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  1. This one is not too controversial in my experience. A lot of my friends who grew up with Sonic actually agree that Sonic 1 is best left as a monument to the whole franchise, rather than a gameplay experience worth much revisiting. And like, I get it. This game is like a best-of montage mixed with a worst-of list. The experience is not consistent. You bound around GreenHill like a freak then HALT. You are in Marble Arch crawling like a snail. And Labyrinth Zone just makes me want to cry. This zone is soooo dry (kinda ironically given the aesthetic) and just isn't fun to play. Then you zip to Starlight which is actually a super sweet zone with cute music and a decent boss... So its picky in how enjoyable it is, making the game less and less desirable to pick up again. Obviously this game started it all but as an experience in its own right... Its actually kinda hard to recommend to people, which I think is a shame. I always just say to skip it and go straight to Sonic 2. And thats another issue. The game is severely dated not so much because of its age, but because in almost every way, it is eclipsed by its successors (again, Sonic 2 as the definitive example). So what are we left with? A charmingly realised platformer with vibrant animation and catchy music, but a choppilly put together game that nowadays fails to stand amongst the crowd. I don't hate this game at all, I can derive some enjoyment from it for sure. But I by no means love it
  2. Oh god, so many experiences here. The final bosses of both Sonic Rush and Sonic Unleashed both took me literally hours to beat when I was a kid. The former took me so long to understand what the hell I had to do to deliver damage and even after I figured that out, it was a seemingly endless struggle. The latter, I remember knowing how to play it but just finding it so hard and dying so much. If memory serves me right, its also a really long boss anyway, so dying over and over and having to repeat the whole process was less than pleasant. On a more positive note, I think the final boss of SA1 was super hard but never unfairly so. It tested your skills of the game in such an effective way I feel. And here a few final bosses I find a bit too easy/quick to defeat: Sonic CD Egg Emperor from SH Final boss from Sonic (1991) Sonic Advance 3 (if certain teams)
  3. I created a whole thread about why I love Shadow the Hedgehog (game) so I will leave that there. My unpopular opinions: Sonic Advance 1 is the least fun to play of its trilogy Sonic Unleashed is a good (but fair enough, not great) game Rouge the Bat is not that bad a character Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is significantly inferior to 2 Sonic X is a great show and is pretty faithful to the lore of the games (save the annoying human characters) Sonic Rush is not that great Come to think of it, neither is Colours Sonic CD is one of the best Sonic games ever made Verdict: these are just a handful off the top of my head, not trying to offend or ignite any debates. Simply my opinions, that I feel are not widely shared. Happy posting!
  4. In my post about why I love Shadow the Hedgehog (the game), one of my points was that the story and its multiple, potential outcomes really worked for me. A lot of that was owing to Shadow himself. I'm not sure who did his voice for that game but I felt he conveyed the numerous different sides to Shadow beautifully. As an anti-hero, he is gentle yet lonely, as a full hero he is optimistic and confident, and as for all of the rest (neutral, anti-dark, full dark) he is formidable and intimidating. I love this voice acting and I understand people harbour ill feeling towards Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) for some admittedly justifiable reasons, yet I simply love his character in this game. Frankly his voice is so...... Shaodwy! And love it. P.S. Very weird bit of random (and pointless?) trivia here but when my mum overheard me playing Shadow the Hedgehog back in the day, she used to find his voice really sexy XD
  5. So if the title of my post does not already imply this, I LOVE that weird little game known simply as 'Shadow the Hedgehog'. Now before I start rambling about why I think this game deserves a break, I will begin this post by acknowledging the downsides of this game: - vehicles (aside maybe the jumping... thing) are utterly useless - the game literally works against you in some missions e.g. a hero mission that is littered with G.U.N. soldiers - the melee punch/kick combo attack is more pointless than the aforementioned vehicles - a number of the firearms are more hassle than they are worth. Case in point, the rpg. You often have to stand dead in tour tracks just to aim the damn thing. Even then, chances of actually hitting anything are pretty slim. Of course there are countless many flaws with this game but I just wanted to show that I DO get that this is far from a masterfully engineered piece of work. However..... Shadow the Hedgehog is still a fun game. It controls better than Sonic Heroes (2003), has more graphical flourish (admittedly with far less colourful enviroments) and the gunplay I do find highly satisfying. Stocking up on assault rifle ammo and mowing down enemies at top speed is fun for the whole family. And yes, I adore the branching mission/story structure that the game allows. I love that the Neutral story is Shadow's personal vendetta against Eggman. I like the Hero storylines exploring his sensitivities. And of course, the dark segments let us BE the shadow of the Sonic world. Yes, much of it is silly, overly dramatic and at times, completely nonsensical. But is it fun? Yes. Is it satisfying to reach a certain ending based on your choices? Yes. Is the narrative supposed to be the next Pulp Fiction? Of course it isn't. Above all else, this game FEELS good to play. Taking the best elements of Sonic Heroes, giving us a pretty wide range of firearms and setting us lose on a world of numerous possibilities and adventure? With a protagonist who possesses far more depth than Sonic and Tails combined? Then yeah, as an Action/Adventure fan, sign me up. So I would love to know what people think of this game nowadays. I am not looking to fight people or say people are wrong. I honestly just wish to hear people's opinions/perceptions towards the game and why they do/do not like it and for which reasons. Looking forward to hearing from people!
  6. Easily my favourite storytelling in a Sonic game is the divine subltely of Sonic CD. Time travelling to different versions of the future in that game and being able to literally SEE what Robotnik does to Little Planet really conveyed just how evil he is, in a way which I feel is missing from a lot of other Sonic narratives. In other games, he is almost a bit of a joke sometimes. Or he is just evil because he is evil and is too on-the-nose. But Sonic CD is able to convey through its visuals and music exactly the kind of malice he is capable of. Seeing the bad futures of zones to discover that he has destroyed nature and replaced it with vile technology that decays the world around it is in my opinion, masterful storytelling
  7. The best example I can use for this topic from my own experience with Sonic VA is to compare the somewhat jarring transition from Sonic Heroes (2003) to Shadow the Hedgehog (2005), the latter being a spiritual sequel to the former. To avoid straying off-topic or specifiying a preference towards any voice actor(s), I will get straight to my point. Yes absolutely, certain voice acting influences how I see characters. I found Rouge in Sonic Heroes incredibly annoying, yet in Shadow the Hedgehog, she has this much calmer, almost bored-with-life demeanor which I actually kind of like about her. I felt it was more in line with her character. On the other hand, Vector's voice in Heroes really gave off his world-wary, commanding prescence. Like in that game,he is the BOSS. In Shadow the Hedgehog.... Well I am sure many of us are aware of his tendancies to computer rooms..... But that aside, he just sounds so annoying! I wish there was a better way of putting it. Not that the acting is poor,he sounds very.. crocodiley? But it did make me think of him as this super annoying side-character. So I think it does make a difference with certain characters. Whereas others like Sonic or Knuckles are kind of pretty much the same regardless of their voice. Disclaimer: I am aware that the official VA for the Sonic franchise changed around the mid 00s. 4kids rings a bell. Not sure which of Heroes or Shadow they provide voices for. Apologies if I come across misinformed but having grown up in the early 00s myself, my own experience with Sonic voice acting are these two games. Thanks for reading!
  8. I myself have been a die-hard Sonic fan for as long as I can remember, and whilst I can admit that the 'golden ere' of the franchise is long behind at this point, I certainly wouldn't say that my faith is lost. Sonic Mania (2017) was a huge return-to-form for the blue blue, and the only Sonic game released in the last 12 years that I purchased and sat down with. I don't consider the movie to be the big be-all-end-all to Sonic's image that I initally thought it would be. We live in a vastly different world than we did 20-30 odd years ago. The youth of today demand, or at least are expecting of, a certain type of media. The technology that presents this media is also thousand of miles from what it once was. To get back on topic, I simply feel that Sonic, much like many other beloved franchises from the 90s/00s has attempted (and arguably failed?) to adapt and keep up with the times. Sonic Mania withstanding, 'classic' feeling Sonic games are from my perspective, pretty much a thing of the past. Imagine releasing a game like Sonic Heroes (2003) nowadays, and imagine how such a style of game would be constructing to fit into the modern era of gaming. Or my guilty pleasure: Shadow the Hedgehog (2005). Such a game simply could not fit into what I feel is a very 'safe' aura of children's media in the present day. This opinion I have extends far beyond the Sonic franchise. I feel that games/movie/shows simply do not take risks or attempt to push boundaries in terms of content these days. I could talk for days about how much I DESPISE how fluffy, soft and generically Ratchet & Clank is presented nowadays... Anyway, I do hope Sonic finds his feet again, we are sorely lacking a Sonic Adventure 3, or fully remakes/re-imaginings of the first two in the series. But we must face that Sonic, and games in general will never be what they were. Its unrealistic to reject the reality that things change all the time in media.
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