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  1. When is someone gonna make a game that looks like an ArcSys game but isn't a fighting game?

    1. Wraith


      The fixed camera is how they get away with a lot of their visual tricks

    2. HPX


      They totally use perspective in really crazy ways for supers, etc but I mean those are all polygonal character models. I just want to run around in a world that looks that strikingly cel shaded.

    3. Wraith


      They also deal with a small number of environments due to the nature of the genre. I think we're a ways off on seeing something like that on a larger scale but I'd like to be wrong

    4. HPX


      The new TWEWY trailer reminded me how much I want it, specifically that last shot. I just want cel shading to evolve. It's criminal how underrepresented it is in games.

    5. Kuzu


      I just want Sprites back...

  2. I really wish I could play Gravity Rush. 

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Gravity Rush is fantastic and more people need to play it.

      It's currently on PS Now, so you could get the free trial and use it to play it. If you don't have a PS4, I think Now works on PC too.

    2. HPX


      Yeah, this is my problem. I play games pretty exclusively on Xbox. Laptop's a toaster that I don't like to play games on and I have no PS4 or Vita. 

      This is the path I chose, for better and for worse. But MS seems to be making more of an effort to reach out to Japan. Never would've thought we'd get a Kingdom Hearts collection or Nier, so maybe there's hope. 

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      No hope for GR unfortunately, it’s a Sony owned property.

      That said, even a toaster laptop should be able to handle PS Now I think. It doesn’t actually run anything on it, but just streams the game from actual hardware. As long as your internet is up to snuff, it should be doable I think.

  3. Always thought that the vocals for Tropical Jungle sounded just like Daytona USA and, sure enough, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi is credited as a performer on the soundtrack!

  4. The company is contracting. That much is clear. Whether or not it will have a negative impact on the quality and variety of their games output remains to be seen. What concerns me is that, with less resources to go around and after how well a game of Forces quality sold, why should SEGA feel the need to allocate more resources to Sonic? Then again, maybe it isn't necessarily a question of x resources, but of inspired developers and competent management. SA2 was made by a team of less than half of what Sonic Adventure had, after all.
  5. Didn't they report record losses last year?
  6. You're not wrong. There's been a willingness to appease fans for a while. But I do think there's a difference in altering a game they designed to satisfy fans' concerns and flat out letting their nay-saying rule you into never daring to be big again. If that even is the case. Could be from higher up. edit: forgot to quote
  7. You're not wrong. There's been a willingness to appease fans for a while. But I do think there's a difference in altering a game they designed to satisfy fans' concerns and flat out letting their nay-saying rule you into never daring to be big again. If that even is the case. Could be from higher up.
  8. I'm not trying to argue those points as, again, the passion is clear in those works. What I think I'm trying to work through is the fact that it must've been impossible to craft an experience with the breadth of what they'd envisioned for 06, which was the last time they were truly unfettered to dream of what Sonic was going to evolve into, in an environment that seems to have forbidden them from ever trying again. I don't claim to know what mandates or moratoriums were put in place afterward, but after 15 years, should we really ever expect to see that same level of ambition again? Not that Sonic Team even officially exists anymore... Of course, I realize we don't all want the same things. But again, I lay that blame at SEGA for refusing to commit to a consistent framework. I want to apologize if I've come off as antagonistic. I just want Sonic to be the best he can be, and I wish I still had any faith that that were a possibility. Then again, maybe the dissolution of Sonic Team will be the shakeup that breathes some life/sustainability into him again. I just wanted to say that it isn't worth agonizing over.
  9. These games were both reactions to outside pressures. Very well crafted, to be sure. But Unleashed exists in direct response to the endless criticisms that 'nobody wants to play as Sonic's shitty friends' or that Sonic should only be about going fast; even its core mechanic is lifted from a handheld spinoff they didn't even make. Mania is a nostalgia piece that was passionately pitched and crafted by fan developers and should by no means be attributed to Sonic Team proper, even if they did assist. I'm not tearing these games down. Again, they're well made. But they didn't spring up from a creative well of autonomy. They come from a frustrated and confused place, and neither of them looked forward, which was my biggest point above. They're both bandaids to a bigger issue, which is that Sonic hasn't known what it wants to be since 2006.
  10. I hardly think anyone is asserting that the next game makes or breaks the series. But many have expressed that it will make or break their own continued interest/investment in the franchise, which is absolutely valid. I'm not a lifelong fan, I only got into Sonic 3 or 4 years ago now. But I've fostered a really strong love for him in that time. That said, the elements that hooked and inspired me have been completely missing from the series for well over the past decade. I'm mostly morbidly curious at this point to see how they fail the series again for the next game, as it's crystal clear they aren't interested in catering to fans who miss mastering Sonic's physics to express themselves in creative ways (which was literally the defining trait that set him apart from all other platformers,) as well as intriguing lore as a backdrop against stylish, endearing, and nuanced characters in plots that respect themselves and the player. I hope the next game features at least one of the above, but I have every reason to doubt it will. And even if it somehow does manage to rekindle that spark, there's no guarantee that they'll build a stable franchise out of it and consistently deliver. I do wonder if they'll ever earn that trust, but they certainly don't have it now. That's the reason for all the anxiety in the fanbase over the next game. Other series don't have the utterly FUBAR track record of Sonic the Hedgehog. Other fandoms don't have to deal with so many concerns and questions and doubts and tribalism because it's highly unusual to have such an inconsistent output as Sonic has--precisely because it hurts the brand. The reason we're the laughingstock of video games is largely because of SEGA's failure to respect the brand. The last time this series had any real sort of ambition or passion for what it wanted to be and--maybe more importantly: where it wanted to go, was 06. How sad is that? They are--to this day--ridiculed for caring as much as they did back then. What reason do they have to start caring again? It's immaterial if the games are good or not. Sonic prints money. So I'm with you, iambitter21; people really should sober up, as it's really not a big deal. I'd much rather try and make something myself that captures the spirit of what endeared me to this series so much, than suffer whatever new embarrassments are sure to come from the mascot franchise of a dying company whose best days are behind it. Tl;dr you're right, it's silly to care so much. Sorry for the rant.
  11. Just saw this. Great sanity check after eeking through the embarrassing miasma of this character's history post-SA2. I just hope someone with the power to change things sees this and lets it sink in. Love this guy's videos.
  12. I wonder what the excuses will be once the next Sonic game drops and is yet another mediocre embararassment. Last time, it was the engine. Before that, it was Big Red Button. And so on and so on. 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The next Sonic game is the best game ever. It is literally my favourite game of all time and everyone just gives it a hard time because they're classic fanboys or adventure fanboys and can't accept anything that's even slightly different. You're all so entitled and ungrateful to SEGA! Go back to IGN, you biased Sonic hater. Me and the Next Sonic Game Defence Squad will teach you all a lesson. Don't mess with us.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The New Sonic Cycle: Game comes out, people rightfully damn it, others come to defend it, "give SEGA at least one more chance"


      To say they blew what'd been their last chance would imply that they could even stand a chance by that point. I'm just here to see how deep they'll dig themselves from here on while every other big platformer mops the floor with his spikes. Point me in Evening Star's and the movies' direction, then we can talk about chances. 

    3. Nix


      SEGA gonna be like "we're committed to quality and we're gonna make Sonic good again next time" for the 10th time.

    4. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Wonder what evening star has been up to anyway?

  13. Took me literally 10 years, but I finally finished Prince of Persia '08.

  14. Mentally, I am here:


  15. My knee-jerk reaction is that his statement just goes to show that they haven't really learned anything, and still don't have any sort of vision or ambition for what they want Sonic to be. The implication seems to be that, now that he's been thoroughly drained of all meaningful content and individuality, Sonic is just a brand that can be contorted into whatever current trends are. But then again, Nagoshi is not a member of Sonic Team, so maybe he just doesn't know what the plan is, if there is one. Though, I'm not even certain how much autonomy Sonic Team even has at this point if the bizarre comics mandates are anything to go by. It does boggle my mind that they haven't bothered to bring the Chao back with a companion mobile app where you can take your Chao from a mainline console game with you and raise them from your phone, linking them back and forth from game to phone for bonuses and buffs, etc.
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