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  1. I cannot stand Dillin. He's deluded and insufferable. Anyways, there's plenty of things to criticize Flynn for. Right off the bat, Dillin is very nitpicky, whining about the comics being more like the games, which is something a lot of fans actually wanted. He also criticizes Tracey's artstyle, which has nothing to do with Flynn's writing, and Scourge's jacket getting flames of all things. His "proof" that Ian has no respect for the series is... Sonic laughing at Crocbot. He's also mad about Crocbot, Mecha, and Sir Connery getting killed off. Y'know, characters that nobody cared about. I stopped listening after this. I'm no writer myself, so it's hard for me to really criticize someone's writing, but like I said, Ian Flynn did make some choices that I know I didn't like, and I've seen plenty of others with similar complaints. But this really isn't it. Dillin has a history of being mad for the sake of being mad, so I'd take all his "criticisms" with a grain of salt.
  2. I still see a lot of people believing all the fake leaks, but you are right in that there's been more skepticism. Remember Sonic Blue Thunder? I still find Debra the Bat hysterical.
  3. It may not stop the leaks, but atleast less people would be inclined to believe them.
  4. Someone on /v/ claimed to have information on upcoming Sonic stuff. At one point, they mention the Freedom Fighters will show up in the IDW comics with new designs that are a combination of their post and pre-SGW designs, and that Sally will be playable in the mobile games. Edit: found a screenshot
  5. As a huge fan of the Freedom Fighters, no. I feel that if they were thrown into the IDW comics, they wouldn't be the Freedom Fighters anymore. They work great with the universe they're in, but outside that, I can't see it working. But if those recent "leaks" that have been floating around are real (which, I don't believe they are), then I suppose it could be interesting to see how they're handled. The Sally design does sound cute.
  6. These pieces are gorgeous! You've got a lot of talent. I especially love your designs for Tails' parents.
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