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  1. Oh yeah I forgot about them lol. I went with the few that I remember off the top of my head. But yeah those are relatively recent villainous female characters as well. Thanks for reminding me. @KoDaiko I hope my comment didn't come off as antagonistic btw. I just wanted to respectfully counter the notion about sensitivity.
  2. It is probably just a coincidence/oversight. They mentioned they wanted more female protagonists because they felt that Amy was the only one barring Blaze (but Blaze apparently can only be used in certain situations). I have to remember where they said that though. And in the Post-Genesis wave Archie run they had introduced Cassia and Clove along with Breezie who could definitely be perceived as having many negative qualities. With IDW they probably haven't realized the imbalance yet. I know it is easy to think that people are "too sensitive" these days, but respectfully 99% of people aren't that sensitive. I truly don't think it is that deep. On another note, I really like that brotherly moment between Sonic and Tails in the preview. I am looking forward to the next two arcs. Stylistically, sort of reminds me of "Champions" in a way, which was one of my favorite arcs.
  3. Yeah. It would really depend on how they make it. That could be a better route to take. I know for a fact my opinion is unpopular so I wouldn't put a lot of stock in what I say. That and I am not against it either.
  4. It seems they have given us some info on the coming arc. (I am having trouble using the spoiler tag, but you have to actually click on the link and choose to hear at your own discretion so I will leave it unmarked): https://mobile.twitter.com/IDWPublishing/status/1313962432310673408
  5. I saw the picture before reading your comment and I got excited for a second. I could only dream. Like a movie tie in that takes place before the movie focusing on Tails.
  6. Yeah that is one of those concept arts that I think most people don't know about unless they browse around.
  7. I wish they kept the outfits/tracksuits for Sonic Riders. I felt it fit in with the vibe and I particularly like Tails' outfit.
  8. Yeah I agree the Modern side got shafted. The book got a lot of attention but there wasn't much art that wowed me or taught me more of what was to be. (For example the Sonic riders concept art showing outfits for the cast is cool and informative).
  9. I don't have a link myself but I know on YouTube a lot of people have shown the book. For most of the art, if you go the Sonic wiki (for example the gallery page for the characters/stages) most of the art in the book is there. But yeah it was a big deal when it released. Hence we wouldn't get that much more new art probably. It was just expensive.
  10. Yeah it is just a reference that 99 percent of people wouldn't even notice. It also isn't unrealistic that somebody's name is Amy Rose. In fact I think I saw that exact name before in real life. Means nothing about whether Amy appears. I just think Amy won't be in the next film because of screentime like others said. I want Tails (Knuckles if he appears) to be properly fleshed out so they have back stories and don't just pop in. Which is already hard to do in 90 minutes.
  11. I can respect that. I guess I don't read it too seriously but I won't tell anyone they need to feel one way or the other.
  12. This is how I feel. Respectfully, I think some people are overanalyzing it for something that looks to be very short term. It is just playing around with an idea for 1-3 issues max for fun. If they ended the arc the "normal way" then people would be complaining that the issue is empty and boring and doesn't do anything. To me amnesia is bad when it is lazily used as a plot device to force something to happen. But it shouldn't be banned or anything from all fiction. This just seems to be more along the "What if" train of thought.
  13. I feel like it is in between. Licensed content absolutely has mandates all the time from any brand/series. It is so people who are using the property don't do things that are not in line with how the characters are officially presented and so there aren't major altercations. So the existence of mandates/guidelines isn't problematic on it's own. My issue with the guidlines for the comic is that from what I have heard, it seems that SEGA/Sonic Team is so restrictive and overly protective (moreso than other brands), to the point it seems like the characters are relatively static as compared to dynamic. Maybe in response to the initial Archie run, SEGA started to be more strict with their property when they saw an opportunity in the post-Genisis wave reboot (it seems that way). But now it feels like they went so far the other way out of fear that we get rules that are reductive. For example, for the longest time they were scared of even using Cream.
  14. Glad I am not the only one who noticed. Like he isn't nowhere as big like Big, but I think part of his design intentionally makes his front and back side rounder than the other characters so it makes him chubby-cute compared to Sonic.
  15. I know you are half-joking, but I think all the posters are just missing posters with Eggman and Starline being wanted. The other cover also shows Amy giving a bunch of missing posters to Jewel.
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