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  1. 4 hours ago, Hyp3hat said:

    So I finally got my new laptop (which is a beast).... and this still lags playing Sonic 1. It boggles the mind to see that I can play Metal Gear Solid V with settings all cranked to the max at 60 fps and this thing lags playing Sonic 1. 

    Tried messing with the Emulator Settings but they are all a bit vague and unhelpful. Has anyone had any joy getting it to work smoothly?

    It's actually a simple fix. Click the genesis/megadrive and check launch fullscreen. That's it, no really that's it.

  2. As soon as I started the executable it asked me to open a file, maybe Bean Ninja I thought, so I did just that. Next it asked me for permission to access my network, fine alright, but as soon as that happened the text box closed, yet the game was shown running in the background in my task manager. That doesn't make me feel comfortable, despite the fact that I had scanned it before running the program.

    :ph34r: Insert I'm probably paranoid emoticon here:ph34r:

  3. It runs at constant 60FPS in menus, cutscenes, the world map, but during gameplay, it navigates between 40 to 60, depending on how much detail it has on screen at the time. The level I've experienced most slowdowns was Desert Ruins Act 2 (the honeycomb), which included the boss fight (it was locked at 30FPS during the boss, and 45 during the level itself). The best level so far was Windy Hill Act 3 (the cave), it ran at constant 60FPS. Note: I only get this framerate when I play at 1024x768 resolution, with the grass turned off (shadows and DoF are ok). If I try to play at 1280 or higher, it doesn't run higher than 35FPS, which sucks, because I hate the black bars on top and bottom of the screen :( In conclusion, I say it runs well.

    It seems we're in the same boat. I have:

    4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4510U processor (4M Cache, up to 3.0 GHz) 2.00 ghz
    Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4400
    8 gb ram

    And I only get lag on windy hill 1, Frozen Factory 1, and Sky Road 1. Frozen Factory for me drops down to 40-50 fps, but everywhere else locked 60 fps.

    Here's a video of me attempting to Speedrun Sky Road 2.

  4. Well I just went through Windy Hill Zone and I have to say, "The game is much better optimized than Generations. I'm getting locked 60 fps at 1024 X 768 at full screen minus grass and shadows. Depth of field doesn't affect performance, but I don't like the blue it creates. Did I mention I'm on Intel hd 4400 graphics.

    Oh and the game took about 15 minutes for me to download.

  5. Hoping for a demo so we can test if our PC's can handle before spending money. Bring it on monday!

    Shoot if it runs on my crappy laptop with Intel hd 4400 graphics at a playable frame rate (I get between 30-60 on generations, except in chemical plant and the unleashed stages minus Holoska) most of us should be ok; then again, all pc games run differently on different hardware. Also I'm running the game at 800 X 600 resolution with everything set to low and vsync enabled.

  6. Heh, you can tell this is being sent out to die, P&F is essentially dead(haven't seen it in months on Disney channel), and it's a vita exclusive

    Heh, you can tell this is being sent out to die, P&F is essentially dead(haven't seen it in months on Disney channel), and it's a vita exclusive

    Phineas and Ferb actually ended their run in August on Disney XD, Disney channel is essentially nothing but tween sitcoms...actually that's all they show on Disney channel now. Disney XD is where all of their animated shows air now, the only time I see an animated show on Disney Channel it's listed at 5AM and it's Phineas and Ferb.

    As for the game, WTF Sony!!! :angry:.

    "Sigh" Good thing I have all of the niche Japanese games to look forward to. :D

  7. Alright I've been dealing with this for 2 days now. If AVG attempts to quarantine me printconfig, deny it or you will lose all audio playback. If you are unable to then go into your virus vault and search for "ms printconfig". I've read that that works, but I didn't see that result first. My computer also slowed down massively.

  8. So for those of you who've played, how are the KB/M controls when in first-person mode? Is it at all natural?


    I know it wouldn't control like an actual FPS game on PC since the characters have to turn and accelerate like they do in 3rd person, but I was wondering if it was any more user-friendly. 

    Actually (at least in the ps4 version) it feels like I'm playing something like far cry 3, especially if you change the left stick clicking to sprinting. In fact if you look in a mirror the character animation looks messed up.

  9. Target has a pretty good deal going on this week for certain games.


    buy one video game, get the next one 50% off


    Buy one video game software item for Xbox, PlayStation or PC, get the next one 50% off. Lower priced item will be 50% off. Discount applied at checkout. Clearance items not included. May not be applied to previous orders. If a qualifying item in your order is returned, your refund value will be reduced by the prorated discount amount of the item. Offer expires 4/4/2015 at 11:59pm PT.



    It's not mentioned, but this also applies to certain Nintendo products as well, such as monster hunter 4 and sonic lost world 3ds and wii u, but Super smash bros for wii u and 3ds as well as Bayonetta 2 are not part of this deal


    Here's the full list: http://www.target.com/sb/video-games/-/N-5xtg5Z55e69#navigation=true&category=5xtg5&searchTerm=&view_type=medium&sort_by=bestselling&faceted_value=55e69&offset=300&pageCount=60&response_group=Items&isLeaf=false&parent_category_id=&custom_price=false&min_price=from&max_price=to


    This gives me a pretty good excuse to get bloodborne and another game (either saints row reelected or shadow of mordor: middle earth)


    ...but wait there's more...




    $50 gift card with PlayStation 4 purchase

    Receive a $50 gift card with purchase of a qualifying PlayStation 4 console or bundle. (online item#s: 14485673, 16721772) Not valid on previous orders. Quantities limited.
    If you choose to pick up your item at the store, your gift card will be delivered after you have picked up the qualifying item. If you choose a physical gift card, it will be sent to the same address as your order and will ship separately. If you want to return the item you purchased to a Target Store, you may either keep the gift card and just return the qualifying item (you will be refunded the amount of the qualifying item reduced by the amount of the gift card), or you can return the qualifying item and the gift card  for a full refund using the online receipt. If you return the item you purchased by mail, keep the gift card; you will be refunded the amount of the qualifying item reduced by the amount of the gift card. Offer expires 4/4/2015 at 11:59pm PT.


    Also all amiibo's are 25% off.



    And here's an amazon deal.


    Get a playstation vita for $170 ($30 off).



  10. I snagged Gravity Rush (I enjoyed the demo) and Surgeon Simulator (played a little bit of the pc version via a friend sharing his laptop).

    Both are currently being downloaded right now.


    I still have some money left and was thinking about buying dead nation on either ps vita or ps4. Which one do you think I should buy?

  11. Oh yeah these shows were fantastic, still are actually, in txt the fact nearly every episode had 2 parts in the first arc kinda makes it like the straight to DVD DC movies we've been receiving now. I don't recall much from this series as I was quite young (well too young to care about plot) to bother with this series, but being reminded of it again, I gotta go watch this series on Netflix. PS the entire series and every season is on Netflix.

  12. This isn't necessarily a bad game and I did have some fun with it, but watch dogs.

    Most people hated Assassins Creed 4, and even though 3 was a stepping stone for me, I actually liked it, though black flag was better...but that's besides the point...I went in expecting a combo of watch dogs and gta, the gameplay was fine and I like the espionage missions (unless you have to "take down" a certain enemy for some stupid reason). I'm in the post game and I have no desire to do anything else, whereas in AC4 I went for 100% completion.

    Next we'll go to something I forgot about and bought maybe a few months later.

    Dull, broken, all the things you need for a Bad game, and boy was it bad, I never even bothered to even finish it.

    Finally we'll end with a unique game. It was mentioned earlier, but Zelda Skyward Sword wasn't very fun for me and I thought SATSR was fun...anyways I didn't care for the story or the characters and I never entered the first "true" dungeon, no seriously if you loaded my save file I'm in front of the first dungeon.

    Actually lets add a fourth, kirby's return to dreamland is by no means a bad game, but it's a bland one. I loved kirby nightmare in dreamland, the amazing mirror (favorite kirby game btw), and super star ultra, though not long they had some challenge to them and the latter two were nonlinear in certain areas, in fact now that I think about it kirby did metroidvania before SOTN...more digression. Point is the games had challenge, great music all around, and yes they're kirby games, but I liked the story of those 3 games, even if RTD/KA had the story at the end. I liked a few tracks in return to dreamland and a few of the mega powers (or whatever they're called) were cool.

    This was one of the few tracks I can listen to on repeat:

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