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  1. Well that that the point of what I was saying previously. Even if he isn't 8 specifically, I don't think they would make him the same age as Sonic because the idea is that he is supposed to be the younger brother role. And even in the games, Tails lived his life before meeting Sonic. I respect your opinion though by the way (and don't think it is a big deal). And you may very well be right. I am just saying give my own opinion on why don't think that would happen because it would change a lot about why Tails exists in the first place.
  2. Well, again, I don't think they would age him up (at least nothing over 10 years old). The whole idea of Tails as a character is that he is supposed to the the inexperienced, yet capable little kid character to a teenageish Sonic figure. That's how the whole dynamic between Sonic and Tails works and again, why Tails has so much appeal as a character. The fact that a young child can overcome their lack of confidence/fears and look up to Sonic is the whole point. Similarly with Sonic, I don't think they want to portray him as anything other than a teenage/close to teenage figure as that is the stage of life that defines his character. None of that in the first film anyway which is really ahead of ourselves (but I don't think ever).
  3. Honestly SS was probably my least favorite Zelda game when it came out (it was still a great game! Just liked it less), but I have been considering grabbing this to reexperinece a traditional Zelda experience. While I also enjoyed BoTW quite a bit and it is a phenomenal game in its own right, it also removed a lot of elements that I love Zelda for and feels almost like a different type of game. I couldn't help but feel like something was missing even if I had fun. Anyhow, seeing a lot of people happy here replaying it makes me want to play it again and see if I will appreciate SS more a second time around.
  4. I'd probably be interested in a fighting game with Sonic characters assuming it was remotely decent (doesn't have to be a masterpiece.)
  5. I also heard something like that I think in some interview. That being said the synopsis also makes it look like some time has passed so it is very feasible he is a year older or whatnot by the second movie. The movie has shown that Sonic and co do in fact age. That being said, just as with the games, I think the bigger idea is keeping Sonic at a teenish age and Tails as a child (8ish), which is why I don't think for example they will age Tails up with a voice actor in my opinion so their dynamic still works as hero/kid brother. I think there will be a lot of character growth for him though throughout the film series though!
  6. No I don't think they would try to age up Tails. Part of his whole character identity is that is he is supposed to be a child character compared to Sonic who is an older kid/teenager. And part of the appeal of Tails is the fact that he is a little kid, so I don't think they would age him. If (and that is a big if of course) they cast Tails with a child actor, I would imagine they would use them until the voice is deeper. (A lot of times, child actors can still do young roles until age 13ish). And yes you are right that is the reason why they used to change Tails's actors in the late 90s-mid 2000s all the time and settle on female on actors The only reason why it is a possibility to use a child actor (if they don't cast Colleen, which would be cool!) is just that I noticed Hollywood cares less about the issue of replacing actors compared to the game/animation world, and again, the marketability of a child actor for promotional events (which is often how they think about these things).
  7. Well see, that is the question I was asking. Compared to video games and animation, Hollywood tends to not mind recasting as much. That being said, it is possible for one kid actor to last 2-3 movies before puberty depending on the age they start. But like you said, we have to see. It's a question of how much the studio wants to market Tails's actor as a kid or an adult etc vs replacing Tails after a few films. Edit: I guess my point is that seems more in the realm of possibility compared to games/TV shows as a studio decision.
  8. You mean the quality of their acting? Don't worry! They have voice directors for that. While some people are better at acting than others, good voice directors really keep the whole thing together.
  9. Just sharing some jumbled/unorganized thoughts on this matter: I mentioned this before, but it seems for films, compared to video games, they choose child actors more even if they replace them for future projects. Especially on movie posters, I don't think I have recall seeing female actresses for male characters for animated films (that is films where the young boy character is a major role) that much. Obviously it happens all the time in TV shows and video games (especially because they don't want to replace young actors all the time). But it seems to be less common to see Hollywood posters, press releases and advertising showing a voice actress voice as a boy in film compared to the other mediums. Even if the actor/actress doesn't show up on the poster, there seems to be practice that has been adopted within Hollywood. Heck, they don't even hire the famous actresses for these parts often. I am guessing in most cases it is because most animated films are one-offs and they don't need to recast a young male for a future project. But my point is that Hollywood/executives likes sticking to certain practices for marketing so who knows if they will go with Colleen or choose a young male. You mentioned a famous 8-year-old, but really in most cases, they aren't even looking for a famous child actor, as much as a boy who sounds cute and they can have sit down for behind-the-scenes interviews and media appearances on TV to talk about all their experience filming as a kid on set. That being said it is very possible, and it would be great to have Colleen come back! I am just having a conversation with myself if studio executives are willing to go against what seems to be a common pattern in this case which honestly it is about 50-50 right now.
  10. Yeah I feel like it is really going to be depend on what happens with the Delta stuff (heaven forbid other variants/mutations). If it makes anyone feel a little better, I think I have read that vaccinations have been going back up after some of the news of vaccination requirements and the seriousness of the Delta variant. Let's see if that keeps for some weeks. I am/was hoping by Sonic 2's release that it will be one of the first films that would be released in a calmed down environment (trying to avoid saying post-pandemic) that would break box office records since the pandemic began.
  11. Thanks for sharing. My guess is that this is very likely fake, but there is a small chance (2% chance or so) of it being possible. If there was more proof like an invitation or whatnot to show there was a test screening of a trailer, then there would be more feasibility. Time will tell come Friday to 100% debunk it or prove it though but I won't hold my breath. Another thing to note: it looks like the YouTube channel that the comment was posted on belongs to the person who posted on Twitter which they don't disclose which is more fishy.... speaking of which is anyone able to translate the Spanish comments? Not sure if proof was asked for there.
  12. Any licensed product will have some creative control by SEGA. The general idea is that most companies watch over what companies do with their brand image so they don't destroy it. For example in Sonic Boom, the writers joke about allowing characters to have pants. That in itself is an element of creative control by SEGA in that there is still a rule that pants can not be worn. Or making sure characters stay in character behavior-wise. It would actually be more weird if SEGA did not have any control. However, with both the comic and TV shows, they allow the writers to come up with their own stories, scripts and ideas. SEGA just does overhead quality check. But anyone who uses their character for media has to abided by some rules so the series doesn't go off brand. The existence of mandates themselves are not a problem as it is par for the course for any licensed product. And most of the mandates are more just "This is how you keep this character in character" or "This is how Sonic's world works. Don't mess up the order by deviating from what we established.". In other words almost like a series bible for all intents and purposes (which is standard). Otherwise you would have some creators going off the rails. The mandates are more a problem when they establish rules that contradict or grossly limit how characters have historically behaved, or other things here and there which dumb down the series (which are very problematic) . But overall, "mandates" is probably a harsher word for " series guidelines" in 90% of cases rather than a list of restrictions.
  13. Exactly. I have been saying this. The payoff is supposed to be the fact that Belle was in denial until she got confirmation. The hints were obvious to us, but it is almost like dramatic irony. We know what the characters don't know on purpose. With Starline,the way I took it was that he was just fascinated with her design. He is an Eggman fanatic and he sees a design that inspires him. For him it is like a new toy.
  14. Umm... I don't think there is arguing? I think we were just explaining because someone didn't know what the Two World theory was. And then I made a wording mistake in my post which we were discussing. Otherwise I don't think there is any ill-harboring right now.
  15. Yep. That is what I was trying to say in my badly-worded paragraph. I never assumed it like the Sonic movie where Sonic and co are just using their local ring spot or collection of rings to go to a whole different planet. Otherwise, I knew the warp rings themselves existed.
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