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  1. I'm really happy you like them! It makes my day to see your comments. I definitely enjoy making them and have no plans on stopping.
  2. Lofi Remix of Sonic CD's Collision Chaos - Good Future JP/EU! Let me know if you like.
  3. Almost a month since the last Sonic remix I've done -- time to change that! This is a faster paced song. Originally it was going to be another slower paced tune, but I just prefer how it sounds at a faster beat. This may be my most funkiest sound yet as it's a Funk Remix to Death Egg Zone! It was a fun experiment. Let me know if you enjoy!
  4. Friend made a remix to Hydrocity Zone, let me know if you like! 


  5. First and Foremost, I am NOT System Glow. He is one of my closest friends, and he's been a musician for years. Similar to me, we both grew up on Sonic. I have his permission to act upon his behalf and share his remixes, so I made a separate topic since these are not my creations. If this is not the place to place these, I apologize and please let me know otherwise moderators. I didn't see where else to share his separate work. If I need to include them in my thread, I'll do that. He'd LOVE anyone's feedback as I haven't seen him publish any Sonic remix to the public. If you enjoy his work he'd likely be motivated to create more. Art by: https://www.deviantart.com/domestic-hedgehog/art/Sonic-and-Tails-Vaporwave-816937206

    Made a remix to Sonic 3's Launch Base Zone! Go!

  7. mundiaxis


    Incredible work! Sounds like a higher-quality version of the original.
  8. FINALLY, I've been wanting to do Launch Base Zone for a while. I really wanted to emphasize its hip hop nature and, my favorite, more bass. I think this is more chillhop than lofi ... I have no idea, eitherway here it is. Let me know if you like!
  9. Lofi remix to Sonic R's Menu Theme! 


    1. Thigolf


      Nice work, dude!

    2. neezTHEhuman


      Sonic R had a menu theme? Cover or no cover I really dig this.

  10. I'm happy you mentioned this, thank you! I try to be as emotionally connected as I can to how the songs make me feel. What songs are you interested in having remixed with a lo-fi twist? No promises I'll get to it as I'm mostly interested in the songs that I feel connected with from a harmony standpoint. I love a lot of the basslines from the classic titles, which makes sense as a lot of the composers appear to be bassists themselves.
  11. Thank you for the compliment, I'm happy you like them. I hope to continue this, your positive energy makes it easier. I don't want to tire out.
  12. I made a LoFi remix to Flying Battery Zone. Let me know if you like! 


  13. Made a lofi remix for the Intro to Sonic Mega Collection! Let me know if you enjoyed.


  14. Made another tune during Father's day weekend. This isn't Sonic CD, it's from Sonic Mega Collection. Let me know if you enjoyed!
  15. Thank you for taking the time to listen and provide very helpful feedback! I've played bass and been in music off and on for awhile, and this is honestly my first time actually composing music so I appreciate you mentioning the ending piece. From the feedback I've gotten so far in other places, it looks like I'm going to study more with arranging music as I don't know what to keep in mind for starting a song, ending a song, and other similar items. Thanks for posting a link to for an example of ending a song, that makes it a lot easier to apply the feedback for future songs.
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