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  1. Considering I grew up in a hispanic family. The earliest music I heard was mostly Mexican Music. Occasionally some of my family members would play pop music in the early 2000's. Over time I don't think I heard much of music outside of popular types. I did enjoy listening to Video game Music when I could but I only got the chance to do that in Video games. Recently over the years my tastes has became more and more chaotic however with listening to foreign type of music, and getting into as many genre of music I can so I can figure what I prefer over others and discover new songs. My playlist would end up having random mix of songs.
  2. So there is one controversial I have that seemed to have rustled some people the wrong way. It's basically my thoughts on Mania overall. Now let me say that the game was enjoyable and do think it was one of the better Sonic games of course. However my issues come with the level designs. Now hear me out. The issue I have is basically how tedious the levels are and I just think they completely drag on. Sure Sonic 3 was also the same but with Mania I just have difficulty traversing the game overall and do think there are too many things sometimes happening that really keeps me from enjoying the game. Now I have mentioned this before and the only responses I get is "git gud". I'm bad at games usually so maybe it could've been me? but no, even speedrunning the game the levels tend to be just as tedious as my first run.
  3. I'm going to say, no and yes. I think the issue to me was more that Sega basically didn't know what to really do with the characters in the later games at time. Plus sometimes they botched the characters at times (Like Knuckles being dumbed down, and Tails kind of becoming a know it all). However done right a series can have a large cast of characters and not have issues. Plus it feels like Sega/Sonic Team have just shoehorned the characters into the games, but that's just me.
  4. Yeetori


    Pretty cool game. only played the first game however. Do plan to maybe play the second game sometime when I have time. Oddly enough, there was one time I had a dream about playing a game similar to Klonoa, or rather played exactly the same except it was a new game. Maybe one day there will be someone who can make this happen.
  5. I gotta say I'm surprised how the Movie turned out. Even before the redesign I kind of felt like the movie might be too cheesy or something alike, but there was actual story, and effort put into the movie and I did enjoy it. Seeing how Sonic felt being all alone actually made me feel bad for him and not slightly annoyed by how overly-cocky he gets portrayed in the movies at times. I do think the movie really set up for a good sequel.
  6. Greetings! I am Yeetori, have been playing Sonic since I was a small kid. Nice to meet you all, I used to frequent the Sega Forums before it's eventual shutdown (I was known as ~TheSuperTailsFan~) and have basically stayed away from the Sonic fandom since then. I decided to come to this place as I started regaining a bit more interest for Sonic with the movie and re-playing some of the old Sonic games.
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