's hard to have terribly written dialogue when your characters are busy frenching out in the woods See this is why I think it's important to remember just what the landscape of comic books and Sonic were when Ken started. The 90's were a very weird time for comics, licensed ones especially, and in general both the art and writing standards were very low. Yes Ken was heavily responsible for introducing long-term story arcs and a much more serious tone, but that doesn't mean they were somehow good. He took a comic based off a fresh new game series with almost no story, and injected it with the kind of writing that made things like Youngblood and X-Force popular. That in and of itself isn't really a bad thing, but yet again it doesn't mean those stories were of a higher quality (Charmy and co. tripping balls on LSD after Charmy's friend OD's and dies in an alley anyone?)
  3. Found this band pretty recently, absolutely love the mid 2000's pop punk vibe I get from this song in particular. Been great background noise for drawing.
  4. Oops, poor wording on my part. Meant he seems to be getting a translator to do each chapter as he writes it, rather than waiting until he finishes them which sounds like it'd lead to some issues down the road if he has to revise any scripts etc.
  5. Who knows, I don't hold much hope since Mega Man isn't nearly as recognizable as Sonic or Transformers but I can still hope! Oh I know, but they don't really seem as restricting as they were in the post-gw Archie books. I remember reading that Sega was handling issues with the mandates on a case-by-case basis now too? Either way I think the writing for the series has been really solid up to this point and I'm pretty hyped to see the next issue.
  6. I'll fully admit that I was skeptical of the IDW comics at first, mostly as a result of being a tad bitter over the cancellation of the Archie Sonic and Megaman titles (still a little bummed about Megs getting canned but I digress). I decided to suck it up and pick up the Tangle and Whisper limited series since I just happened to find a few issues at my local bookstore and was instantly hooked. The series so far has been a showcase for how well Ian Flynn does when given the chance to create a world wholehog, pun entirely intended, and when he doesn't have to contend with restrictive mandates which has lead to some of my favorite Sonic content in years. Same here, I like little cameos that fans can have fun scanning the artwork for in each issue.
  7. Adding to this, I get this strong sense that Ken doesn't realize how niche his stuff was and especially how niche it is now. He's a Z-list creator who worked on a popular licensed comic book during the dark age of comics and made something of a name for himself mostly by introducing pointless melodrama and ripping off various pieces of pop culture. Not only that but a comic that by the time it was canceled had undergone several retcons, and a massive goddamned reboot thanks to his own petty legal tantrums. The only audience he can hope for is people who are nostalgic for his writing, which probably isn't nearly enough to get his project to break even. Compounding this is a seeming inability to think about the proper way to market his work other than through his twitter, he absolutely needs to find an online venue to publish it, see if some sort of web comic site will partner with him, literally anything but just praying his fans will go screaming into the void of the internet to drum up a reader base that just isn't there.
  8. Alright so from what I can gather Ken is translating the script as he writes it, rather than hiring a professional translator to do so as he finishes each chapter. I'm not an expert on how graphic novels, or at least what's attempting to be called one, are made but I'm pretty sure doing it this way would ultimately be more costly in the long run, especially if he decides to revise the script later on. Also dear lord everything about the art is eye fracturingly painful, from the uncanny faces to the 1998-tier airbrushing (seriously man, celshading is not that hard). This comic will be a dumpster fire, a glorious unholy dumpster fire and I can't wait for it.
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