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  1. well It's now settled, I've never wanted to go this route, but there's no other choice: being firmly Neutral about this sonic game is the best option I have in the current situation. I, again, don't want to silence people who don't trust Sega/Sonic Team by being too positive, that be an awful thing to do by all means and I'm completely against those who do that, but I don't wanna come off as a total A-hole who claims that there's no hope for them by being too Negative, not to mention my mild enjoyment with forces would make me the next Twip (shockingly, yes, Twip also actually liked forces before). I think going neutral is the ideal for me. call me naïve all you want (no one'll stop you anyways), but I do believe that (when he gets there) Aaron will listen to the fans outcry on not just what they WANT, but what his company NEEDS, and there's quite a lot that they need. but until that moment hits to its prime, I just feel that neither side is the best for me. I'll always have some big sparks of happiness and excitement here and there, like I always had, even before I registered here, but at the end of the day, going "lone wolf" suits me more.

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      again though, I'll still enjoy sonic, I'll still enjoy his games, I can play and enjoy any game I can financially get my hands on really. and I'm pretty sure the next game would be a game that I would have a lot of fun playing (even if the game becomes what everyone is generally assuming it to be, if a little less extreme), as long as it's, you know, fun. fun is all that matters to me, not ratings, not objectivity, not public opinions, just straight up fun. and I'm sure that fun is something I'm sure SEGA would be good at, for me at least.

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