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  1. I was not expecting Sonic music at a furcon but I'm okay with this

    (Sharing again for those with more sane sleeping patterns than mine)

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      so this is why it wasn't played at SAMEUK

    2. Miragnarok


      Why were you not expecting Sonic music there?

    3. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      @Miragnarok Sonic actually is pretty unpopular with furries when you stop talking about the classics.

  2. Was at Midwest FurFest this weekend but it turned into SAME for a moment:


  3. Honestly, from everything I hear, it sounds like Corbyn is going to keep this from going in a good direction. I hear a persistent frustration is he's basically the obnoxious centrist who won't give a clear position on Brexit, and it makes him and Labour look really bad. Of course, a lot can change during a campaign (May sure got a surprise when she held that election with good polling numbers only to lose seats), but the likely scenario is Conservatives come out ahead and this moves forward. Now unless the Conservatives get a super clear majority yet their plans still fall apart due to infighting, (Lord knows stateside how hilariously bad the right wing Party's grand plans collapsed once they actually got back in power) I just hope that Scotland, Northern Ireland, etc. are all given a choice to break off and do their own thing. The Scottish people in particular voted against economic uncertainty, yet England gave them it anyway. So I say let them have another chance to make their own destiny.
  4. Democrats took the Kentucky Governorship and both legislative chambers in Virginia on Tuesday. Kentucky is likely one of those fluke elections where the Republican is so bad the red state picks a Democrat (see also, the Dems taking Kansas in 2018 and Missouri in 2012), but Virginia's trifecta is huge. This puts Democrats in a position to revenge gerrymander (making a House majority in 2020 a little more likely), but they can also now repeal the work requirements for Medicaid that the GOP forced through in the previous session (the only way to expand Medicaid in the state was to compromise on work requirements). https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/06/politics/jeff-sessions-senate-run-alabama/index.html The 2020 Senate race is about to get interesting. Jeff Sessions will be running for his old Senate seat in Alabama. This will put him against the other establishment GOP candidate and far right Roy Moore. Unless the establishment vote comes out hard, there's a serious possibility that it will be split between Sessions and his establishment rival, Roy Moore will secure the nomination, and then he runs against Jones in the general. Now, last election, Jones had the benefit that it was a special election without Trump at the top of the ticket. But Roy Moore getting the nomination again would greatly increase Democrats' chances of keeping that seat. That's the interesting thing. We know from sources within the Party that large numbers of Republicans would be happy to impeach and remove him... if the votes were secret. Under the current circumstances, however, going against Trump is a good way to ensure one is thrown out of power in the next primary election. Republicans can probably survive a general challenge, but primaries are a whole other ball game, where they need to win the support of the conservative diehards to stay in. Consider: there used to be many Republicans who would sit down with Democrats on gun control. Lobbyists like the NRA ensured they were all kicked out in primaries. And that's why the GOP's rank and file tread carefully with working with Democrats now. Really, there has never been a stronger case for term limits than politicking like this. Go figure, that was one of Trump's few proposals that was actually pretty cool. Of course it was the one he stopped caring about once he was in. Failing that, making impeachment and removal votes secret would also be a path to take. Now some fear this would make Congress supreme but... honestly? I'm all for it. The historical record for Presidentialism is not that good, so I don't mind weakening the executive in this country.
  5. Well the furry jokes are gonna abound with that FNAF World one. ...also I'm 99% sure that's a female version of Twisted Wolf. Wolf really wants to steal Foxy's theme, doesn't he?
  6. And the ride continues. Scottgames has updated with a new teaser image for a 2020 title, it seems. Looks like Chica, Freddy, Foxy and... someone new. Presumably a canine based on the pointy ears. But they don't have a tail like Foxy.
  7. Well, completed my first playthrough of the visual novel Winds of Change. Awesome vocal credits music aside, 2 of my 7 allies died. I need to re-examine my choices to see if there's a way to not lose anybody.

  8. Watching all the Corgi Events staff pop into Las Vegas at once, presumably to plan a furcon here, reminds me of watching the SEGA America staff planning Sonic Boom events and it fills me with such nostalgia

  9. Representative Swalwell has dropped out of the race, citing that candidates should be realistic about their chances and focus on serving their constituents. He will be running for the House again. https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/08/politics/tom-steyer-2020-presidential-bid-staffers/index.html Meanwhile, Tom Steyer, a billionaire most known for bankrolling efforts to impeach Trump, is planning on announcing a Presidential bid of his own. I'd like if everyone polling 1% or less after the first debate would just drop, honestly. This field needs to consolidate to increase the odds of beating Trump.
  10. Scheduled for February. It's gonna be a long 8 months. The good news is, after this round of debates, it sounds like the next round requires 2% polling rather than the 1% this round had. Which means we should start seeing candidates dropping as they're forced out of the spotlight. God help us if they all wait until the first primary before dropping. If they don't do good in this debate they really need to go away so we can start narrowing down the field and getting an idea who will take on Trump.
  11. Well round one of the debates was interesting. Warren was allowed to have both the opening and closing statement. She started off pretty strong, and while she seems a little weak on policies like how to handle Mitch McConnell and gun reform, she was a solid candidate at the start. Some basic takeaways: -Booker, Beto, and Castro are desperately trying to get the Hispanic vote, because they kept randomly switching into Spanish during the debate. Clearly, they did not learn anything from how Tim Kaine pissed a lot of Hispanic voters off because "I can speak Spanish!" does not actually impress rank and file Hispanic voters and instead speaks to a very narrow understanding of issues facing those voters. -Booker and Castro both seem in favor of nuking the 60-seat filibuster to pass gun reform, and probably anything else. Booker specifically mentions races in South Carolina and Iowa. -On healthcare, only two candidates said they would replace all private insurance with Medicare for All: Warren and De Blasio. In Warren's case, she demonized private insurance as an industry that gambles with people's lives, since its goal is to maximize fees and minimize how much it pays out. -Beto was basically getting destroyed all night. When he said he supports keeping private healthcare and public to create "choice," De Blasio interjected that millions of people do not have healthcare in our current "choice" based system. When he said he supports keeping immigration law the way it is to prevent human trafficking, Castro called him out, saying there are sections of the code that already cover that. Overall, while everyone expected Beto to come out as Warren's main rival, he looked pretty bad. -Tim Ryan kept going on about the need to funnel money into the Rust Belt to bring back manufacturing jobs. Elizabeth Warren called him out on traditional attempts to revive American industry, saying it's almost always "let companies do what they want," and emphasized that American manufacturing should be based on leadership in renewable energy (several other Dems share this view). -When asked about the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States, most Democrats mentioned climate change, Iran, or China. Jay Inslee went "Donald Trump." -Castro spoke for the need to have social justice as well as economic justice (rebutting Amy Klobuchar), and how he wants to decriminalize illegal entry and make it a civil issue. He wants a Marshall Plan for Latin America so people won't feel the need to migrate to the US. -Klobuchar is painting herself as the more realistic left candidate, outright saying she isn't promising as much, e.g. she only wants community college to be free. -Class solidarity: De Blasio called for the Democratic Party to remember its working class roots, while Booker, Castro and Warren basically all favored a 50 state strategy to keep the Senate. -Taxation: De Blasio said all Democrats should support a 70% marginal tax rate on the highest income bracket. OH DAMN. There's a lot of content in 2 hours, but the winners I'm seeing are: Warren's powerful opening and closing statements (regarding American inequality and how she's only on that stage because she got a government-funded education, and wants it an option for everybody) make her a clear winner. Booker and Castro both seem very strong. De Blasio looks like he will have very strong left wing credentials that could help him last. Moving forward: Warren, Castro, Booker, De Blasio Not moving forward: Ryan, Gabbard, Beto, Inslee, Delaney, Klobuchar
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/20/roy-moore-will-run-for-senate-in-alabama-after-trump-objects.html As we count down the days to Democratic debates on Wednesday and Thursday, Alabama has given the Dems a gift: Roy Moore is officially running for the Senate seat again, and he still has wide grassroots support. If he takes that nomination, Doug Jones' chances of keeping Alabama for Democrats next year are hugely improved.
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/18/politics/democratic-debates-2020-placement/index.html We know the center candidates in the two debates. One night will have Warren and O'Rourke as the candidates in the center, the other will have Biden and Sanders. The center position is assumed to get the most time. Biden's in for a fun ride. Not only will he have to worry about Sanders, but Yang is also part of the debate that night. He is going to look SO BORING compared to two candidates who radically want to alter America's economy.
  14.  So the Banana Splits, that 70s show with the fursuiting band... is being turned into a horror movie that's pretty obviously inspired by FNAF. AHAHAHA.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I'm kinda surprised Hanna-Barbera gave the okay to this. 

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      "So you're saying we're never gonna find a new audience from kids these days cause no one likes people in animal costumes anymore and prefer to play video games like FNAF???"


      "Oh well. If ya can't beat'em, join'em. It's not like anybody remembers that show exists to get their childhood ruined."

    3. KHCast


      Kids and YouTubers already got FNAF. They don’t really want a FNAF knockoff, and honestly looking at this...Scott was right to thumbs down the script lol

    4. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      @KHCast The success of several FNAF clones would indicate your thesis is incorrect.

    5. KHCast


      They’re “successful” but it’s akin to CoD follow ups from other companies. FNAF is still the one the general market gives a damn about and knows about regardless. 

      Besides, if SyFy is expecting this to grab the FNAF players and YouTube viewers...can’t really get why they’d think that outside that it has animatronics that are spooky

    6. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Word has it the film's using an edited version of an early FNaF movie script that Scott rejected. Let that put some things into perspective

    7. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      This is really weird...

      @Vertical Snoop [D.K.] Gee, whyever would such an incredible movie script by such genius writers ever be rejected by Scott?

      Sarcasm aside, I get it. Early drafts are kind of supposed to suck; they’re where you get all of your ideas out in the open before you can be totally sure how good they are and how to best go about executing them. But you generally want to rework your early drafts at some point, because late drafts aren’t really supposed to suck. And this film looks like it just used the Find and Replace tool to replace FNAF references with Banana Splits references.

    8. Milo


      @Your Vest Friend I was going to say the same thing at first, but then I remembered that they also gave the approval on those gritty Flintstones/Scooby-Doo/etc. DC comics a while back.

  15. The FNAF movie might be languishing in development Hell because Scott keeps rejecting every idea put before him, but... there's this. There is a rumor that it developed out of an early draft of the FNAF film that was rejected, but whether that's true or not, well... my God, it exists. And since everyone is comparing it to FNAF, I figured it appropriate to link it here. I feel sorry for all the 70s and 80s kids who grew up with the actual show. This is both an extremely bad and an extremely brilliant idea.
  16. It occurs to me Sonic Revolution doesn't keep track of its attendees year by year anywhere, apparently o.o

  17. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/29/politics/roy-moore-alabama-donald-trump-jr/index.html Roy Moore and Trump Jr. got into it over Twitter. While Moore's since deleted his Tweets, I can't help but think Jr. just made the Alabama Senate race personal. And Moore is the favorite for the GOP nomination based on polling. And Roy Moore being the GOP nominee is the best chance Democrats have of taking that seat for 6 years. Jones has defected to the GOP on a lot of things, but he's also stuck with the Democrats on a lot of things too. He is the best option Democrats will get from Alabama. Where Moore is likely to get swat on the ass is the fact Republican voters are actually very good at rejecting candidates with serious ethical failings. It's why we all too often get Democrats who suddenly win a red seat, but then immediately lose it next race. Republican voters tend punish (non-Presidential) candidates for sexual immorality in particular.
  18. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/05/nevada-governor-vetoes-national-popular-vote-bill.html Nevada Dem. Governor Sisolak has vetoed the state's bill that would have added Nevada to the National Popular Vote Compact. He cited the argument that Nevada would simply be ignored in national elections because it is small, whereas right now it benefits from being a swing state. It's also an argument that falls apart under increased scrutiny: people scream about Texas and California and New York, but those large states are hardly hive minds, and their political minorities will come out in full force if the national popular vote becomes a thing. Candidates will have to cast a wide net to win a truly national election.
  19. I like how I've slowly but surely started turning my Sonic convention posse into my furcon posse, it's just magical.

  20. Got to act out that SA2 scene with a prominent fur recently. I was suspicious a Las Vegas furcon was in the works. Someone with insider info kind of leaked it. It was basically:

    "So how did you know we were putting on a Vegas furcon?"


    1. Polkadi~☆


      That is a very specific line to use in a very specific context.

      I am shocked you made that work.

  21. Biggest Little FurCon had a swag item exclusive to staff and volunteers and it was so wholesome. Sponsor and up attendees got a red bottle with a heart on it. Volunteers and staff got a blue bottle with the Tree of Life on it. SYMBOLISM.

  22. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/443715-maine-senate-passes-bill-that-would-give-electoral-college-votes-to So in the span of a month, three states - Nevada, Oregon, and Maine - have all passed the National Popular Vote Compact in one house of their legislatures. Holy crap, this might actually happen before the 2020 election. Ten bucks says the Supreme Court decides to "stay" the legislation though. Even though the Constitution is VERY clear states can do whatever they want with their electoral votes.
  23. So. Anyone going to Furry Weekend Atlanta in 6 days? They've got a Mystery Skulls concert!

  24. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/15/politics/bill-weld-2020-trump/index.html While the Democratic camp is currently overrun by opportunists, the Republican camp just got interesting. Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld has announced he will be running for the Presidency on the GOP ticket, making him Trump's first primary challenger. Weld is a more libertarian flavor of Republican, having been consistently pro-choice, pro-marijuana legalization and pro-LGBT, while being fiscally conservative. He is confident he could take the nomination with support from independents. As a cherry on top, were Weld to become President, he would steal Trump's title of being the oldest inaugurated President, being 75 on Inauguration Day. Weld realistically has a tough primary ahead of him as most conservatives solidly back Trump, and no President has been outvoted in the primaries since the 1880s. But he could still give Trump a tough time if he draws in independent votes, and Presidents who face a tough primary have good odds of losing re-election, as happened with Ford, Carter, and H.W. Bush.
  25. My friend showed me clips of the Rough and Tumble segment in the IDW Sonic annual and oh my god their facial expressions are so precious in each panel

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