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  1. If you are referring to fans asking Shadow to use a gun, I believe that part is a myth that got spread around. Edit: Also I am not directing this towards you as much as making a general comment, but even if we are talking about fans clamoring for a Shadow game in general, it is implied people want a good game. Fans didn't have anything to do with bring in aliens. Similarly if we ask for Tails and Knuckles to be playable in the next game and Sonic Team does so poorly, it isn't the fans' fault.
  2. I wonder what type of scenes we will get at the Clover Agriplex. If you look it up online, even though it looks like a barn on the outside its actually a legit fairground with a rodeo, outdoor rides and such. They could be going for a day at the fair or a rodeo scene or a concert or something else entirely.
  3. Same here. I am hoping this is more towards the end of the movie. Said it numerous times myself, but I really want a properly fleshed out Sonic and Tails relationship with Tails getting some good growth, with Knuckles getting most of his development away from those two.
  4. Yeah, like VisonaryofSUPER is saying, I think the general idea is that Knuckles is supposed to be taller than Sonic and Tails is supposed to be shorter.
  5. Is Knuckles really that big in everyone's eyes? To me it looks relative normal. I think some of it might be scaling stuff. As Sonic is only 3 ft and some inches and the games show everything at his height. But from a human size scale I think his height will probably be more noticeable? Edit: Plus depth perception? For example, Tails is probably even shorter than he looks because he is slightly in front of Sonic.
  6. It could also be a situation where Sonic ran after someone. Maddie and Tom are running from inside the coffee shop. I wouldn't be surprised if Agent Stone (remember he makes good lattes) ended up working there or something. That is just me speculating though without any further evidence. But yeah, there could be another situation where Sonic chases after a bad guy or something after something happens in the coffee shop or he could be kidnapped.
  7. If I may make a correction or add my interpretation (I don't think you are saying anything contradictory so I am not trying to counter you) regarding the PG-13 stuff, I believe it wasn't a matter of being forced to reduced their rating to PG as a censor as much as for keeping a consistent tone. I interpreted their statements as them saying the film just evolved into that final form as it became clear that Sonic 1 was more of a family film. In other words, it wasn't a "we won't allow PG-13" from higher ups case. The reason I am saying that is because I don't think the film makers or studio don't mind potentially doing a (light ended) PG-13 film at one point if it fits thematically with what they are trying to do.
  8. Plus to be honest, I don't really want to see a direct adaptation of the Sonic games. Just like the first movie just used elements of the game as inspiration to create a unique story, I rather the movies give us something new to the franchise rather than rewatching a story that is 20 years old. The games had great stories and all, but I want something where I don't know the major things that will happen. I want new lore. New enemies. New character development. I think some people also forget that Tails was going to be in the first movie, they just couldn't make it work. A lot of the reason why people think the movies are loosely following the games is because of how Sonic 1 was Sonic and Eggman only and Sonic 2 brings in Tails, when the truth of the matter is that it is more complex. In that sense, I think the upcoming Sonic 2 movie will basically just introduce more elements from games, but isn't striving to be a direct reinterpretation of Sonic 2/3&K (which it shouldn't be). I want new things from the franchise.
  9. Yes, I think the introduction of GUN is just to establish the lore of the world rather than any hint of Sonic Adventure adaptations or plot points. Basically GUN is just a large military defense force in the Sonic's/human's world. If they are going to have any defense force involved in Sonic Movie 2, they might as well call it GUN so that if they need to actually use GUN for a bigger purpose in the future it is already established. For example, GUN might as well appeared in the first movie to be honest in place of the US military even if the plot didn't follow Sonic Adventure if they wanted to establish a military force. (Ignoring the Eggman stuff). Edit: A good analogy would be how Pachacamac appeared in the first movie. He could be considered a "Sonic Adventure reference" to have an established lore when it is time, but otherwise it doesn't really indicate what plot points the movie will tackle.
  10. Yeah that would be cool if that happened and they end up choosing it (assuming nobody was hurt). But yeah, I can't tell if that was intended or not. The way the actor was crying out "Sir" made it almost seem he was talking to the equipment staff rather than Tails.
  11. Concerning Tails, it seems they are shooting two different versions because in both cuts (the one where he is picked up by the leg and where is being carried normally), his line is "Please! Take me with you!". So both shots are the same scene being done differently. I am not sure if they choose what way to do the scene depending on what works for the final film? Or if it is something else. Edit: The more I watch the first cut, the more I wonder if it was a mistake and the cords pulled him by his leg and he was freaking out... It wouldn't make sense for Tails to try and pick him up from the leg anyway in most cases.
  12. Probably yeah. Usually when filming, the producers and directors need to be on set (because they are the ones overseeing the project). So while they were shooting in Vancouver for the chase scenes and what not, they were setting up here.
  13. Thanks for sharing! Any interesting tidbits from the podcast? I can't listen right now.
  14. Agreed. Amy is a cool character and all, but the problem is that if you overbloat the film there is much less screen on average for all the characters and then they all suffer and become 2 dimensional because they don't get back story and what not. Heck even with Knuckles, I think he should perhaps have a secondary villain role and some introductory character development (that they could expand on in the third movie), but if we only have about an hour and 30 minutes, I rather Sonic and Tails get the bulk of it to flesh out their relationship and expand on Tails' backstory so he doesn't become "kind fox boy who no personal stake".
  15. Yes, Emerald Hill as far as we know is just the codename. That being said, Seattle is also known as the Emerald City (in terms of what the emerald theme could be going towards). Emerald Hill could also possibly show up as a town name as well. But in terms of signage on set, Emerald Hill is pretty much just a stand-in for Sonic 2.
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