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  1. I appreciate @SenEDtor Missile for reminding me that I turn into a giant slug when I grow impatient for Sonic conventions. *Proceeds to molt and do just that*

  2. *makes a collage of SEGA America's event logos since 2011 as he patiently awaits to see if there's a Sonic Boom event this year*

    1. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      *turns into a giant slug*

  3. https://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2017/04/26/medicare-all-bill-reaches-record-breaking-104-co-sponsors-congress The Medicare for All Bill in the House now has 104 co-sponsors, setting a record for such a bill. Furthermore, that's a majority of the 193 House Democrats. Sanders has yet to introduce a Senate Medicare for All bill, but hopefully this will serve to give him confidence. The bill has to pass a committee before being voted on, and it's likely it will die in committee given the partisan nature of things. But there's a message looming over Trump and Ryan's little alliance: more Americans want universal healthcare than are opposed, and with such feel good language as Medicare for All, this can become something that could score the Democrats some ground in future races. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/676 Note some of the language. It would increase taxes on the highest bracket by 5% to help pay for the vastly-expanded coverage. It would also reevaluate the Indian and VA healthcare programs to consider merging them into the newly expanded Medicare program, which could cut waste. As mentioned, it's believed the slashed bureaucracy would create $500 billion in savings. Also of note is the insurance provision. The government would cover most healthcare procedures. Going further, the bill bans private insurance from offering whatever the government covers. That public option doesn't seem like such a radical idea now, does it? It's a good thing the GOP are smug in their gerrymandering of the House, because otherwise they'd be shitting their pants. Ryancare is building opposition in the streets and in Congress, and this might just be the issue to help overcome the barriers the GOP has set up to a Democratic majority.
  4. March: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2017/03/22/how-many-trump-voters-really-regret-their-votes/?utm_term=.f85b33ecc900 April: https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/04/24/poll-only-2-percent-of-trump-supporters-regret-voting-for-him/22053057/ Basically, Trump went from 3% regretting their vote to only 2% regretting their vote, but the number of Trump voters who stand by their vote fully has sunk to 96%. This sounds disheartening, but let's think about this. If 3% of Trump voters didn't turn out in Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan in 2016, he would have lost all 4 states and Clinton would have crushed him. He's only 3 months in, and it's quite possible for more and more people to regret their vote (and for opposition to rise). Odds are most will just not vote for him again or not turn out as opposed to defection, but it gives hope he's going to be a one term President (with the likely scenario that the investigations will go nowhere). Provided the next Democratic nominee can secure Clinton's voters, and turn out the Obama coalition on top of it, Trump's a done deal. However, we should not convince ourselves the result is a given; this can easily cost a close race due to lack of turnout or protest votes for third parties (especially in an era where the GOP has more ability to attempt voter suppression).
  5. Why are waiters always so scared when they serve me food? They act like I'll tap my finger on the table and destroy half the planet if I don't like it or something.

  6. One of these days I'm going to use Beerus as a footstool to teach him some humility, tsk tsk.

  7. Hey Pence, Mikey, now would be a great time to invoke your right to declare Trump unfit for office. Granted, he has to get half the Cabinet to agree to it, but it's an option if this looks to be going ahead. The worst part is Trump is free to authorize the military against North Korea at any time, regardless of whether or not Congress signs off on it. All he has to do is give them some advance notice, which is what this meeting very well qualifies as. I can see Trump dismissing a bunch of Cabinet members to try and prevent being unseated by Pence, but that just makes him look even more like a wannabe caudillo. Plus, in theory, if there's no Cabinet, Pence alone can oust Trump. Unfortunately, it's just a temporary measure. Trump could literally troll Pence for the next 4 years by continuing to spam appeals, and Congress would have to keep voting to keep him out. Granted, if they can muster the two-thirds necessary to put Pence in office, they may as well just go through with impeachment.
  8. If Dragon Ball Super shows the Trio de Dangers getting erased and they can't be brought back I'm going to cry

    1. Chris


      I don't think this saga will conclude with any universe being erased.

  9. I'm hoping for the caustic campaign in the primaries to have the Bernie Bro effect on Handel. Third party support seems higher among right-leaning voters, so I'm hopeful that will depress turnout for Handel when she's the only GOP choice. Having already been an impressive first choice, I'm hopeful Ossoff can raise enough to keep things going in June and not worry too much about his backers not turning out. http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-georgia-special-election-6th-district-ossoff-2017-4?r=UK&IR=T God, I simply can't wait for the Democrats to finally win a race. I want to see Trump's arrogant sore winner smile be wiped off his face.
  10. Filed taxes as a nondependent for the first time today, AND made my first political campaign donation, woohoo!

    1. Kiah


      Oggy's all grown up! *sheds tear*

    2. Mightyray


      Good job!

  11. Midterm 2014 turnout in the 6th was 210,000. This special election's turnout was 200,000. Republicans have been smugly dismissing Ossoff's lead as a fluke on the basis the general election's higher turnout would be his ruin. And yet, here we are - the special election has almost as much turnout as a midterm election, which gets national attention. It's a swing of 5%, but that could go either way. As it stands, with repeat turnout and assuming Party loyalty, Ossoff would get 49.3 to Handel's 50.6. So a lot of the June election's result will be based on turnout and defections. Democrats have every right to claim a moral victory. Barring a turnout fluke that let them swamp the polls (unlikely given how close Clinton was here), it's possible they could still take the seat. Ossoff even outperformed Clinton in all 3 districts. I just hope Ossoff didn't spend all $8 million on this.
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/officials-no-trumps-approval-massive-bomb-152907219--politics.html Trump did not order the MOAB strike, nor was his order needed to. General Nicholson has had authority to deploy it whenever he saw fit for quite some time. The death toll, meanwhile, has climbed to 94 militants and no civilians. Combining this with the destruction of the tunnel network (and how old the bombs are), this is looking like it was a cost-effective decision. Nicholson also wanted to use the bomb so that he could demonstrate his seriousness with destroying IS in Afghanistan. Takeaway from this: Trump cannot be blamed for any of this, nor receive any credit for it. He is a true President: he will receive credit/blame for things he had zero involvement in. Likewise, he will happily try and take credit for things that had nothing to do with him. On the other hand. I presume the fact such a widely-disliked man is in office would give an officer courage to use a controversial weapon. Trump was catching all the flak for this, being painted as a warmonger who was eager to try out toys, etc. but he wasn't involved at all. We'll see in coming months if this becomes a common practice. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/11/kansas-special-election-result.html As you've likely heard, the Kansas seat stayed Republican, but only by 7 points. Pompeo won it by 31 points in 2016. The GOP is currently dismissing this as the result of low turnout, but they are missing the flipside: higher Democratic turnout eating away at margins even in deep red districts. What will happen in swing districts? http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/team-obama-gets-involved-in-georgia-special-election/article/2620375 Julian Castro is getting involved in the Georgia 6th special election on the 18th. John Ossoff is expected to make the runoff, but is likely to lose the general election once the GOP base falls in line behind a single candidate. Honestly, the Democrats running against Ossoff should be ashamed of themselves. They're eating away at votes that could otherwise allow Ossoff to win a majority outright.
  13. I really gotta say. I think this beta Sonic is an improvement over the actual in-game design. The fingerless gloves and stylized cream parts to his arms are actually a really nice touch. Shame it wasn't implemented.
  14. Universe 8's God of Destruction: *destroys people for not being honest about flaws in plans*

    Universe 7's God of Destruction: *destroys people for not giving him food*

    My God, this is just sad.

  15. So Trump's 100 days are up on April 29th. Congress will be in recess for most of the next two weeks. Unless he rams something through in the last week, his Presidency can be declared as having failed severely by the traditional benchmark. Compare Obama's for reference. Note the 100 day approval ratings as well. "According to Gallup's First quarter survey in April, President Obama received a 63% approval rating. Gallup began tracking presidential approval ratings of the first quarters since Eisenhower in 1953. President Kennedy received the highest in April 1961 with a 74% rating. Obama's 63% is the fourth highest and the highest since President Carter with a 69%. President Reagan's first quarter had 60% approval in 1981, President George.H.W. Bush with 57% in 1989, President Clinton with 55% in 1993, and President George W. Bush with 58% in 2001." Trump is hovering around 43% after the Syria attack due to an increase, but he's still underperforming every President for the last several decades. As exposed as the Democrats are in the Senate, I think they have a chance to avoid losses and gain a majority if they focus on populist issues and turn out those who want to check Trump's power. What's really terrifying is how much simple age could change the next four years: the liberal justices are older than their conservative counterparts (ranging from 78 to 84, with the oldest conservative being 68), whereas in the Senate, the 12 Senators 75 or older lean (9 of 12) Republican. It's rather morbid, but given the odds someone in these two groups will either retire or pass away, the balance of power could shift dramatically.