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    Da Blu Hedgie got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in Ryan Drummond Almost Returned   
    Lol, that's hilarious, sure, from your livestream earlier I learned he was the pizza hut announcer, but man, this just takes it to a new level.
    You don't get it do you, sure Ryan had VA work in other high profile videogames, but ummmmm he's the freaking pizza hut announcer.
    Oh my bad not Ryan, I meant Roger Craig Smith.
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    Da Blu Hedgie got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in Sonic Colors - Dr. Eggman's PA Announcements   
    Every Eggman PA announcement in one video. PS Do you actually want a download for these as separate clips, because I can provide that, it just might take a while though.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Tracker_TD in Taxman and Stealth: The Story behind Sonic Mania's Fans Turned Developers - A VIDEO BY SUPER BUNNYHOP   
    Good to see he still hasn't figured out how to run in Lost World...
    Anywho, there is one hefty detail missing from this; PagodaWest also have a history in Sonic. Particularly a little fan-project called Sonic 2 HD. Much of Pagoda's staff (perhaps even all, I'm not 100%) worked on the first iteration of S2HD, before L0st's DRM nonsense got it canned. 
    Other than that... it's a video, I guess. 
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Sonic Mania (August 15th 2017, Christian Whitehead, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch) - The New Classic   
    This isn't the Sonic Team game. They already said they have way more to announce during the party.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to TCB in Toonami Is Back Bitches [05.26.12]   
    Just confirmed at the SDCC...Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is indeed coming to the block in October (likely once One Punch Man finishes its first run airing)
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to SenEDDtor Missile in Nintendo Developer Portal "Open to EVERYONE"   
    How many minors can you think of off the top of your head who are mature, intelligent, and skilled enough to be able to make, improve, and market their games, and do it well?
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in Nintendo Developer Portal "Open to EVERYONE"   
    In an effort to open the gateway further for numerous striving developers, no not even just indies, in the latest update to the Nintendo Dev Portal Nintendo have merged their dev programs and made them available to practically ANYONE (well of legal age) to use, yes even if you aren't a seasoned  at their disposal here for usages of 3DS and Wii U:
    Details courtesy of GAF
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to #AR in Sonic games look so fucking good   
    You know that feeling when you were a kid and looking a something so massive in scale in comparison to you that you widen your eyes, drop your mouth and just utter "wooooooooow..."
    Sonic Colors did that to me.
    At age 16.

    Like...I've always been visually impressed (for the most part) with new main series Sonic games, but I can't think of a single damn moment in my 18 years of being a Sonic fan that have just utterly floored me like the intro to Starlight Carnival
    I almost forgot I was playing a Wii game for a minute. 
    I can never forget how goddamn flabbergasted I was just staring at everything in the background...that whole colorful fleet of ships, the light road...like...it was just magical.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Osmium in Sonic games look so fucking good   
    I do agree that Sonic 3&Knuckles and Sonic CD are the best looking games in the series. 
    One of the backgrounds that impresses me the most is Marble Garden which absolutely goes above and beyond with making the whole area feel enormous and breathtaking. 

    Those mountains still blow me away, with their deep purple texture that slowly starts to gradually fade as they become more distant and more encompassed by the hazy sky lying low overhead. They look like they are dozens of miles away showing the vastness of this zone. It gives me the impression it is mid to late morning. The way the foreground is shows that we are quite high above the unfettered forests that showcase the ancient Echidna ruins below, with different layers of trees noticeable behind one another and parts of larger ruins sticking out like sore thumbs. 
    The lower you get, the more encompassed by the trees you are and the ruins become closer and more detailed. Different textures and colours can be seen and individual pillars are more appropriately more massive looking too. Plants and vines are more noticeable and become more intricate responsibly. The foreground gives you the impression that this is artificial ground you are standing on, covered by grass and weeds over the centuries. The hilly and uneven nature of these structures are due to them being worn down by wind and erosion over centuries. 

    The transition from day to night is beautiful too, going from the everyday shades of azure and greens to less vivid at first as the sunlight weakens, to red and purples as the sun approaches the horizon and lowers, finally terminating at denim and completely black for the mountains in the background of Carnival Night. 

    I also want to talk about Angel Island Zone. 

    The zone starts off low in the understory and forest floor of the rainforest. Appropriately the colorus are different shades of green and perhaps darker and dimmer than the first zones in the previous two games, giving a more mysterious feel with music that is perhaps not as cheery as the first zones and the prequels. 

    The ground here is natural brown soil and rock covered by a thick level of grass. Waterfalls can be seen along with at least four(!) layers of trees and shrubbery. The trunks of trees at this level are completely covered in foliage. Only occasional holes in the wall show the world outside the forest. Ferns, palm trees, and blue flowers can be seen down here also. (I don't think it's very realistic for palm trees and for plants to be able to flower on a dark forest floor, but whatever, this is fucking Sonic the hedgehog.) 

    At the points you rise, the canopy becomes visible and you rise over the huge rainforest. The vivid blue sky is seen, becoming brighter at the horizon, giving it a very tropical feel perhaps even beyond Green and Emerald Hill zones. Brown rock and soil walls accompanied by waterfalls give the whole area a very wet feel also. You can almost feel the spray!! 

    But the big change comes in the latter half of the first act and the whole of the second act of course, as the colours go from greens and browns and blues to reds and shades of oranges giving you the impression that this game is starting off pretty hardcore, at least compared two Sonic 1 and 2 and things are gonna be bigger and grander this time. 

    The inferno seems to already be cutting down sections of the walls of trees as the lighter parts display, and the trees and shrubbery in the background are more distorted as the fire increases in temperature. It is also noticeable that the foliage in the foreground has gone from green to more of a yellowish tinge as it is burned.  

    The almost completely red background of the end of the second act gives it a more apocalyptic feel and it shows how much Eggman can do in just an instant to a zone once lush and full of life. 

    Last thing about Angel Island is like is how the battle with Flame Moblie takes place over a thick waterfall, with the texture of the huge wall presumably behind the waterfall being shown in hints of purple against the cyan. I like how this is the climax of Angel Island zone, being really high up, fighting in the spray of a huge waterfall, with a fall being mortal. 

    There are other zones and things I do wish to discuss but this post has gone on long enough and I'll talk about those things later. 
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Celestia in Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    New promo!
    Apparently, we're getting new episodes EVERY WEEKDAY throughout Summer. Yes, really.
    First week episode lineup:
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to BlueTidalGamer in Toonami Is Back Bitches [05.26.12]   
    The trailer for One Punch Man's English dub
    Very happy with Saitama's voice
    Makes me wish Toonami was still a thing in the UK.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Klinsy in Toonami Is Back Bitches [05.26.12]   
    Toonami get it's STRONGEST character yet.

    No, not you.
    It's the One Punch Man, Saitama! He's coming to Toonami once Samurai Champloo is done.
    Oh, and that's not all, the Intruder is back again with Intruder 3!
    And Toonami is airing it's first completely new original series since IGPX, animated by Production IG!
    Things are looking awesome? Yep.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Celestia Ludenberg in Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!   
    I feel awful for not getting steam refund to be honest.
    I had a leaked copy of the game that I obtained 2 weeks before release, I played it, thought it was meh but nope still had it up on pre-order. My leak was just missing Minecraft Beck and the additional difficulties but it was enough to judge the game since it was beatable, a friend did buy me Ray DLC should have told her I'm grateful but not another cent should have went to the Con Man.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to #AR in Toonami Is Back Bitches [05.26.12]   
    well, toonami's coming to AX
    so bet on getting some show announcements and other goodness.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Legosi (Tani Coyote) in EU referendum: The UK votes to leave the EU   
    Are you ready to get REALLY pissed off, my pro-Remain friends?
    Ohhhh, they are. I guess a lot of Leave voters didn't think their vote would count, and were just doing it in protest. These are just some examples and it doesn't appear to be isolated. Some are going so far to say they would change their vote to Remain if they could.
    What the Hell, really.
    This is like an American voting for Trump for lulz. Protest votes aren't cast for sides that can actually win.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to FFWF in EU referendum: The UK votes to leave the EU   
    Leave voters either didn't expect their votes to be important or didn't care what happened to people.  Nigel Farage admits Leave's main campaign pledge was a lot of rubbish, and Boris Johnson doesn't want Brexit to happen for years yet.  The Leave campaign is hollow, plain and simple; it has nothing, and always had nothing.
    Can we just repeat the referendum next week after people have had time to absorb the result, please?
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Spin Attaxx in EU referendum: The UK votes to leave the EU   
    Sums the whole mess up:
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Badnik Mechanic in EU referendum: The UK votes to leave the EU   
    This is one of the reasons why I have said that people should take an IQ test for the right to vote instead of a birth right.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Kaze no Klonoa in EU referendum: The UK votes to leave the EU   
    This is incredibly amazing. And baffling.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to SenEDDtor Missile in EU referendum: The UK votes to leave the EU   
    Can someone give the "For dummies" version of what this is and why it's gonna suck ass for people in the UK?
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Ratcicle King in Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!   
    Even if that's the reason, it's still their own damn fault for getting greedy with the platforms they'll release it to.
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to nintega137 in Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!   
    Meanwhile at capcom
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    Da Blu Hedgie reacted to Athena Cykes in Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!   
    (Hey, look how close my guess on OpenCritic is)
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