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  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.... The spirit of NiGHTS and Billy Hatcher definitely lives on with the two. I'm so happy they got back together again after all these years since Sonic Adventure 1. And i think the spirit of the original Sonic Team lives on as well. They even call themselves, as a team, the Balan Company, in a strikingly similar fashion to old Sonic Team with the "presents" and all: Also the composer choice for this game seems to be pretty solid! I can't wait to hear more tracks! 😁
  2. 1) Do you think a teaser trailer/official announcement will happen this year or next? Given that the only chance an official Sonic announcement's gonna happen this year is with the indefinitely-postponed SXSW panel, I'd say it will happen when the pandemic is under control in the U.S. 2) Do you think we will be getting a new 2D or 3D game or both? I don't think a 2D game would happen again without Taxman / Evening Star: Mania slapped Sonic Team so hard at its own game, it's suicide to release another 2D title that won't live up to it. My prediction is a 3D game or an Adventure remake of some sort. A remake would cost less than a completely new game, is generally a safe bet, and would sell to existing fans because of.. *ahem* nostalgia. 3) Would you prefer the next game to be 2D or 3D? Honestly, if they want to be competitive they have to release a 3D game. As much as i like 2D Sonic, the 2D platformer market is oversaturated with Indie titles, and it's gonna be reeeeaaallly tough for Sonic to stand out if not for another Mania-quality game. Imagine if Freedom Planet 2, a game from a series that started off as a Sonic fangame (and coincidentally also have Taxman on board), comes out in the same year and absolutely kicks 2D Sonic's ass. 4) Would you prefer a remake or remaster? Or something brand new? I'd rather they play safe and produce a remake, but hey, a brand new game is fine if it's good. 5) This is just a dream that would never happen.. but how would you guys feel if Sega announced an Ultimate Anniversary Collection with all 2D and 3D games included? Obviously impossible on Switch but maybe a 2-3 Disc set for PS5/the new Xbox There is an attempt on that and it's called Sonic Ultimate Bundle on Steam. Honestly i would be very thrilled if there is a S3&K SEGA AGES/ Taxman remaster or the sort. But let's face it: not every 2D or 3D Sonic games are good games. I don't want to force myself to play a game i wouldn't enjoy just because it has Sonic in the title. No point selling a port of an old game with no visible improvements to have it play well in the modern age either. You know what i'd like? An Ultimate Anniversary Collection Remix Soundtrack. Music is timeless. And while more niche, streaming services now make publishing a lot easier and cheaper than ever.
  3. My thoughts on SEGA's direct control upon the comics are them settling for a more unified direction with the games. The IDW canon is explicitly stated to be the continuation of Forces, and that too was a result of a think tank between Ian Flynn and Co. with SEGA and the Sonic brand team. The reason for this is most likely to build a new cohesive world where everything comes together, like how Sonic Adventure cemented the Japanese canon to be the one true canon, at least for the games. On the other hand, there was still lots of different interpretations of Sonic and friends in comics. The mythical "SEGA Mandates" thing is, in my opinion, is just a way to let SEGA control over the characterization of their existing characters, not necessarily about the story or even new characters. This goes for the movie too. In a recent interview of Iizuka and Fowler by a Japanese media, Iizuka said that Sonic's portrayal in the movie was closely supervised by SEGA and is only finalized if SEGA agrees with it. That means SEGA is okay with Sonic flossing, by the way. This is definitely a new mindset over the brand, but who knows what the future has in store. Original interview: https://www.4gamer.net/games/999/G999905/20200611138/ Translated: https://aawesomepenguin.tumblr.com/post/621693201307271168/the-sonic-movie-was-always-one-of-my-dreams
  4. As Won't Stop, Just Go said, it's hard to measure a character's "fighting skills" in the games if all of them happen to play similarly to Sonic, since by context i take it that it's not about raw power, which is usually canonically determined within official mandates in game manuals or RPG-like stats in Battle and Chronicles (Say, Knuckles has more power than Sonic, but also a lot slower). I had beaten Sonic 3&K and Mania with Tails solo, so to my comprehension, Tails is able to defeat the Big Arm, Death Egg Zone Act 2 Boss. or even Titanic Monarch Act 2 Boss perfectly fine by himself. There is nothing "uncanon" about this fact, the only canon thing is Sonic going Super to defeat the true final boss of the games. You could say the same thing just fine with "every Street Fighter character could beat the final boss of the game", because to the player, they are perfectly strong enough to do so. In the end, story determines a set character (Ryu) to be the winner of the tournament anyway. Fighting skills are better visually represented in other media adaptations like X or the comics for the audience to comprehend on their own. In most of these adaptations however, because they are written to follow predetermined personalities and tropes, by Law Sonic must be the most capable fighter, while Tails is more often potrayed as a team technician who can fend for himself to some level of threat. He can display some degree of fighting capability, but as Diogenes said: Especially in narrative-based media, Tails' role as a written character is definitely not of a frontline fighter.
  5. OMG O_o I didn't notice! Thank you for correcting it!
  6. Dude. SEGA is not your boyfriend. Calm the fuck down and find other interests.
  7. Yes, that absolutely seemed to be the case. The basic ideas and concepts were thought of after Lost World, but i think the actual Development Team just gathered in 2015/2016 to work on the game. Allow me to relate to what i have said here: SEGA did a HUGE restructuring in 2015, closing down an office, employee layoffs, absorbing ATLUS, dissolving CS2 back into Sonic Team, and changing course for how franchises are handled including Sonic, one of the indications were the change of direction with Sonic PR/Social Media by Aaron Webber. Just think, they would have had an obvious shortage of staff if it wasn't for cheaper new talents. HE2 is developed as a foundation for future SEGA games, it was an investment to make. New Sakura Wars is also partly developed by members of Sonic Team, so they were busy and did have something to do during the gap from Forces to now. If anything, Forces felt like a TEST GAME for HE 2, that the team can build in one year to generate enough profits for another big title in the future. It may sound harsh, but Sonic is the perfect test franchise because of its appeal. They also don't want to risk any losses so Mania and TSR were made to be as safe as possible. Let that sink in.
  8. C'mon, you lot. Chin up! Sonic's never been about staying in a rut filled with negative vibes. I remember reading that SEGA has been doing A LOT corporate restructuring and rethinking their strategy from 2015 onwards! You people must've noticed this; They made a poll for games that Japanese fans wanted a revival of (which resulted in New Sakura Wars and Panzer Dragoon Remake), The absorption of ATLUS in 2016 was a big, BIG win in their hands because Persona 5 is critically acclaimed and immensely popular, a SEGA rep said in an interview that SEGA would learn from ATLUS on how they create quality games that will please fans, A really warm welcome for indies to handle their IPs, hence we got Mania, New Wonder Boy, Space Channel 5 VR, Streets of Rage 4, and even NEW ALEX KIDD! You notice the recent poll? I'm pretty sure they admitted to be distant from fans and it's an honest attempt for them to get back on track! These past 5 years, i think SEGA is just playing it safe with Sonic because they're not ready for another big gamble yet. That's why Forces, TSR, and the mobile games, while being so-so games were actually a very safe move with decent reviews and sales. Mania and the Movie brought back interest to this franchise again, and while i'm not saying we will definitely get an actually "good" or "groundbreaking" Sonic game next time, the state of this franchise (and SEGA in general) has never been better for the past 10 years! 😃
  9. What I'm Made Of for me! Such an empowering yet sinister rock anthem for a grand finale, surpassing even Open Your Heart and Live and Learn. It also set a standard for later Crush 40 songs like With Me. I also adore Knuckles' SA2 stage themes, would absolutely love to have them back as a signature Knux leitmotif. For the newer vocal songs, i think some of Forces' stage tracks, like Fighting Onward (Space Port) are great! Too bad the other tracks aside from maybe Fist Bump and Fading World don't really do it for me.
  10. I found them saved and archived here! https://files.catbox.moe/5rog44.zip Also someone is translating the remaining chapters: https://jackstranslations.tumblr.com/post/622708320382468096/dash-and-spin-chousoku-sonic-ch6-translation
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