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  1. While I didn't have much faith in the first movie (even after the redesign), I gotta admit I ended up loving the film after I watched it, so I'm glad it's been confirmed a sequel is in development. Didn't think it would be so soon though! I do wonder however, If Sonic and Tails return to their homeworld, how will they handle the duo's relationship and the echidna stuff at the same time? I mean, it'd be kinda hard to ignore the latter, considering Sonic will want to know what happened to Longclaw, and the echidnas probably captured her after she sent Sonic to Earth.
  2. To be honest, I kinda miss the old, energetic bubbly Amy from the Adventure era, but I can understand why they changed her.
  3. When I was a kid, at the age of 5, my parents bought me the Model "3" Genesis developed by Majesco Entertainment from a local store (which I don't have anymore, sadly). I used to own Sonic 1 (through a "hundred in one" game compilation cartridge), Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic 3D Blast, the later three being given to me by my cousins after they saw how much I liked Sonic 1. Never had & Knuckles on the original hardware though, as it was kind of a rarity in the town I lived.
  4. Regarding Sonic Forces' sales, Sega said that the game, among others, "performed strongly", on one of their financial reports back in 2018 (compared to Sonic Lost World, which they described as a "disappointment" in 2014). And if I recall correctly, there was in interview in Famitsu last year where someone (I don't remember who) claimed both Forces and Mania reached one millon sales each. I personally believe that Forces turned out mediocre because Sonic Team spent most of their time developing the Hedgehog Engine 2 rather than the actual game. Team Sonic Racing was low budget, but Sumo Digital themselves warned players that there would be no DLC because they wanted people to experience the whole thing from the beginning.
  5. So, I guess as we all know, Knuckles' first appearance back in Sonic 3 showed him as a rival of Sonic. He was the first organic, non-robot character in the series who opposed Sonic, although it was because Eggman had deceived him, then at the end of the game Sonic and Knuckles depart on good terms, not exactly as friends, but rather as allies. Knuckles would remain on this role up until SA2, when Shadow was introduced as Sonic's new rival. From Heroes onward, Knux kind of became one of Sonic's best buds, and, being the Power member of the team, sort of a second sidekick too, even though he wasn't designed to follow Sonic around like Tails (or Amy). These days their rivalry is barely referenced, and the two seem to get along mostly well. Which role do you guys think fits Knuckles better? Do you believe he should have remained a rival? Or is he better off as another one of Sonic's friends? Maybe something in between? Personally, I don't mind seeing him as one of Sonic's friends, but I don't think he should follow him everywhere either.
  6. I believe the problem with the series' characters lie on the specific roles each of them are supposed to fill. Knuckles is the most affected by this, as he goes on with adventures with Sonic quite regularly, and is considered the muscle of the team, which is certainly incompatible with his task as the guardian of the Master Emerald and Angel Island. Then you have others such as Shadow (does his own thing separate from the others), Silver (is from the future), Blaze (is from another dimension), and Team Chaotix (are tied to their job as detectives), who, similar to Knuckles, need to have a particular reason related to their roles for them to appear. Rouge and Omega are kind of Shadow's sidekicks, they won't turn up independently either. That only leaves us with Tails and Amy so far as the only characters who could act as regulars in Sonic's adventures, as both were designed to follow him around. If you want to keep some consistency with the established lore, then you can't really ignore all these things. However, as we most know, the Sonic canon is very loose regarding this stuff.
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