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  1. I've only seen a few animes in my life but most share the common theme of a messed up world where nothing will ever be normal by our standards; Some of my favorites are~ - Tokyo Ghoul (I've read the manga, the RE manga is better than the anime.) - Overlord - Future Diary - Attack on Titan (I am literally all caught up on the manga, I am a weapon now, if my friends spoil any animes for me I will spoil the end of AoT. This goes for all of you too.) - Parasyte - No Game No Life - My Hero Academia - One Punch Man (Again have read all the manga thus far) - Mob Psycho 100 - SoulEater I am probably forgetting a lot but my memory isn't that great so this is all I got from right now. Consider this a modern list, I have many favorites from before I was even born (i.e. Sailor Moon, Pokemon, etc); I may add those on a list some other time.
  2. Hello. It's been almost a decade since I last used fourms to communicate with others. I'm a large sonic fan (I grew up playing any sonic game I could get my hands on my favorite being a tie between Sonic Heros & Sonic Adventure 2.)


    If anyone would mind showing me the ropes around here that'd be much appreciated!

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