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  1. I snuck out of school for the first time. I feel so BA.

  2. Just Bought SimCity from Amazon.com

  3. "Please note that WinRAR is not free software." Could've fooled me!

  4. Anyone who said The Lost Frontier is technically Jak 4 are no longer my friends! How could you say such a thing! :(

  5. If Sonic had children, what would their names be?

  6. If Sonic had children, what would their names be?

  7. Don'tcha just love when you have to do a writing assignment yet can't find anything deep or insightful to say?

  8. Most dissappointing film you've ever watched?

  9. http://tinyurl.com/asbcxvb Wow that is one strong Wisp. This would be funny if it was in the game.
  10. Hey, welcome to SSMB ^^

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