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  1. You can say that all you like, but sadly it legitimately is not that easy. Penders set a precedent to Sega of Japan with his antics, and he has left a mark on the Sega brand whether we like it or not. Many of the mandates are made in direct response to Penders’ lawsuit and the characters he wanted to keep. The no family members mandate, the no alternate outfits mandate, the no crying sonic mandate, etc. They are rightfully nervous and mistrusting of the writers for the american sonic comics specifically because of the years long legal battles Archie and Sega were forced to undergo. Basically, it is easier said than done because of this situation. It is not fair, and Sega SHOULD put more trust in the IDW creative team’s writing chops and characterization. But I honestly cannot blame them for being cautious about this, if I had a property that I loved, and someone from another country that doesn’t speak my language decides to work under me, create fan characters, and then sue for the rights to their fan characters, then demand royalties and mandatory consultation whenever I needed to use those fan characters? That’s only the basics of what Penders was demanding, and I still would find myself becoming more guarded and cautious about my property if i were in those shoes. It sucks and I hate it, but like. You can’t just undo that kind of impact yknow?
  2. Blame the pandemic, my friend. Schools, businesses, and everything else is also forced to deal with inconsistent schedules at this time.
  3. I can readily admit that Sonic Chronicles’ story elements are very unoriginal especially for Bioware specifically. This game was in development at the same time as Mass Effect 1, and that game has its fingerprints all over the back half of Chronicles. The first half being SATAM flavored alongside the Echidna Lore from Penders’ comic run is just as derivative, but unfortunately it wasn’t taking inspiration from an in-house project so it opened up the floodgates for penders to see it as plagiarism when it really is just an homage.
  4. If Team Dark “never has been friends or worked for GUN,” that sounds a lot like an outright retcon. It completely deletes all previous examples of the characters together. It’s outright removal of continuity and that makes me sad.
  5. I agree that some more world building would be PHENOMENAL! But unfortunately it's unlikely to get into too much detail because the writers are so restricted to SEGA's vision of events and insisting upon Two Worlds, which makes things such as the Earthlike world map seen in Shadow the Hedgehog's cutscenes inapplicable, or the uniquely designed Unleashed world map. They have humans, which means they can't be used as a jumping off point. It's likely they'll have to come up with a completely new map from wholecloth, which would also lock Sonic's World into a canon which makes things even less contiguous and continuity a pain in the neck to keep track of. My favorite individual issues include issue 6 (Shadow vs Sonic and the moral question of Mr. Tinker), issue 8 (the introduction of Whisper the Wolf), issue 23 (Sonic confronts Eggman and Starline on their bullshit, nearly loses hope from the overwhelming guilt he feels for his decisions), and the 2020 Annual (Big's story and Metal Sonic's story are both the best damn things that could ever be told in limited page numbers, I'm SO DAMN IMPRESSED). I think the best character we've seen so far is Omega for his unyielding comedic sociopathy, Whisper for being allowed to show emotional turmoil in the face of such tragedy and maintain a sweet heart in spite of her strife, and Cream because that kid is AMAZING. I also really love Knuckles being a responsible and dutiful guardian, Tails doing everything he possibly can to help until he reaches his breaking point, Big for telling a silly, sweet, and tragic tale in the 2020 Annual, and god DAMN Team Chaotix is so lovable in this comic, I want to watch them bungle some mysteries and buy fancy take out.
  6. Between the two arcs, I struggle to have an opinion uncolored by the current situation in real life as well as the valid criticisms lobbied in this forum toward the Metal Virus Saga. I enjoy both of them, I found many engaging things happening and I loved seeing all these characters doing cool stuff and being pushed and challenged in different ways.
  7. Do you guys think this topic deserves its own thread? I find this discussion about character design and market competitive edge in sonic fascinating and very engaging, but it isn’t really following this thread’s title anymore lol
  8. Sega of America with IDW are focused on making an engaging storyline that can whet the appetites of the fans who long for stories. Their primary focus as publishers and creators of a licensed comic book is to write a compelling tale that people enjoy. There are a lot of patterns being noticed here that I haven’t, and I appreciate that perspective. Personally I think the market has changed and that there is a point to be made about Rouge being “outdated.” She’s a femme fatale who uses sexuality as an angle toward getting what she wants, and in the nearly twenty years since her introduction a character like that could never really fit in with the child friendly comedy of the current Modern Sonic game canon. She CAN be portrayed comedically, but that isn’t what the fans are asking for. It’s lose-lose in a situation like this.
  9. Do you have any suggestions for how else that information could have been conveyed so as not to seem like a tacked on addition to you?
  10. My unpopular opinion is that Shadow the Hedgehog is a good game with a compelling story and unique progression system that I find very immersive and powerful.
  11. I really think y’all are splitting hairs here. The reasoning for Silver not doing this or that is because Silver’s character is naive and inexperienced, he doesn’t know what will happen in the future nor does he know for certain how time travel affects the future. If the characters all knew exactly how things will turn out the same way we the audience knows thanks to hindsight, then we will not get the kinds of action packed desperation fueled fight scenes and cool feats of superpowered heroism we achieve in comics like this. It is boring to have characters just know everything will be fine so they don’t bother going all out or trying anything and everything in hopes of succeeding.
  12. My money’s on Longclaw because my nostalgic memories of Sonic Underground would help me go bananas if Sonic’s vow of his mother being found were ever actually to come true. Sonic meets Longclaw again and I will vibrate into a parallel universe in glee.
  13. IDW Knuckles has been on Angel Island and dedicated to his duty guarding the Master Emerald since the end of the Neo Metal Sonic battle and did not appear again until issue 25 where he was still doing his job.
  14. I love to read Sonic content made by fans in fanfiction or “what if” theory videos. I’d be all for official literature like that! Or at least, I’d be happy to see them do things in Sonic’s world that could expand upon or explain inconsistencies. An encyclopedia-style Sonic Game Canon Overview would be very helpful.
  15. If I were a writer for SEGA and I were incapable of portraying Shadow as anything more than a paper-thing jerkass idiot? I’d rather keep him in the background than wrestle with the license holders so that I could portray him as a rounded character.
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