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  1. I can see Caulifla going down trying to protect Kale, thinking on it. Caulifla has likewise had her time to shine, and we know she can't push herself much beyond Super Saiyan 2... meaning she doesn't really have much more room in the Tournament. Plus, it's a strategic choice to go out instead of Kale. If Kale recuperates and goes psycho again, she might be able to ring out more people and improve U6's odds. She probably understands her "protege" has already surpassed her, just as Gohan originally surpassed Goku.
  2. http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/politics/vote-tally-senate-health-care/index.html Motion to proceed has passed, 50-50, with Pence voting to break the tie. The two GOP defectors were Collins and Murkowski, as happened with De Vos' confirmation. A lot of people are despairing about this, but let's step back for a minute. This is just a motion to open debate on the House bill. It doesn't mean it will pass. Indeed, every Senator is now in a position to offer amendments that will be voted on on the spot, and this means the 48 Democrats who were excluded now have a chance to push moderate proposals some GOP defectors agree to. I hope they don't waste their time with single payer or troll amendments and instead try to put in things that are good, like a Medicaid buy-in or striking out the Planned Parenthood defunding. They now have a serious chance to improve Obamacare, because it's become apparent the GOP on its own can't do anything. On that note, that's the other silver lining. The whole reason the Senate tried its own bill first is probably because they knew so many amendments would be made the AHCA would be unrecognizable afterward. The House bill is likely to see a ton of amendments from both left and right as debate goes on.
  3. "Well I guess with SDCC over it's safe to assume there's no Sonic event this year so I'll go and plan my vaca-" *SEGA saying it will hand more out at "future events"* "...Okay, I'll wait a little bit longer."

    1. OcelotBot


      Go, book a vacation. Doesn't matter if you miss the odd event. Go, enjoy yourself :)


    2. Kiah


      I wish they would hurry up and say something along the lines of a date. The year is winding down and I would like to take some kind of vacation before it's over with!

    3. ElectricAngel


      Sonic Mania hype bus tour when :eyes:

  4. Reaction: Every time you say "I can't get no satisfaction," you undergo mitosis and split into two versions of yourself.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I can't get no satisfaction.

      My own clone!

  5. As we wait to see the results of the healthcare bill, some good news: http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/politics/brownstein-millennials-largest-voter-group-baby-boomers/index.html Millennials will have a larger voter-eligible population than the Baby Boomers come the midterms next year, gradually increasing with each year. Of course, there still remains the biggest hurdle: actual participation. The Democrats' attempts to increase early and absentee voting are going to be more important than ever as a means to engage younger people. As part of that same campaign, however, Democrats need to be sure to only run candidates who fire up younger voters. Record numbers of young voters went third party last year, and the Party needs to understand they can't rely on party loyalty to win the day.
  6. Given U6 is the only team left with all 10 fighters, Hit's strategy seems sound with that in mind. Of course, my money's on it all coming crashing down next episode. They might beat the 5 Pride Troopers, but I doubt it will be without casualties from both U6 and U7. Now that Kale's had her time to shine, I suspect she'll go down next, just as happened with everyone else who has shined so far.
  7. Trump's opinion is irrelevant. If it gets two-thirds in both chambers, which isn't entirely a foreign possibility, he just has to eat it. Actually, the oldest recognized central banks are from the 1600s, long before Marx and Engels were even born. Do socialists and communists call for central banks? Of course. But it's hardly their idea. Social welfare is as old as human history, yet socialists often call for it. That doesn't make it a socialist idea. Quite the contrary, huge right-wing authoritarians like Otto von Bismarck loved the idea of social welfare to steal votes from the radical left. I think it's a given Marx hadn't figured everything out, the same way the Framers of the U.S. Constitution hadn't figured everything out. The nature of science makes it near impossible to predict what things will look like a century from now, even a decade from now. I don't think anyone here is in denial that Democrats are awful too. But Democrats aren't the ones trying to keep gay people from marrying or adopting. They're not actively pushing to take away the rights of people to live their gender identity. They're not pushing for aggressive punishment of people who smoke marijuana. They're not the ones saying insurers should be free to do as they please. This isn't campaign rhetoric. It's actual damned policy. False equivalency will always be nonsense. I'll give you three guesses what side of the political spectrum those people trend towards, and the first two don't count.
  8. No idea where the top is from, but my guess is U2 or U6 since they have two shadowy fighters each. Likely not U4 since he doesn't look like Damon or the Ganos lookalike. Bottom is from U3. Assuming all 5 Pride Troopers who take on Goku get ringed out, we're probably going to see at least 7 eliminations, not counting whoever from U6 and U7 goes down fighting them. U6 hasn't lost a single fighter so far, so I think they're overdue.
  9. bf5c20.jpg

    Basil, but God of Destruction!

  10. Basil, but God of Destruction. Basil has been made the God of Destruction of the young Universe 41, a neighbor to his brother Lavender's Universe 40. This also puts him close to Universe 44, which was originally Universe 4, Universe 9's twin universe. Dressed from head to toe almost completely in red and black, Basil looks rather sinister for a God of Destruction. However, he is in fact a just - if still fearsome - God, intentionally striking terror into the hearts of evildoers. Just like when he was mortal, he often has a calm, friendly personality, but his hot blooded nature takes over once he gets going in combat. Unsurprisingly, evildoers tend to be purged in regular, short bursts as part of a destructive frenzy, rather than on an individual, spread out basis. Many Gods of Destruction first found Basil's flamboyant uniform distasteful, putting to shame even Belmod's clown outfit, but Zen-Oh Liquiir was quick to silence such disapproval. Sure, Basil's outfit is... different, but so is he. Some Gods quietly mumble that Liquiir fudges the numbers for Basil's universe every time its Mortal Level is reviewed, thinking he has fatherly bias towards his adopted son. Basil has gained a more muscular appearance during his tenure as a God, and it is widely assumed that he has become far stronger than Bergamo. Given that Gods of Destruction are normally forbidden to fight each other, however, this has not yet been tested. Liquiir's Tournament between the Gods of Destruction, however, might just serve as the perfect testing ground.
  11. It certainly beats being nonchalantly swat out of the ring like the Yardrat was! The dinosaur guy got it the worst, though. We just see Kale rush at him and then it cuts to Zen-Oh darkening his picture. Like... oww.
  12. It remains to be seen. He still has to be approved by the relevant committee, whose membership admittedly don't give much hope it will be struck down. Given McConnell himself serves on it, though, this would be a huge blow to his credibility. While he is a very prominent obstructionist, he's the kind of weasel who Rules Lawyers people into submission. I'm waiting for Clovis' "scientist" experience to be seen as fulfilled by the fact he served as Trump's guy on agriculture for a little bit. Given the Farm Bill's language is "significant experience or specialized training," I guess a few months will count as significant experience from now on.
  13. I don't know about that. It seems more to be an indicator of whether or not they'll be tossed out versus at least give a character a hard time before going down. Shosa and Majora were both dangerous in their own right, but Krillin's quick thinking kept both from shining. So far, of the fighters from the intro, only Basil and Majora were ringed out. Basil at least got MVP status for one episode, and still managed to give Goku a hard time until, as happened with Shosa, a teammate helped Goku out. Majora probably would have whooped Krillin if he had just kept his mouth shut and not given away his nose was his alpha and omega. Even then, it seems to indicate durability. Basil was from the weakest universe and we already knew most of his tricks, and the one thing that could give U7 a hard time - his steroid fruit - wasn't allowed. Shosa's from the twin of Universe 9 and as mentioned, had a weaksauce weakness. Of the 12 fighters shown in the silhouette scene, we only have two ringed out so far, and they're easily classed as the weakest of the bunch. If you expand it to include the fighters beyond the silhouette - Bergamo and Frost - we have 3 of 14 ringed out. With 31% of fighters (22 of 70, excluding the Yardrat just in case) ringed out overall and only 21% of intro fighters ringed out, it looks like it does bestow extra screen time on you. Next episode will really establish how much credits appearance bestows Plot Armor, given the U11 focus. If Toppo, Dyspo, Jiren and Kahseral all walk away from it, or only one of them falls, it's fairly solid.
  14. On the other hand, it's also blatantly illegal. This is the first pick that legally should not be able to serve, as opposed to one who is just unqualified in general.
  15. http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/21/politics/clovis-nominated-to-usda/ Trump has announced he will nominate Sam Clovis, a campaign aide, to be the head scientist at the USDA. Sam Clovis has a background in political science, but he has no background in the hard sciences. Congress' rules regarding the USDA require that the Undersecretary of Agriculture for Research, Education and Economics have a scientific background. Trump is handwaving the rules on the basis of Clovis' military experience, that he was coming up with Dept. of Agriculture policy before a formal Secretary was appointed, and the fact Clovis is from Iowa. You are not dreaming. This is real.