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  1. Can't stop listening to the Cool Spot bonus theme

  2. The full Sumo Digital Q&A is up on YouTube
  3. Draga


    *reads and watches update* MoThErFuCkInG mIrAcLeS
  4. According to my iPod, this was the last song I listened to. I'm a fan of the Touhou games and the music is fantastic.
  5. Nah, the NiGHTS stage and characters weren't in the demo we played there. Might be playable at San Diego Comic Con though.
  6. Draga

    Post Your Desktop

    Yeah, I'm a Homestuck
  7. Seeing as how the first person I met here is a Gravity Falls fan, I think it's gonna be fun here =)
  8. Yo guys. I'm Draga =3 Been following the news on the site for a while now and since I just got back from Summer of Sonic, I thought I'd start an account here after seeing how awesome everyone was there.
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