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  1. Codename: Kids Next Door more or less defined my childhood and inspired me to do creative things for years to come. Stay young, Warburton, you crazy director. Stay young.
  2. Consider me intrigued, if just because 12 issues means they will have a lot of time to explore character interactions. Which hopefully will result in an episode focusing around Eggmand and Wily trying to out perform each other in a spectacular villain vs villain conflict. Eggmobile vs Wily Capsule please?
  3. I originally played Sonic CD's PC version a very long time ago and I thought it was just okay, not bad by any stretch of the imagination though. Fortunately, I came back to it after the remake was completed and I was very impressed indeed. To keep reiterating other peoples points down to a minimum, the game oozes style and charm, with each zone and time period featuring its own distinct themes and design philosophies. Similarly, the surreal visual themes in the game is something I would love to see used in more video games in general, it's just so pleasing to look at! I also had a tremendous amount of fun time attacking the levels in the remake, there's a brick wall of difficulty to overcome when initially trying to complete levels as quickly as possible, but there always seems to be at least one route through a level which lets you move without stopping and at a constant pace. Once I got to grips with what the game wanted me to do when time attacking, such as using the boosters and ramps in Stardust Speedway to clear huge stretches of the level or bouncing on badniks in Palmtree Panic it was a blast. Although, while the layout of Quartz Quadrant is simple and straightforward, a straight line with paths running parallel which occasionally intersect, it turned out to be my favourite level in the game thanks to the lovely theme in all of the time periods, the crazy conveyor belts and that fabulous music in both the and American soundtracks. It's still not my favourite game in the series though, not by a long shot. But it's certainly a lot of fun with the remake.
  4. Favourite game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles Ye gads, where do I even begin with this game? It was my childhood and I grew up playing it to death. And even though I have played through the game several dozen times over the years, it still surprises me and I find something new from time to time. Such as the Tails only path in Death Egg Zone Act 1 which I had no idea existed until last year. It has also aged very well and still holds up as an excellent game, it also manages to continue looking pretty in an era of HD tv screens and powerful hardware which is no mean feat. But I could rant about how much I love this game all day. Least favourite game: Sonic 06 Ye gads, where do I even begin with this game? It's so bad it's hillarious. I get a kind of twisted entertainment out of playing this, it's a train wreck of a spectacular scale in every respect in my humble opinion. The game is rotten to its core and it shows; the characters mechanics and abilities are unrefined and in many cases unexplored, the level design is sub-par, the writing is terrible and the art direction is uninteresting. Well, at least the soundtrack is nice, most of the time.
  5. Well, I think the big problem with the swarm of characters is more to do with the fact that they are associated with the poorly recieved gimmicks which they were often built around. A safe, if not very interesting in the long run, option is just to reintroduce a few fan favourite characters playable again by giving them the same core mechanics as Sonic with a few differents in terms of abilities and the like. This worked for Blaze quite nicely in Rush, and she was created just for that game! Another problem is that sometimes the characters are used as 'padding' for the game. For example, playing through Sonic Heroes' zones four times to see the final boss or completing Sonic Rush twice with minor differences to reach the final boss as well. Although Sonic Team hasn't done that for a long time now, which is fantastic. Although, the series doesn't need to take advantage of the huge rooster with every game. Even if this means a few characters are forever sidelined as mere background cameos, that seems fair enough if it allows the games to built on a solid foundation of characters and the game mechanics associated with them. Just some thoughts and musings~
  6. Let's make this short and snappy, shall we? I had an account here years ago (2006 I think) and then after a few months, I stopped posting. After attending Summer of Sonic, I remembered how awesome you guys are and so I'm popping back to visit for a while. A writer, a gentleman and a huge animation and Sonic fan. Let's do this, posting and lurking, but mostly lurking, once more.
  7. I'm just going to shamelessly copy and paste a post I made on another forum about this game, because it's still very appropriate here~ I got a chance to play the demo at Summer of Sonic. As someone who wasn't much of a fan of the previous game, I had quite a lot of fun with this one when I played through a round of the Panzer Dragoon level as Eggman and a round of the Golden Axe level as Gillius Thunderhead. On the Panzer Dragoon level, each lap focused around a different vehicle form and each lap played in a drastically different way, which also served as a fantastic tutorial level by giving me some time to play around the mechanics of each type of vehicle in a stage without hazards flying all over the place. While the Golden Axe level was a more complicated ordeal, with boosters functioning as ramps during the boat sections, multiple paths in the driving sections and hazards aplenty during the flying sections of the track and all of these elements were included in each lap. Oh, and it was fun. All three vehicle forms played differently as well, with the karts functioning as traditional Mario Kart style cars, the boats contending with rolling waves knocking the players around and the planes having a mechanic where you can use tricks to effectively strafe around obstacles while maintaining top speed if you have good timing. All in all, it was better than I expected~
  8. Get back from Summer of Sonic, make a new account here, instantly meet old friends again after years of absence. A sign of fabulous things to come.

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