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    PaperSonic reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Unpopular opinion (I think) - overall, I really don't like Sonic's characterization during the era he was voiced by Jason Griffith. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a Sonic characterization I like less (though I guess there have probably been other characterizations with worse moments, but not as bad overall). He is usually bland and boring in this era, and comes across as a fairly generic hero. That's not who Sonic was designed to be.
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    PaperSonic got a reaction from DaddlerTheDalek in Lots of people on Reddit and YouTube think the Chaos Emeralds have been removed from the 3D games canon   
    I never got why people made such a big deal about the lack of the Emeralds of all things. It just screams "we've run out of things to complain about Forces, but we need to beat that Dead Horse, I guess".
    Especially since I imagine they must be a pain in the ass to write around. You have these 7 gems of infinite power. This means you have to constantly send characters on McGuffin hunts, but not too many hunts since there's only 7. SA1 is the most obvious offender of this. Or you can have characters pull the Emeralds out of their asses so that by the endgame all 7 are gathered. Meanwhile, their "infinite power" means any plot point can be resolved by "use the Chaos Emeralds".
    Much like they do with the Master Emerald, they decide to just ignore the Emeralds when convenient.
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    PaperSonic got a reaction from ChaddyFant9me in are 2d sections in 3d sonic THAT big of a deal?   
    Lost World is an interesting case, since while it does contain 2D, I've never really heard complaints that it particularly overshadows the 3D like in Colors and Forces. Game still has plenty of 3D, and the 2D sections are there generally to demand more precise platforming. The problems with the 2D sections in Lost World come more from the game's flaws (odd controls, reliance on gimmicks, often-frustrating difficulty) being accentuated due to the 2D parts usually asking more from the player.
    The question I ask though, is:  would any of these games be actually BETTER without 2D in it? I figure you'd just get shorter stages, as well as less of them. People say "remove the 2D sections", when I feel simply having a better 2D-to-3D ratio would work fine. I feel Modern levels in Generations have a decent balance, although they could have used a bit more 3D.
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    PaperSonic got a reaction from ChaddyFant9me in are 2d sections in 3d sonic THAT big of a deal?   
    What do you mean only like three of them??? Galaxy has a ton of 2D sections, and Galaxy 2 has even more of them (there are Galaxies that are almost entirely 2D, like the first one with the Bee Shroom). The most likely reason why those games use 2D is because precision platforming is easier in 2D, and that applies to Sonic as well.
    I was probably being a bit dickish, and I apologize, but people pretty much do act like "2D sections=bad" and it grinds my gears. I've seen people say "why does Modern Sonic have 2D in Generations if Classic Sonic is already 2D" as if Modern Sonic having 2D actively made his gameplay worse or something. And people get hung up on "Not 3D" and don't want to discuss if there's actually benefits to 2D.
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    PaperSonic got a reaction from ChaddyFant9me in are 2d sections in 3d sonic THAT big of a deal?   
    What's weird is that Super Mario Galaxy got re-released for Switch, and literally NOBODY gives a shit about that game having 2D sections. Even when I see "which Mario game is better" debates, nobody says "Galaxy is the worst because it has 2D segments".
    It's just Sonic fans who have this weird-ass "complaint"
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    PaperSonic reacted to azoo in Issues with recreating Classic Sonic gameplay in 3D, as observed from fangames.   
    Big agree with everything here.
    I think if Sonic in 3D is gonna be something really good, we have to stop thinking so much about going fast and more about being a good platformer. 
    It's been on my mind a lot these days that I would've heartily accepted a Saturn-era Sonic game even if he moved at the speed he does in Sonic Jam, granted you could use slopes and rolling/Spindashing to go a bit faster. Sonic doesn't necessarily have to be a super-fast game to be appealing, not even remotely to me. It's just gotta have moves that are fun to do and evoke that feeling of speed.
    Landing a drop dash in Mania may not always launch you at the highest speed possible, but it certainly feels satisfying to do, doesn't it? That's the point of it all, really. To feel that little burst of speed when you get it, not to be fed it so often and in such a surplus that it loses it's meaning.
    Let super speedy areas be a treat. After all that's how Sonic CD handled it, that's how 3K handled it, that's how Mania handled it, and  i can hear the lone classic purist wincing now that's how Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 do it. Intense speed has always been a spectacle, a reward for making it through level design preceding it, and doubled down if you know how to utilize the physics well during it. That's what sends that adrenaline and serotonin to your brain receptor whatevers. That's the magic. 
    And yes, I am also implying that minor automation / guard-railing is not a bad thing either. It doesn't need to be excessive (and you don't gotta tell me how overboard the 3D games have went with it, dude I already know), but I think the insistence that loops or any convex/inverted surfaces are strictly supposed to be obstacles you have to overcome has ruined a lot of the appeal in fangames too. These things I feel should be as easy as they are in 2D for a player to grasp, and for two reasons:
    1 ) It keeps Sonic gameplay from becoming this abstract or dizzying challenge where you sometimes occasionally fight not falling out of a loop. These things are as easy as "hold right with enough speed" in the 2D games. Remember that these are baby games that children play, c'mon now.
    2 ) Loops or slopes that emphasize that often have any cool camera angles omitted, which makes the spectacle of running around them kind of pointless. Running around loops and looking at nothing but the floor in front of you is boring as SHIT I want to see the LOOP!!!! UGH
    Anyways I think I've rambled about everything I can on this subject now. Maybe.
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    PaperSonic reacted to azoo in Issues with recreating Classic Sonic gameplay in 3D, as observed from fangames.   
    People get too caught up on trying to be 1:1 to the Genesis games that they lose sight of making a game feel tight, dynamic and focused. People also tend to act like that a lot of the decisions for level design and game feel in the SA games weren't things they actively decided to do with good reasoning.
    Though I used to believe this in the past, I don't think trying to pursue some super perfect physics and making really ambitious level design is the answer to Sonic. Despite everything being said about how 2D Sonic works there's still something to remember about it: it's simple. All of what it introduces is not only easy to understand, but easy to the point that there's no vagueness to it. In order for Sonic gameplay to reach an equilibrium, it needs to run on as arcadey principles as it can get while still maintaining a depth.
    This is why the homing attack, as it stands, already works. It makes things easy, and it has a simple trade-off in function: you either get a sure shot into an enemy while sacrificing momentum, or you don't but the reward is more retained speed. The homing attack doesn't need to send you flying forward; if anything fangames like Sonic GT (and other games made in, say, HedgePhysics/Bumper Engine) only teach that it shouldn't because it's really, really squirrely. Sure, you could always say not to do homing chains excessively because that's bad, and that'd be correct, but that's also just a simple "don't" instead of an entire plot recoursing.
    Speaking of 'momentum', fangames are obsessed with that. To a fault, even.
    The Sonic Adventure games put Sonic under a speed-cap when running, and pull back Sonic's speed and control the longer he's suspended in air. People can see these as limitations that hold back the gameplay from being what it truly is, but I think these things are meant to make control better. 3D movement allows for a lot more exploitation of building forward speed than a 2D game does, and fangames have only proven that when you don't try to cap Sonic's movement speed (especially in air) then there's a lot of soaring over massive chunks of environment, skipping entire setpieces and sometimes having air hang-time run into the 10+ second range. SA's lower speeds and "simplified" physics, while imperfect, were elaborate in design.
    "But Azoo", you may ask, "why don't the levels just be made bigger to accommodate that?". This is many people's answer, but I don't think it's the right one. Again, Sonic needs to retain a simplicity to it, and expanding these maps out to blown up size just to make up for how easy Sonic is to fly off the handle kind of proves... a problem. Sonic shouldn't need a massive map just to be considered viable, because big maps are overwhelming and confusing when the objective is "get to the goal". And you may argue to just change the game to be something else, but (as fun as that is to think about) Sonic shouldn't need a big reinvention of his game progression in order to work in a 3D space; and (before one brings it up) just because Mario did that doesn't mean they had to, as Mario's 2D gameplay works in 3D just fine (see Mario 3D World).
    I think a lot of these issues, most of all, come down to a misunderstanding of 'flow'. That became a huge buzzword for Sonic games in the past several years and what people want, but honestly I feel like the sentiment is misplaced. People seem to think 'flow' means 'move at a constant high speed from start to finish of a level', but forget that the very games they criticize (ie the boost games) are constructed on that while the games they praise (the classics) do not.
    'Flow' in traditional Sonic gameplay is not about moving at a consistent high speed, it's about the level design organically flowing from one pace to the next. 
    Classic Sonic games are constantly speeding up and slowing down the level design, with slower more trepidatious platforming areas, steady upward climbs, moderately quick slopey areas, and speedy set-pieces relying on semi-automation. This formula is honestly.. pretty much kept in the Adventure games, give or take maybe using dash panels too much. And sure, it's mad simple in comparison, but I'd give that less to the limitations of the game design and more so the limitations of what could be done then; whether that's due to time, money, understanding of 3D, or the hardware (which in the SA games' case, probably all four). 
    Anyways, I typed a lot more than I intended to, but I think the honest truth is that we've already had classic Sonic gameplay in 3D. People just refused to take it or accept some of the decisions made, and I believe some of the decision-making done when converting Sonic to 3D only make more sense when you see how fangames tend to falter in mechanics or level design. 
    Does that mean SA1/2 can't be elaborated on and that it's already perfect? Well uhh fuck no of course not, those games are kinda buggy and didn't get the chance to refine the concepts enough. But does that mean we already had the groundwork and all it takes is just applying what it learned? Absolutely.
    People just.. gotta slow Sonic down, give him some air resistance, and make tighter, compact level design that cares less about some cosmic philosophy to how Sonic should be and more about making a fun, varied platformer.
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    PaperSonic got a reaction from Rabbitearsblog in Lots of people on Reddit and YouTube think the Chaos Emeralds have been removed from the 3D games canon   
    I never got why people made such a big deal about the lack of the Emeralds of all things. It just screams "we've run out of things to complain about Forces, but we need to beat that Dead Horse, I guess".
    Especially since I imagine they must be a pain in the ass to write around. You have these 7 gems of infinite power. This means you have to constantly send characters on McGuffin hunts, but not too many hunts since there's only 7. SA1 is the most obvious offender of this. Or you can have characters pull the Emeralds out of their asses so that by the endgame all 7 are gathered. Meanwhile, their "infinite power" means any plot point can be resolved by "use the Chaos Emeralds".
    Much like they do with the Master Emerald, they decide to just ignore the Emeralds when convenient.
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    PaperSonic got a reaction from Shadow Chaos Control in Is Shadow The Ultimate Lifeform?   
    The Ultimate Lifeform is Kirby. No other answer is correct.
    In all seriousness, SA2 seems to imply that Sonic is the "real Ultimate Lifeform" in that he's better at using Chaos powers than Shadow (hence the Chaos Control asspull and not dying in the final battle), but it's kind of half-assed and later games don't make much mention of this, as Chaos Powers became Shadow's schtick and he can go Super with no issue. 
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    PaperSonic reacted to batson in why Sonic Adventure is the weakest of the duology for me   
    I enjoy SA1 more than SA2, simply because the only character in SA1 whose gameplay I found truly lackluster was Big's. All of the other characters are fun in my book. With SA2 however, I only fully enjoy Sonic's and Shadow's stages, which is of course only one third of the game.
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    PaperSonic reacted to Kuzu in Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) is SORELY misunderstood   
    Honestly, the biggest mark I can give against this game is that it has, irrevocably, destroyed Shadow's reputation as a character in the eyes of the public. 
    Absolutely nobody takes that character seriously anymore because of this game. So much so that he became the poster boy for an entire subculture of memes.

    When someone talks about Edgelords, you can bet your ass that Shadow will come up.
    Shit like this is going to be Shadow's legacy in the public eye. Fuck SA2, this who Shadow is now.
    It's so sad that it wraps around to being absolutely hilarious. It sucks if you're a fan of the character and want him to be taken seriously, but becoming a meme has ironically breathed new life into the character and kind immortalized him forever. Probably not the type of reputation that fans want, but it what it is.
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    PaperSonic reacted to Wraith in Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) is SORELY misunderstood   
    As far as being an actual video game goes it's a mechanical improvement of it's direct successor in every way but it's still not very good. The level design is wider and the controls are tightened. It's still not a smooth playing experience but you'll rarely die due to the sloppy controls in comparison. The wall jump has a little walk for some added fluidity. The light dash and rail switch mechanics finally just work without any asterisks attached. The combat sections are toned down even when they aren't rendered entirely moot by the weapons. Chaos Control and Chaos Blast were fun toys when I was younger and I like how they fed into the morality system but they were too game breaking for me to be crazy about them.

    Gunplay is largely glossed over as a nothing addition and with non-interactive as it is it's easy to see why. You press the B button to melt enemy health bars. The weapon system almost feels like a last minute addition compared to how prominent it is in the marketing. It does serve one valuable purpose by letting you completely bypass the beat em up system that plagued this era of Sonic games. That's hilarious but not a solid enough reason for their inclusion on their own. The occasional odd ball gun like the omochao gun or the chicken gun is fun to use, but the vast majority of them function the same. You don't even get access to a cool spread weapon like a shotgun or something. It was probably a bad idea in the first place but it also feels like a missed oppurtunity in a lot of ways too.

    I like the open ended level progression a lot better than the structure in any of the 3D Sonic games before or since, but a lot of the missions that unlock new levels are Heroes chaotix levels of tedium instead of being something cool like finding a new exit or searching off the beaten path for a collectible. Some cool missions do actually make it into the game along with some okay ones like "Find enough rings". They did enough to keep replaying the campaign interesting but you get the sense that they couldn't actually build enough interesting missions to support this fanning map concept. I still think it's a good idea overall that I would like for them to revisit in basically any type of Sonic game though. 2D, 3D, Adventure, Boost, doesn't matter. Being able to chart my own path through a shorter campaign is an appealing concept especially since this series is best in short burst sessions of replay-ability anyway.

    In terms of gameplay it's just mediocre. I think it's better than most people give it credit for but that's not saying a lot. 

    In terms of aesthetic, Shadow the Hedgehog's bizarre tone, insane plot  points, hilarious fucking dialogue from the moment to moment and the genuine sincerity it commits to it all to elevate it to one of the most genuinely entertaining things in this franchise to me, especially when I'm not the one playing it. 

    In the intro Shadow cocks guns and rides around on a motorcycle that appears in one level and is so flimsy that it's virtually useless in the actual game. You can't walk 2 steps in the intro level without witnessing an explosion. Shadow is pondering the apparent mysteries of his past while Sonic is having the time of his goddamned life int the background as death, destruction and Jun Senoue roar in the background. The attempt to lighten up Sonic's character is appreciated but in the face of the actual, genuine apocalypse he starts to come off like a psychopath. The cutesy characters get shoved off into a corner of the map because nobody is sure what to do with them. 

    There are so many little moments in this game that have hilarious implications on the characters and their world. The president ponders over Sonic and Shadow with a picture of them on their desk where his family probably should be. The chaotix spend most of the alien invasion chasing the bag with little consequences. Shadow announces to himself, privately and proudly, that taking candy from games is fine. 

    The well reasoned and thoughtful Shadow devolves so rapidly over the course of the game into a gremlin. He's so inconsistent depending on what you choose to do and with so little connective tissue being applied to this open ended story the results can be hilarious. Shadow will be chilling with Black Doom in one cutscene and putting a serious dent in his plans an hour later. You can ignore people he actually has a relationship with and help team Chaotix with their chores. You can rob Eggman's theme park and put a dent in his bank account in what is strangely one of the only missions where Tails is present.

    I just love telling people about the shit that happens in this game and the scenarios it sets up. Shadow can non lethally  spray machine guns into crowds of soldiers. Shadow can destroy central city. Shadow can enter the matrix. Shadow can attempt to assassinate the president. Shadow can fire the eclipse cannon at the white house. Shadow can stop aliens from destroying the planet or change his mind and join the fun at the last minute. 

    The tone deafness of the game peaks in the flashback level based on the Ark massacre, where normal 12 year old girl Maria is allowed free reign to one shot armed soldiers and take machine gun fire like a shove to the ground before she dies from a stray bullet later. There's a tragic nuance to the Adventure games that this game breaks over it's knee several times over. That kind of thing makes it a worse addition to the lore to me than any of the alien stuff, but it's also so fucking hilarious at the same time. 

    I can't decide if this game shouldn't exist or not. Would it be better for Sonic's lore or reputation if it didn't? Probably, but that kind of thing is so easy to ignore to me and this schlock brings me so much joy. 

    If nothing else I think the game ends pretty well. Shadow being given demonic ancestors is about as nuanced as a sledge hammer to the face but he eradicates them all with the same level of over the top destructive energy by warping them in front of the eclipse cannon and firing it. Gerald's ultimate ambition to do good comes full circle, Shadow has no more insecurities about his origins even if he doesn't get the full picture, and he's finally ready to move forward, for good this time. It's loud, dumb, over the top garbage with a heart of gold. Exactly how I like my Sonic games to be.
    If this game wasn't such a sloppy, middling playing experience I would probably be it's biggest fan, but as it is now it'll be that game I just think about every once in a while and start laughing. Not a good game. Not a good direction for the series to go, but I'll always consider it a good time.
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    PaperSonic got a reaction from Scritch the Cat in Is Tails Flying Game-Breaking (Particularly in 3D)?   
    I mean, depending on your definition of Broken, he was also in 2D. If all you cared about was beating the game, Tails was busted. He was, after all, the easy mode. You suddenly needed to platform way less. What kept him in check was that playing as intended was way cooler. Tails' slowing down after taking off made him look like a farting bee instead of the sickness of skillfully clearing a section as Sonic. It's why Ray, as fun as he is to play as, is super-busted: he gets both flight AND speed.
    Similarly, Tails in SA1 went faster in the air than on foot, which is what allowed him to break the levels so spectacularly. Heroes shows that Flight doesn't need to be game-breaking in 3D. Of course, the balance between nerfing flight to the point it's super lame and making it good to the point of shattering the level design is hard.
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    PaperSonic reacted to JezMM in Is Tails Flying Game-Breaking (Particularly in 3D)?   
    I think my issue with Tails flight is that I want Sonic to be a platformer, and flying isn't platforming.  While flight isn't quite so slow and plodding, it's kind of mechanically similar to the issue a lot of folks have with swimming in platforming games.
    While there is something to be said for the fun that can come from figuring out how to cheese stages using flight, it's a sort of pandora's box where once that knowledge is obtained, it no longer feels like you're playing the game. I'm sure we all enjoyed figuring out that you can clear Windy Valley with a single jump the first time we managed it, but on subsequent plays it's pretty sucky to know you can do that and having to choose to take a sub-optimal route.  It's entirely psychological but as long as we're humans with brains, that doesn't make it any less a real part of the experience.
    Another reason they kind of get away with flight in Sonic Adventure is that the graphical fidelity of games at the time was able to justify the fact that every stage was floating in a vast chasm where all the scenery was far away. There's certainly a loss of wonder when you have the ability to fly anywhere!!! ... in a floating obstacle course with nothing beyond the video game level you've been presented with.  As oppose rather than the more vivid, detailed worlds that Unleashed, Generations, Colours and Forces presented us with.  And it was jarring enough that SONIC was accosted with invisible walls everywhere in those games, let alone Tails!
    In Sonic Adventure, the graphics blurred the line between these two extremes of stage design, but it's not really something they can get away with again now that graphics have progressed.
    I sort of meandered around in this post, so to sum up, the key issues for me are:
    Flying isn't platforming, the better you are at using it, the less platforming you get to play.
    The superpower of flight becomes less exciting the more abstract the stage design is, but more detailed stages means harsher limits on where the player can go or a greater scope of meaningful content the developers need to create that can be accessed with the flight.
    And I'm not sure how you really solve these things!
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    PaperSonic reacted to Wraith in sooo... what's the deal about sonic... holding a sword?   
    It wasn't because of the idea that he was holding a weapon specifically. A goofy gimmick like that is fine to experiment with as an add on to what's already there.

    But as far as people in 2009 knew a regular Sonic platformer without some overwhelming gimmick hadn't even been attempted since the Adventure titles in the early 2000s. Sega leading the marketing of their new game with yet another combat centric gimmick that didn't seem to add to the series or fix any of it's issues was just a bad look.

    And don't get me wrong: I'm the first person to argue in favor of rule of cool. I love the art of Sonic holding the sword. I liked the premise of the story and thought facing off with other Sonic characters decked out in armor and weapons was sick. I'm a Zelda fanboy, so I love the idea of taking a weird left turn for the sake of shaking things up. 

     It's just that, what is this adding to the series, substantially, once you get past the flash? Why push for involved combat mechanics after the 6th or 7th time of it not working? Nothing about it suggested that any of the problems from previous games would be fixed and nothing about the things they were actually doing right would be enhanced. If the game had proved this doubt wrong people would be singing Knight of the Wind at the top of their lungs but it just doesn't stick the landing.

    They just weren't trusted to screw around at this point in the series's life. On the flipside, once you become so established, dependable and consistent that quality releases from you become boring, people trust you to do whatever you want. People crave big, dumb shakeups from you. Hence, Mario can get permission to go to actual new york and start bodysnatching citizens. Unlike the poster above me I genuinely believe Mario would be trusted with a sword at this point, even if it didn't fit the established series aesthetic. 
    I think the trust and good will of the close-minded gaming public is overrated and I love seeing them proven wrong about out there concepts like this, but SATBK wasn't up to that task. I like Sonic and the Black Knight conceptually, but on every front it was just a bad time to try and make it. It just wasn't what anyone wanted to see and they didn't have the time, manpower or talent to make it into a pleasant surprise people didn't know they wanted either.
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    PaperSonic reacted to Dr. Mechano in My problems with Shadow, in concept and execution   
    People go on about how Shadow's personality is exaggerated now, by being written as a generic "jerk" character, and I agree.
    But I'd argue that Shadow's gross character exaggeration began the moment he was brought back from the dead. 
    In Sonic Heroes, they had the chance to continue Shadow's character where it left off in SA2. With his fresh new view on the world and on humanity. But they didn't. They conveniently erased his memory so that he'd have a new reason to be sad and angry. They effectively undid the character development he went through in the previous game, just so he could go through a very similar arc all over again.
    To this day, I don't fully know if Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) was meant to be taken seriously or not. It's like the ridiculous over-the-top B-movie of the Sonic franchise. Shadow shouting mild profanity as he waves around guns that are as big as he is, an alien overlord literally named "Black Doom" who's revealed to be instrumental to Shadow's creation, and paths where Shadow outright kills people or even destroys the world. Is this the same character from SA2?
    Following games give a really unclear picture of what Shadow's personality is. 2K6 and Rivals make him rather chilled out and contemplative compared to Heroes and his own starring role, going from practically a poster-boy of rebellion against authority to being a cool, calculating government agent. Meanwhile Chronicles again makes Shadow super aggressive and quick to anger.
    By the time of Boom (which is noncanon to the games, but important for the purpose of this discussion) they just decided to make Shadow antagonistic to Sonic by default, with no apparent motivation; An outright malevolent figure who laughs at Sonic and derides him for... uh, having friends, like a Saturday morning cartoon villain. Fair enough, Boom's a separate continuity, but then this motiveless antagonism seems to have been adopted into the mainline games themselves, with even Ian Flynn saying Sega's mandated that he write Shadow this way.
    I feel like Shadow was a cohesive character once, and that was in his debut game, Sonic Adventure 2. Since then, his portrayal has effectively been at war with itself, shifting and changing and being every extreme imaginable - none of them truly feeling like a proper followup to his epiphany on the ARK in SA2. 
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    PaperSonic got a reaction from batson in Who is your least favorite Sonic character?   
    My least favorite character is Shadow- more specifically, Shadow the Hedgehog's version of Shadow. Other characters like Elise, the Zeti, and Dark Gaia suck, but at least they aren't the main character, and don't destroy a previous game's character.
    For starters, Shadow in his game is dumb. Not "silly Knuckles got tricked by Eggman" dumb, but "his thinking patterns make no sense" dumb. First of all, why are you trusting Black Doom? Even if you ignore his name, he's still a piece of shit invading Earth and seeking the Chaos Emeralds. Also, when he thinks he's a robot, does he do something simple like cutting Onions, seeing if he bleeds, or solving a Captcha puzzle to prove if he's an android? No; instead, he tries to get answers out of Eggman. You know, the evil dude who is a well-known liar. To the surprise of nobody, Eggman claims he built him and Shadow believes him. And let's not even mention that he apparently thinks to ask questions to Eggman, yet not to his best friend, Rouge.
    As a player character, Shadow fails because of the disconnect between the player and what he does. You do the Dark mission of Hot Shelter to side with Eggman? Too bad, Shadow betrays him and karate-chops him to death. Wanted to say fuck you to Amy and Espio and carry on with your life? Jokes on you, Shadow teams up with them in the Egg Dealer fights. And even from the start of the game, your goals are not the same- Shadow wants to learn about his past, but if you've played SA2 you already know. The game also communicates concepts to the player in a way that increases the disconnect. For instance, we know Black Doom is not to be trusted, because of his name and mannerisms, and we know Shadow is not a Shadow Android because they look nothing like him. 
    Of course, can't forget the "2edgy4school" aspect. Having Shadow say "damn" and talking about sending others to hell is just cringe-inducing. I never cared for Shadow much to begin with, but at least he didn't come across as a total tryhard in SA2. The only good thing about him I'll say is that the mental image of him approving of stealing candies from babies is hilarious, even if that wasn't what that scene was meant to convey.
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