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  1. Does anyone know of a link or has the video itself of the Chao Garden music mixed with Gucci Gang lyrics playing with a still image of a chao running with Lil Pump's face? I hope someone knows what the fuck I'm talking about. I need the video for several reasons, and despite my vast searches spanning the limitless reaches of the internet, I am still empty handed, that cursed video seemingly forever evading my grasp, my sanity greatly diminishing with every failed attempt of acquiring the video, to the point that I sometimes wonder if I am simply under a Mandela effect of just imagining the video even existed. I know it exists out there somewhere, whether it be on someone's USB drive, a random obscure website of antiques, or in someone's Recycle Bin on their desktop about to be deleted from existence. Please, all of those who read this topic, help me on my journey. I beg of you. Please.
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