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  1. A tails Drawing I decided to do Tried a new way of colouring. I tried my best
  2. That's the sort of thing I'm wanting. Emotion like that. Sorry if I couldn't get that through with what I wrote. I'm not the best with explaining things DX
  3. @Tracker_TDOh yeah, I'm not wanting Sonic to be like that. Good grief no. I don't think Sonic is the kind to break down like that. I'm just wanting a bit more emotion to be shown is all. You know, more expressions other than smile and smirk XD
  4. Here's a Cosmo Doodle. I tried my best Here's one I did ages ago. I thought I made up the Tails pose, but as it turns out, I accidentally remembered an official art piece of him, just reversed XD Ah well, at least the background is my own design. Also here's another one of Tails and his Mom... doing yoga? XD This one WAS a request, so you know XD
  5. Wait, so that's why that storyline got scrapped? Good grief SEGA, this was an alternate timeline. ALTERNATE. As in NOT THE MAIN SERIES. Sheesh. Anyway, as for me. Mandates that I hate. Here they are in list form. - No backstories/past properly established. Aside from Shadow, and even then, only the essentials, we hardly know anything about any character's past. Where do they come from? What drove them to become who they are today? (I miss the old cartoons. At least they gave us backstory) - No family at all. Apart from Cream, who seems to have disappeared of of the face of the planet (Replaced by Omochao in Team Rose? REALLY?) who has her mother Vanilla, no character has any family whatsoever. Now I'm not saying they should be in the spotlight or anything, but at least allow them to exist. Have Sonic and co. mention them once in a while, like when Rouge says something along the lines of "Mama always said there would be days like this!" in Team Sonic Racing. Like I said, they don't have to be in the spotlight, but just let us know they're there for them. I mean, Tails is apparently supposed to be 8 years old. JUST 8 YEARS OLD! Where the heck are his folks? Did they die? Abandon him? Where are they? ...Unless SEGA wants us to think that the characters all just spontaneously popped into existence. Do they? Is that what they want us to think? Hmm. :/ - The 'Two worlds' thing. This has never made any sense to me. To me it just seems to tear at any of the established lore we have, and that's not much. If there are two worlds, how is there Echidna ruins on the human world? How did Angel Island get there, if it's supposed to be in Sonic's world? How are Sonic and co. even going to and fro to begin with? The Warp Rings? Then again explain the angel island thing. Was there just a great big warp ring made just for that? But from what I hear, I may be wrong, but apparently Angel island can't warp, so what the hey? Why can't we just have a world where humans and mobians/anthros just live together, like in the Archie comics. having just one world would also really help with world building. Create a fantastical world where these characters live. Green hills, Station Square, Soleana; they could all exist in one world. If I recall, there was actually a world map shwon in 'Shadow the Hedgehog'. It looked similar to ours, that is, Earth's, but changed and modified here and there. Just take that, or the world map from 'Sonic Unleashed' and merge it all together! A world where you could travel from Capitol City and go to Green hills for a holiday with nature. Where you could explore the ruins of the Marble Zone, and return safely home to Sunset Heights. Looking at their architechture and weather, I'd hazard a guess that the 'Water Palace' zone from 'Sonic Rush' and Atopos are located somewhere near each other. Soleana could also be somewhere near there. See? Already I've built a little map of an area. All in one world. Why can't you SEGA? Please make it just one world. It'd be so much easier to handle and build. Speaking or worlds... - No calling the world Mobius. Now they, that is SEGA, may not want to call the world that. I can understand that. But anything is better than just calling it 'Sonic's World'. Does Sonic own that planet? Did he get to name it? Some imagination there hedgehog. Anyway, the 'Human world ' and 'Sonic's world' don't have names. If they don't have names, how are we, the audience/players, supposed to get involved and attached to them, especially when they keep changing every other game... No names, and no world building. *sigh* Why SEGA why?... - No letting Sonic lose. This one I find a little odd, and honestly I may not understand it properly. Anyway, In my opinion, Sonic's always lost here and there to Eggman in the past. In Sonic Adventure, he got cocky and lost an emerald to Eggman by a surprise sleep gas attack. Furthermore, in Adventure 2, he got trapped and almost blown up by Eggman when he fell into his trap. Do these not count as losses? They do to me, and that's what keeps the whole fight between Eggman fun. These little victories for Eggman help us feel that for all his heroism, Sonic's still just a guy. Not perfect, and prone to mistakes. Having him win everything would get boring eventually. In my opinion anyway. Like I said, I could have misundetood this mandate, if it's even a mandate at all XD - No emotion/hardly any. HUGE EDIT: As pointed out to me, I was quite wrong about this XD Clearly I need to look at more media haha. Still though, I want to see characters emoting more. More emotions shown + more fun right? maybe? I don't know... I probably have more irks and the like, but this post is long enough as it it is XD Thank you for reading my ramblings all haha!
  6. I'd be all for an artbook! I loved the zelda artbook they released.
  7. Ehh. Not much hope for this really. For me anyway. The lore has been moved around and retconned so much I'm surprised they found anything left to work with. Benefit of the doubt though. We'll see what happens with this. Still hate the supposed two world thing though.How do you suppose they worked around that I wonder. But what do I know? I'm just a random villager...
  8. Pretty much. This is why I think the retcon is stupid. There was absolutely zero need for one. It's like they just did it on on w him, without thinking about what people like about Sonic, aside from the gameplay. I loved the lore they had. Another world, filled with humans and anthros alike, living in a world filled with history. Now they just do whatever the heck they like. Who cares about the 20+ years of story writing they've done before. To the trash with it! (ARGH!) Like you said, not all retcons are bad. Some are good, or needed. This however, was not!
  9. As good an explanation as we'd ever get from Sega, the way they write nowadays lol XD
  10. You see? This is what I'm talking about. By introducing this ridiculous 'two worlds' thing, there contradicting their own games! Retcon after retocn after retcon, causing nothing but confusion, and making fans have to guess to what and how things even work. Bad writing at it's finest...
  11. The whole 'two world' thing really doesn't make sense if you look at the games themselves! Look at Sonic Adventure 1 AND 2. Why is there echidna ruins in the 'human' world. How was Shadow made to pook like a mobian? Chip being a thing, like you said. Seriously, it quite obviously was always supposed to one world. Also, side tangent. Why do they just call it Sonic's world? They have a name available to use. Use it! Sonic's world just sounds boring.
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