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    A blu hedgehog.

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    Sonic, mario, grand theft auto, the next sonic game, anime, batman, gravity falls, Schwifty
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    People use AOL?
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About Me

I'm the guy that usually sticks to himself most of the time, so yes I can be shy, however once most people get to know me better I open up.


Now about my interest...


I mainly listen to hip hop/rap, though I dabble in dubstep, Drum n bass, rock/metal, and a small bit of RnB.




I play games from a wide spectrum of franchises though my favorite tend to be Sonic (well i'm on here aren't I), Mario, grand theft auto and Megaman (mostly the X series, though I do like the original series). I don't just keep my self confined to modern games though. I'll play snes, nes, genesis, ps1 and n64 games every once in a while.


Oh and I have a ps4, 3ds, psvita and steam. Wii U possibly in February.

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