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  1. I thought of some of my ideas from another time, and realized they weren't very descriptive. I decided to go into more detail with the final one I did, Thunder Current Zone Act 1: Quick As Lightning In this "fan game", the protagonist is Metal Sonic and the antagonist is Mecha Sonic (Sonic 3 one). Here they face off in a race in the sky! The first section takes place in the sky, with the player only being able to move up and down to dodge attacks from Mecha. The second section takes place on the ground, where the player has full control again. You can hit Mecha and try to beat him in the race, but in a scripted scene at the end, Mecha dashes forward to beat you into a building before the door slams in your face. Act 2: Power Packed Pandemonium Since Mecha Sonic slammed the door to him in your face, you'll need to explore the area to find a way to open the door. Once you do, a load on electrical power is suddenly siphoned into you, making you supercharged(think super form but without invincibility). You then burst through the door to confront Mexha Sonic. Boss: Super Mecha Sonic Basically the Sonic 3 one but he stays super the whole time.
  2. Ever heard of Genocide City Zone before? If not, it is a scrapped zone from Sonic 2, and Genocide City was one of the names considered, including what it probably would've been called, Cyber City Zone. My question here is whether or not you knew this and that’s what helped name one of your level ideas.
  3. Some Ideas I had, one I've already mentioned: Gentle Jungle Zone- A jungle level reminiscent of Angel Island and Jungle Zone. Crystal Crevice Zone- A ravine filled with strange purple crystals that used to be mined for profit. Some elements of the mineshaft still operate, but are not reliable. Plunderer’s Bay Zone- Dedicated water level. Let out your inner pirate as you set sail, only to be sunk at the end of Act 1. Looks like you'll have to get to shore somehow... Scorched Sizzle Zone- All that hard work to end up in a sandy wasteland, filled with of all sorts of robotic parts scattered everywhere. You even get to scale a pyramid. Tourism! Frozen Temple Zone- An old dojo in a cold climate, this Zone draws inspiration from Press Garden Zone from Sonic Mania. Let's see those ninja skills! X Factory Zone- This is one big building. A 3-act monstrosity, this factory is sure to grind your gears, with complex level layouts leaving you stumped. Halted Havoc Zone- Turns out Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2 is a little worse for wear. Navigating the crumbling city won't be easy, but it has to be done. Heated Havoc Zone- Previous zone but on fire. Sky Race Zone- This zone has you racing the antagonist(undecided as of now) in a tense race in the sky, which then lowers altitude to be a little more down to Earth. The both of you has no idea what to expect next as you speed toward a nasty looking storm... Thunder Current Zone- A power plant that generates electricity from the constant thunderstorm raging over head. Final boss fight, ending cutscene, the end. Yay.
  4. This thread is for all you Bloons fans such as myself. Straying of to other games in the franchise is fine.
  5. I thought Ryan Drummond did ann amazing job as Sonic and also Metal Sonic, the one time Sega allowed him to even speak. With Metal, the strange voice range shift was strange to me. I never played Sonic Heroes, but I have seen cutscenes thanks to the Internet, and the voice is exactly what I would expect from an evil copy murder bot.
  6. I once accidentally pulled off a frame-perfect glitch in Sonic 2 were I hit the first boss in Death Egg Zone at just the right (or wrong) time and instead of explosions, there were small flames a bove were the bot used to stand, trapping me in the room. Press F to pay respects
  7. This is my first post, so sorry if I goofed up miserably... Thunder Current More of a classic-type level with only one act. You must find four buttons in a Titanic Monarch Act 2-esque type of level, and and again like TM2, proceeding to a boss. Before the boss, however the large amount of electricity in the area makes you supercharged(yes, it's a movie ref)! Boss: Supercharged Metal Sonic Turns out Eggman did the same thing that happened to you with Metal. Shoot. Metal's main attack is a homing attack. No explanation needed. His other attack is a powerful lightning bolt directed at you, and your only way of avoiding it is to move quickly; the bolt is more likely to miss that way! Again, sorry if I screwed up. Edit: Nvm I did just fine XD
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