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  1. Someone I know just said Dr. Cortex is a Dr. Eggman ripoff. I'm like "lol." Eggman can still be serious despite his comical moments. Cortex is a joke and the games know it.

    1. Blacklightning


      til all evil doctors are identical

    2. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Cortex was always a joke. It was kinda the point. The only real similarity is that they're evil scientists experimenting on animals, and even then it's not exactly obscure knowledge the way Sonic influenced crash.

  2. Good to see the bill has failed. Bad to see the GOP's now desperately scrambling to try and use executive actions to gut it but... will that help their cause any? Never mind how much this establishes them as massive hypocrites. Saying Obama did it first (lol) isn't an excuse for doing it yourself. What are we, five? Either way, it's looking like the clock isn't being turned back and the next Democratic President, assuming they have both chambers, will be in a better position to bring us closer to single payer. If you're not interested in hearing about politics, I wonder what you're doing posting in a politics thread.
  3. Probably more or less why it's been called Trumpcare over Ryancare, despite it originally being Ryan's idea. If it fails, it can all be pinned on Trump, and few will question it since he's not exactly a bright bulb. To be honest I can see the failure being spun as "Democrat obstruction" even though the Democrats have minorities in both chambers. That seems insane until you remember all the Democrats calling for obstruction on the basis of "payback," blissfully ignoring the Republicans were able to obstruct so much because they had a majority in at least one House for 6 years.
  4. Speaking as a guy who has lived in Nevada for 12 years and is now in Michigan: "HOLY CRAP is that what an actual rainstorm is like?!"

  5. So. Apparently there's a group on FA that has been around for at least a year, that publicly states the word "Nazi" is a slur. Needless to say I'm disappointed it is allowed to exist.

    1. The Chairman Of The Board

      The Chairman Of The Board

      Why?? People say that every other word ever used to describe an ethnicity is a slur. Why not Nazi??

  6. Always a fun day when you're accused of GM bias by a minmaxer even though they're only losing because of other players' actions.

  7. In all honesty, I'm only seeing him score a victory on tax reform and maybe the infrastructure bill. Tax cuts/reform are pretty popular as a policy objective, so he'll most likely get somewhere there, though I imagine legions of lawyers are ready to lobby for the code to remain convoluted as Hell. Infrastructure might win some Democratic votes, but his emphasis on private sector tax cuts means he probably won't get that much. Plus while American history is full of the government using private industry to advance infrastructure projects, it has always had a heavy government hand nonetheless. The federal government didn't give railroad companies tax cuts and ask them to buy land and build railways; it sold the land to them at cheap prices so they could easily build across the country and make huge profits from both passenger tickets and selling the real estate. Urban renewal projects and the interstate highway system likewise wouldn't have gone far without huge outlays by the federal government. This "tax cuts for projects" approach is nonsense that will only allow development in the most lucrative areas... something which is probably not going to help the poorest areas, which lean Republican. Party unity being the beast it is, though, maybe that's intentional. The trend with immigration is to just let the system work as is. Give amnesty to people already here and then give a token beefing up of the border force. I assume the "No compromise!!" Republicans will once again sink the Captain's ship when they see federal outlays for a wall of questionable effectiveness (that Mexico will not pay for, thus making it an unpopular waste of money) or amnesty provisions (which are supported by half of Trump's voters). This is why we need a Constitutional requirement that outsiders be barred from the Presidency. People like Trump have no business running the government.
  8. Healthcare bill vote delayed until tomorrow. Sigh.

    I just want to be able to sigh with relief.

  9. Rick Perry's panties are in a twist over a gay student winning a student election despite losing the popular vote. The irony is apparently lost on him. He is arguing the popular vote winner (who was accused of rigging the election; the irony is lost on Perry) was unfairly disqualified so as to let a gay person win the election. The student government insists it was because the initial winner didn't disclose all financial information related to the campaign. Again, the irony is fucking lost on Perry.{acda83c1-7162-42a3-84a8-3e7210391ce0}/gop-leaders-postpone-house-vote-on-ahca Meanwhile, the AHCA vote has been delayed until tomorrow. My money is on Obamacare becoming the next Roe v. Wade or gun rights. There will be incessant moaning about it every election cycle, but the GOP will never actually do much to change the status quo. And it will never get any better because a lot of conservative voters will continue to either fall in line behind them every cycle, or continue to wrongly believe that some blanket repeal will make everything better. We have to remember, this is the same camp that took Bill Clinton's criticisms of Obamacare (from a speech where he was arguing in favor of single payer as part of his wife's campaign) and used it as evidence for full repeal. The overall main perk to the stubborn far right elements in our Congress? It means the status quo is going to be largely maintained. I think we might see a defunding of Planned Parenthood at some point, but the Medicaid expansion, preexisting conditions, and mandates were the meat and potatoes of Obamacare, and those are likely to stay. Keeping the status quo around? Those are true conservatives if I ever saw any!
  10. BOTW



    Link and Gregg as surprise characters in the Walking Dead confirmed

  11. I had a dream I purchased a ticket to the Sonic 26th Anniversary Party.

    1. Kiah


      Hope part of that dream included a destination that is a good and affordable one to get to...and may that dream come true! ^_^ 

  12. This really does highlight the problem with the Trump camp. This House rep swung his vote from "no" to "yes" for the AHCA on one topic alone: whether or not the bill covers undocumented people. All the evidence coming out of how badly this will hurt seniors - an active voting bloc that leans GOP - and all he cared about was "dem illegulz." Ugh. If it wasn't so tragic, I'd be happy he's too stupid to realize he's destroying the GOP's base. I'd love if guys like this would help push more and more seniors into the single payer camp, and thus comfortably into the Democrats' grasp come the 2018 midterms. The AHCA aka Ryancare aka Trumpcare (I like how nobody in the GOP can decide who owns it if it bombs) will be going to a vote later today. Another Republican has come in favor of the bill as a result of an amendment that requires New York state to absorb over $2 billion in Medicaid costs for counties outside NYC, or else federal funding will be cut by that same amount. Let's remember Congress has been awfully reluctant about repaying the millions of dollars NYC has spent on extra security to protect Trump Tower, Melania Trump, and Barron. Ultimately, such an attitude towards NYC reflects what this article discusses as the only real reason someone could vote for the ACHA: to stick it to liberals by tearing up Obama's legacy (supposedly). It is believed that this alone will help it squeeze by both Houses. But we'll see about that. A lot of conservative interest groups infamous for keeping track of votes and primarying politicians who go against them are urging Republicans to vote against the bill, because it is not a full on repeal. In other words: let us be grateful the "Repeal or bust!" camp is likely to be just as dangerous to Trump and Ryan as "Bernie or Bust!" was to Clinton.
  13. Dio isn't saying he wants the franchise destroyed out of spite. He's saying that he has no obligation to support it if he doesn't like the games, and feels that the franchise might be better laid to rest if it doesn't increase its quality and appeal. He's entitled to that opinion, and you're entitled to yours. Anyway, what I'm here for as a moderator: let's avoid making this argument too personal. An easy way to do this is to avoid making assumptions about the other person's character, objectives, etc. Above all, though, remember we're all human beings with emotions behind our usernames and whatever argument we're making; would you want someone accusing you of nihilism or wanting to destroy others' enjoyment out of spite?
  14. Reaction: You are now your fursona IRL.

    1. Soni


      Nothing's changed, I'm already a hairy guy.

    2. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Nothing's changed for me either because I don't have one

    3. JmTsHaW


      So this is what it's like to never exist

    4. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      My only real fursona has been my Sonic OC. Hmmm...could definitely be worse.

  15. "Is it true are they back am I going mad?!"

    "One mistake's all this takes and this may go bad!"

    -FNAF the Musical, talking about Sonic games!

    1. blueblur98


      FNAF the musi-


    2. Fusion Force