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  1. It's still faster than just running, and I believe faster than a barely-charged spin-dash. On many situations you just press it to go faster than you'd go in the older games.
  2. I enjoy Mania a lot, but it is definitely bogged down by a couple of issues. The bosses are probably the biggest. Granted, the Classics had their stinkers (cough, Egg Golem, cough), but many of Mania's are either a waiting game or really gimmicky. I've complained about them before in the subreddit. The final boss is also kinda lame, compared to Sonic 2 and 3. While I don't HATE the Drop-Dash, it felt like too much of a "press this to go fast" button. I prefer the Insta-Shield primarily due to being more Skill-intensive, although I guess removing the control-lock means it isn't that useful in Mania's engine. Ray is fun, albeit completely broken. Mighty, however... easily my least favorite character in Classic Sonic to play as. He feels like Sonic except without the Elemental Shield powers and instead he has the ability to ignore hazards... which isn't that interesting and feels like an easy mode. The bounce could've been cool, but not giving you height from enemies like the Bubble Shield really blows. The story is... low-key kinda bad? Bringing back the cutscenes from 3 is neat but the game kinda misses the point. Most of the time you just get warped around by the Phantom Ruby anyways, so that feeling of cohesion isn't really there. And in terms of stakes, it doesn't feel as grand or epic as 3. I also don't get why from Hydro City you fly to West Side Island... then go via submarine back to Angel Island, just to reach Little Planet. Like, why not just fly there to begin with? And why does Knuckles tag along instead of hauling ass back to make sure the ME is safe? I don't really care much, since gameplay is why I play Sonic, but it still feels undercooked. Probably my biggest issue with the game is its lack of identity. The fanservice and level reuse are the biggest cause, but I feel the game is lacking in memorable moments that are not the result of the game referencing something. Like, when I think of setpieces from the Classics, I think of the Water Slides in Hydro City, Sonic overtaking the camera in Chemical Plant, Knuckles helping you out in Hidden Palace, racing Metal Sonic, Sonic 2's ending, etc. Aspects pf the game that became iconic and are impossible to separate from the game they came from. Memorable moments in Mania are almost always a reference to something else: to Puyo Puyo, to Sonic 2's Death Egg, to Sonic The Fighters, so on and so forth.
  3. I mean, anything is an improvement from Heroes "I love you, let me beat you in Mortal Kombat" or 06 "fuck this Earth, I choose my husbando" Amy. Anyways, I'm glad they toned down the Tsundere schtick, and I feel her crush isn't as downplayed as people say. In Gens he tries hugging him, and in Lost World she almost says she loves him before passing out.
  4. Lost World is an interesting case, since while it does contain 2D, I've never really heard complaints that it particularly overshadows the 3D like in Colors and Forces. Game still has plenty of 3D, and the 2D sections are there generally to demand more precise platforming. The problems with the 2D sections in Lost World come more from the game's flaws (odd controls, reliance on gimmicks, often-frustrating difficulty) being accentuated due to the 2D parts usually asking more from the player. The question I ask though, is: would any of these games be actually BETTER without 2D in it? I figure you'd just get shorter stages, as well as less of them. People say "remove the 2D sections", when I feel simply having a better 2D-to-3D ratio would work fine. I feel Modern levels in Generations have a decent balance, although they could have used a bit more 3D.
  5. I went into playing Adventure 2 with the best of expectations. I bought it during a sale on Steam alongside Generations. Ended up heavily disliking it, and I grow less and less fond of it as time goes on. Needless to say, I ended up playing Generations a ton more.
  6. What do you mean only like three of them??? Galaxy has a ton of 2D sections, and Galaxy 2 has even more of them (there are Galaxies that are almost entirely 2D, like the first one with the Bee Shroom). The most likely reason why those games use 2D is because precision platforming is easier in 2D, and that applies to Sonic as well. I was probably being a bit dickish, and I apologize, but people pretty much do act like "2D sections=bad" and it grinds my gears. I've seen people say "why does Modern Sonic have 2D in Generations if Classic Sonic is already 2D" as if Modern Sonic having 2D actively made his gameplay worse or something. And people get hung up on "Not 3D" and don't want to discuss if there's actually benefits to 2D.
  7. What's weird is that Super Mario Galaxy got re-released for Switch, and literally NOBODY gives a shit about that game having 2D sections. Even when I see "which Mario game is better" debates, nobody says "Galaxy is the worst because it has 2D segments". It's just Sonic fans who have this weird-ass "complaint"
  8. yeah, that's gonna be a disagree for me. Colors' main acts have actual platforming and exploration. Rush and Advance 2 are as boost/hold right-to-win as it gets. Except for the occasional platforming section, which handles like total ass. And Advance 3... is weird. As for Advance 1, that game actually has Classic-style (a.k.a GOOD) level design
  9. People want to play a 3D game, and they don't like 2D sections just because. I've never seen anyone argue they're bad, and when people do their arguments fall flat. Hot take: the Boost games are improved by their 2D sections. 2D allows for precision platforming to be easier than in 3D, multiple routes are easier to implement when you only have one axis to worry about, and it's presumably easier to develop when there's less shit that can go wrong in 2D. I like 3D, but some people seem to act like having 2D sections in and of itself is a cardinal sin, and I don't get it. Like, yeah, SA2 is entirely 3D, but when most of it is a hallway simulator anyways, who gives a shit.
  10. I remember reading that early concept are did not feature Classic Sonic at all, meaning he'd have been a late addition to tie the game with Mania, but never seen a source for that.
  11. I never got why people made such a big deal about the lack of the Emeralds of all things. It just screams "we've run out of things to complain about Forces, but we need to beat that Dead Horse, I guess". Especially since I imagine they must be a pain in the ass to write around. You have these 7 gems of infinite power. This means you have to constantly send characters on McGuffin hunts, but not too many hunts since there's only 7. SA1 is the most obvious offender of this. Or you can have characters pull the Emeralds out of their asses so that by the endgame all 7 are gathered. Meanwhile, their "infinite power" means any plot point can be resolved by "use the Chaos Emeralds". Much like they do with the Master Emerald, they decide to just ignore the Emeralds when convenient.
  12. The Ultimate Lifeform is Kirby. No other answer is correct. In all seriousness, SA2 seems to imply that Sonic is the "real Ultimate Lifeform" in that he's better at using Chaos powers than Shadow (hence the Chaos Control asspull and not dying in the final battle), but it's kind of half-assed and later games don't make much mention of this, as Chaos Powers became Shadow's schtick and he can go Super with no issue.
  13. I love SA1 but that game needs a from-the-ground-up remake to fix its issues. It's just a messy, janky game, and every rerelease just makes it worse.
  14. It's ok. Bought it for cheap, and it was mildly enjoyable and I'm glad I played it. Looks like crap compared to Mania, but as it's fine. The title is its biggest problem- a game called Sonic 4 shouldn't be OK at best. If any game deserves that title, it's Advance. I'll play it any day over Advance 2 or Rush, though. Those games SUCK.
  15. I assure you, I've played Sonic 3 to death- although admittedly I don't play as Tails often, since I'd rather stick to Sonic. When I said Tails was broken, I was mostly speaking form the perspective of a newcomer, who probably is not as good as platforming, doesn't care too much about going fast, and probably doesn't even know how the Insta-Shield works let alone how to properly use it, and is likely not very good at special stages. At the cost of some abilities that require plenty of skill to use correctly, Tails gets the ability to not have to give a shit about platforming. A decent trade-off in a platforming game. Of course, this worked because Tails was meant to be an easy mode. Fast-forward to Adventure, and he's required to beat the game, so I guess they wanted his gameplay to revolve entirely about flight. So it was made faster, and thus, broken. I mean, they could keep him restricted to 2D. I could see him working fine in Classic Sonic's stages. Also, I just finished SRB2, and man... Tails busted. No way I'd beat that game without flying.
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