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  1. My biggest complaint about Shadow the Hedgehog is that the choices you make often don't really make sense. For example, in Cryptic Castle, you can choose to help or hinder Dr. Eggman. But even if you help him, he'll immediately attack you in the boss fight afterward and act surprised that you're even there. This is far from the only time this happens. Plenty of choices the player makes seems to have no real bearing on the game's predetermined choices, which I think takes a lot of the fun out of a game supposedly built around making your own path.
  2. I think it'd only make sense to make Gemerl a playable character. It just feels like the logical progression from Sonic Advance 3, you know? Maybe give him some customizable mix-and-match options where you can kinda build your own moveset based on the other characters' abilities? Other than that, I'd really just like to see a good modern 2D sprite sidescroller in the spirit of the original trilogy. Some nice original zone themes, some inventive Eggman bosses, special stages that aren't too big of a headache (looking at you, Advance 2!), and so on.
  3. what the heck is a sonic

    1. Mil-O-Lantern


      a fat blue miserable pile of secrets!

    2. Ryannumber1Scarer


      They say he's a myth, a legend lost to time itself. Some say he's a video game character from the 90s who runs fast, others say he's a character from an old TV show that fights in a resistance to save the world from robots. 

      Most know him as - that one dude who played a guitar that one time with two other sonics

    3. SpookyCookie



       with two other sonics

      You mean his bros?


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