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    Sonic, RTS, Crash Bandicoot, Klonoa, Ratchet&Clank, Furry Fandom, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Sly Cooper, Writing, Drawing

    I also take a great interest in collecting merchandise of the above! Unfortunately Sonic dominates...
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Hello there! I go by Ogilvie (obscure Sonic references gogogo), but you may call me Tanner if it pleases you.


I'm a Sonic fan residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, though I'm a New Yorker at heart. My first game was Sonic 1, but after Sonic 2 I never really played much of Sonic 3. I fell out of the fandom pretty much until SA2; since then I've remained a hardcore fan.


I'm a big Sonic geek and try my best to familiarise myself with all Sonic media if easily accessible; I like the comic strips, British and American. Needless to say I have never felt more at home than Sonic Boom; hopefully we can meet up there at the next one!


I am a SoS and Sonic Boom enthusiast. I dream of a world with an annual Sonic convention in every region, backed by recurring meetups in every major city. For that reason I founded Sonic Social to help people find fans in their area, and if there is no group for their area, to help them set one up. As part of this pursuit I'm also a member of the Sonic Revolution team, and we plan on holding an annual fan convention for Sonic fans every year on the West Coast; given time we plan on having regional Revolutions all over the world. smile.png


Outside Sonic stuff, I also like to discuss economics, politics, history and theology. I'm a socially progressive, fiscally pragmatic monotheist. I am a member of the furry and LGB communities.


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