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  1. oh cool i have not heard it was done already.
  2. The Resident Evil remake on steam. It's very tense and the limited save ribbons really make you think if it's a good idea to save your progress or not.
  3. I hope they do with the Sonic OVA or the new Sonic movie in the future. It's so great seeing so many animators art style.
  4. Awesome! Robotnik is looking like a villain from a manga.
  5. From what little I have seen of Boom she does come across less annoying. Perhaps in a new game or show she can be a good character.
  6. Assuming Shadow The Hedgehog counts as a bad game what I think most people would say it is. I think the game is a bizarre experience what makes it enjoyable to me. How serious the game takes its self with these colourful cartoon like characters is a odd thing to see. If the game had a linear story I think it would have been received better.
  7. Amy rose with her current Minnie Mouse voice.
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