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  1. Okay so I have a third level idea. This is also a boost level. Aurora Rush Zone In terms of it's looks just refer to this to get a visual of itThe level is a forest at night with a beautiful night sky. The level starts with sonic standing in the forest remarking on the aurora. You boost through the forest quick stepping around tree's and swinging on tree branches to get rings and lives. Then you go on a ramp which sends you flying across to the other side of a ravine. Then you get on a Vine and swing onto another vine and you land on a large tree. You have to run though hollow logs. The egg pawns here will have a green color. They will also be completely invisible to you until you get close where they will appear,wait a second then attack. This part of the level is very narrow and one slip will lead to your fall but the first tree will only punish you with the lower route. After you get through this you will have to carefully platform on the trees. The final section of the level is a fast pace section where you grind on branches and vines, homing attack enemies, and use the light speed to get to the end. With a second of hesitation being your doom. Now for the boss of this level. Egg Dart Frog In terms of design this boss is the egg mobile attached to a giant mech that looks like a poison dart frog. It's main attack is wrapping you up with it's tongue and spiting you out. The first phase of the fight is the robot jumping through the forest and you giving chase. You have to jump from vine to vine until you reach the mech and get to homing attack the mech. There's a bottomless pit below so you can't slip up here. After two hits the second phase begins. The arena here is a large body of water with four platforms. The mech will swipe it's tail forcing you to jump up to avoid damage. Then it will bring it's tail down on a platform. Submerging that platform in water for awhile. Then the mech will slam into the water making all the platforms flip over. Then the mech will stop it's assault. You can get a total of four hits before the egg dart frog changes color and you take damage when you touch it. Repeat three more times and the fights over. Hope people liked this.
  2. I like this. Studiopolis was a blast for me in mania plus. I like the level theme overall. And the boss sounded like a fun and creative boss that challenges your skill while simultaneously being a very enjoyable experience. All in all a amazing level idea in my opinion.
  3. I just came up with another idea. This is also a boost level. Egg industrial zone So the level is a level with a Futuristic, sci-fi look. Tall buildings with advertising and promotion, Many different studios and factory's, and Futuristic looking roads and stuff. And then in the background it's all natural. Green and lush forests, Dozens of mountains,and blue serine water. So the level starts off with sonic running through the city. You have to dodge Futuristic vehicles being driven by egg pawns using the quick step and catching rails to gain twenty ring boxes. This segment doesn't last very long and soon you find yourself inside of eggman's base of operations. So this area is pretty open with Lines of badniks being made and gigantic pits of lava being filled. So You run through and go on the rotating platforms to reach the switch which opens the door allowing you to proceed. Once you go through the door you boost downward using quick step to dodge laser fire from cameras on the walls. Then laser walls start appearing and you have to go through the one opening of each. Then a ramp appears and the cameras pop back out. If you evade the lasers and get on the ramp then you will be launched over the pit of lava below. Then you boost up a crumbling flight of stairs. And the top of the stairs will collapse as well forcing you to quickly jump and homing attack the chain of spinners to avoid dying. Then you boost through a narrow catwalk until it's destroyed by a crane. You have to homing attack onto some rails and dodge lasers from egg robo. Then you will have to use the homing attack to reach the elevator. Then the final stretch will be a frantic run into the core as robots are constantly attacking you and sections of the floor will open up killing you if you fall into them. Then as you jump into the center of the base the level ends. Then the boss. Egg scorch The arena is a large platform over a pit of lava So eggman's egg mobile is hooked up to a red and black humanoid mech with a dragon head and wings. The only weak spot on the mech is the egg mobile but the dragon head cover's it up. Metal Sonic goes inside of the mech and the battle starts. The egg scorch at first slashes at you with a energy sword,then it destroys the platform. As the platforms destroyed you have to jump onto the catwalk and boost after the mech as it moves back to keep you away from it. Then all of a sudden the mech lifts up as it charges at you,but this is when you can attack. As you reach another large platform the second phase begins. Basically it will slash you then it fly around and finally metal sonic will use his maximum overdrive to empower the machine. The mech will release a crazy combo and take a moment to recharge. The egg mobile will be exposed during that time. Rinse and repeat eight more times and the boss will be defeated. Will anybody see this?
  4. When's the last time someone posted here again? Anyway since the boost is my favorite style and it was my introduction to the franchise this level has the gameplay of unleashed-generations in mind. It's a level I came up with years ago. Casino acre zone Casino acre zone is basically a super sized casino. So in terms of how it looks, it's visually identical to casino night except for some parts. This image is low quality I know but you can see everything well enough right? By the way that black on the bottom right is a box so ignore that. That is the start of the level with two routes. So you start off in a 2d area and there is a large bumper except the red is replaced with black. This bumper works like the spinning things from metallic madness zone that you run on. It's just there to prepare you for later challenges. You can go down the slope and run through the loop or enter the slot machine which then leads to the boost rings. The upper path will introduce one of the main badniks in this level, the buzz bouncers. The buzz bouncers are just buzz bombers with black tuxedos,shades,and u.s dollars for stingers. The bottom path has a light dash that allows you to skip right past the line of egg pawns in tuxedos. Then there is a 3d section where you just run,quick step to avoid projectiles, and grind on rails while preforming perfectly timed tricks to gain twenty ring boxes. Then you will have to catch a zipline and a light speed trail or else you will fall into the pinball area where you have to deposit 200 rings into a control console by constantly using the slot machine in order to open up the floor and reveal a giant spring. The way this specific slot machine works is you press a button and the first slot starts spinning and you homing attack it to stop the spin,rinse and repeat two more times and you get the final combination. This is where those twenty ring boxes help. Then after that part is a brief moment with precise platforming. Most of the platforms will break if you land on them more than three times so you must tread carefully or else you will fall to your death. Then there is a section like casino park from sonic heroes except your boosting down avoiding obstacles with the quick step. Then as you reach the ground the level is bit more open with stairs that open randomly. If you quick step to them in time then you will get to rings and light speed trails. As you run through a large loop a gigantic slot machine will crash down destroying the loop and you if your not fast enough. After some more boosting the entire casino acre will suddenly lose power. The lights will go off,leaving a completely dark and eerie environment. The music will take a low unnerving whispering tone. The slot machines won't work,the doors won't open. But this also works in your favor as the egg pawns won't move. Only the badniks will still be active. And laser that normally blocked certain rooms deactivating allowing you to explore the place. Just boosting and rail grinding with collapsing rails adding to the challenge until the end of the level. Now for the boss. Egg voltage Think big arm from sonic 3&k combined with the casino night boss from sonic 2. It's big arm but the claw on the sonic 2 boss as it's arms. So just big arm in a 3d environment with electric claw hands that it can extend. Just like in 3 you have to hit the middle or else you will take damage. It's a simple but challenging boss fight. The arena for this fight is just the casino night arena but larger and with two rails.
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