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  1. It's fun to volunteer at cons and basically play the waiting game to see which one offers me a staff position first so I sell my soul to that one.

  2. >goes to Texas Furry Fiesta

    >2 roomies have bad days and try to leave early

    >They end up staying, and that same day, each has what they were complaining about go rapidly the opposite direction

    >As soon as they leave the hotel room, I just look up to the sky and smirk

    There's a reason I believe in a particular Aztec god, y'all.

    1. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      On that subject, I owe him big time for that one. I suppose I'll need to come up with some form of appeasement.

  3. I clocked in 30 hours at Texas Furry Fiesta as a volunteer. My everything hurts.

  4. Broke: Oscurita di Xehanort
    Woke: Medley of DARKNESS

  5. *nerdrages at how off Huehuecoyotl's personality is in Victor and Valentino*

  6. Re: entertainment. Each piece of intellectual property is its own monopoly. So there's not really any anti-monopoly legislation that's valid for that element. There is copyright expiration, though a lot of legal books make jokes about how copyright protection lasts as long as Disney wants. Indeed, it's only in recent years politicians went "okay enough is enough" and stopped letting Disney continue to extend copyright protection. Re: the media itself. Similar problem as entertainment. Each channel is its own brand. Never mind that so long as quality does not suffer too much, the anti-trust argument is not as strong. There are concerns about freedom of the press being impacted, but research shows most people don't tune into news networks to be informed. Plus in today's age, it's so easy to start up an indie outlet that it's harder to cry "monopoly!" You can, quite possibly, start up your own news channel on Youtube and gain millions of followers. You probably can't start up your own oil, steel, or car company.
  7. Nomura was trying to be clever by making Saix have yellow eyes in KH2, but that seems kind of dumb considering he seems unaware of the Norting thing, unlike Xigbar...?

    1. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      "Kingdom Hearts, where is my heart?!" versus Xigbar basically being all "I'LL BE BACK, MOFOS! lololol!" when they die

  8. It's quite possibly one of those cases where someone didn't do anything illegal, but their reaction just makes it more suspicious and increases the desire to investigate. He's the type who can't handle criticism at all. It's interesting to think this investigation probably would have gone faster if he wasn't assailing it 24/7, and it probably would have helped his approval ratings due to giving off an impression of not having anything to hide. But hey, if he did that, he wouldn't be Trump.
  9. It's so weird when furries use each other's real names. Don't they remember that those are called power words for a reason?

    1. SaturnWolf


      I'm probably too young to have any clue what the fuck that means

    2. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      @DreamSaturn An online person's real name is called the "power word" because of the dramatic effect using it has.

    3. SaturnWolf


      Is that why calling you Tanner sends you cowering in the corner?

    4. Polkadi~☆


      Whoa, that's some big dick energy you got there, DreamSaturn. Give the man some space.

    5. SaturnWolf


      I'm sorry, I just gotta flex.

      And please, DreamSaturn was my father, you can just call me Saturn.

  10. Considering how much of an organic body is water, whether actual water or part of a compound, he should logically be just as screwed as anyone else. We think of ourselves as solid, but we're pretty squishy apart from bones! On the other hand, the virus is "turning" things into metal. Going by the science fiction behind that, it's possibly actually repurposing metals like iron and calcium (and non-metals like carbon, which can be condensed into diamond, the hardest substance), etc. inside an individual's body, while the water in the body explains the squishy, malleable texture of the zombots. Chaos presumably has none of the harder elements, so he should be fine. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some intense heat at work to make the virus do its job (dissolving preexisting chemical bonds and all that), so... Chaos might just end up evaporating like he got Thanos'd. That's its own breed of horrifying.
  11. See Eggman's genius is apparent here. The spread by contact not only makes the virus capable of exponential growth, but it also accounted for how he understood that he'd probably never get a chance to sandblast Sonic with the stuff. Bonus points? Sonic's speed works against him here. Because he can't get doused in it, he gets to be infected very slowly... which means he gets to see everyone else turn before him and see how helpless he is. Current mood is very much:
  12. Interesting fanfic premise I've got going here. The world is plunged into darkness, Sonic befriends Coyote the Trickster, and Sonic agrees to becoming the Werehog again to protect it. Like Twilight Princess, but with 100% more Coyote.

  13. I'm just happy these comics won't do the Ass Pull Unleashed did where Sonic has such immense, immeasurable willpower that he can not be conquered by any corrupting influence. Which means we get to see this series briefly become the Running Dead after Sonic is fully converted, leaving us wondering who will make it out of the virus, before it's all reset.
  14. I personally can't look at this without thinking Eggman and Professor Genki fused. I'm okay with my boys being withdrawn from play if it means they'll come back better than ever. I'm sure Evan Stanley would love the chance to recreate the scene from Ghosts of the Future where Sonic is in his spirit form and is literally dodging bullets of rain...
  15. One of the coolest things about Winds of Change is that if you choose to date multiple characters, it unlocks cutscenes of the characters interacting and discussing being in a poly relationship with you.

  16. *whistles as he tries to draw what Coyote the Trickster would look like as a Sonic character*

  17. Reminded of that weird bit in the Sonic X comic where Eggman enjoyed being the hero every so often, as much as he loved being a villain.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      El Gran Gordo justifies Sonic X's existence on his own. Not only did it give that incarnation of Eggman some much needed depth, it served as a reminder that he's far more physically capable than he lets on.

  18. Honestly, it's only scary if you remain conscious during it. Then you're a prisoner in your own body. If you are unconscious, it's just taking a long nap. Whether you wake up or not has no meaning to you in your oblivion. (Go figure, this is why many philosophers say death is not a scary fate, since you're basically in a permanent, dreamless sleep. What is scary is pain.)
  19. Honestly, while stripping the person of their personality is one way to go about horror, letting them keep it can be horrifying too. Anyone remember Terminator Genisys, where hero John Connor got turned into a nanite creature loyal to the main antagonist, but he still had all his memories and personality from before? It naturally just made things unsettling.
  20. The current political climate is Elizabeth Warren proposing eliminating the Electoral College, several more Democratic candidates signing on to the idea, and right-wing outlets are running in terror at the fact it might actually happen, cranking up their usual falsehoods ("it will hurt small states," "only California will matter," etc.) to try and defeat it. Given the GOP suffered huge losses in 2018, they are in a poor position to stop this change. https://www.cpr.org/news/story/national-popular-vote-act-becomes-colorado-law-with-gov-jared-polis-signature Colorado has formally joined the National Popular Vote Act. https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/state/de Delaware's House just passed a bill and sent it to the Governor. The Governor has said he plans to sign it. That's 184 votes. https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/state/nm New Mexico is awaiting the Governor's signature. That's 189 votes. 270 votes are required to make it come into effect. 3 states in one month. The terror is understandable. If the momentum keeps up, the popular vote could be ready in time for the 2020 election (though Republicans will of course use litigation to put it on hold, even though the Constitution pretty explicitly says states can allocate their Electoral Votes however they please. But hey, the Constitution only matters when you agree with it).
  21. If Ventus was Sonic, would Vanitas be Super Sonic

    1. KHCast


      He’d literally be dark Sonic 

    2. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      I suppose he could be Shadow while Super Sonic could be Sora...

      They both have the same quill style and all that

  22. Personally, I'm amused that the series' driving conflict increasingly is that eating people is only wrong if they don't meaningfully consent to it.
  23. IDW Sonic Issue 15 Spoilers:

    1. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)


      At least the Trio de Dangers can expect Rough and Tumble to join them for a game of cards in the void of nonexistence.

  24. Legosi vs. Nick Wilde would be fun to see

    Judy and Haru can just be in the background relating on how weird it is to be a rabbit that dogpeople are infatuated with

  25. That sadness when applying for furcon volunteer status and I can't cite my Sonic con staff status as experience.

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