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    I like to draw play video games and love Pink Floyd I am a big sonic fan and love playing sa 1 my favorite sonic character is tails and I like the color green my favorite album the wall dark side of the moon I been a sonic fan since I watch sonic x because of interest been a fan since I’m not the best at the classics I can beat them without getting all the chaos emeralds and maybe some save sates
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  1. Yoshi and shadow that’s a cute drawing the ultimate life form needs his diaper change! 😃
  2. I personally think it would not work one reason the story in forces was terrible and how bad infinite character was his back story was so bad and just show up sometimes in the story so since how bad this character was and the recent lousy writing I don’t think they could make a character like that
  3. I really like yoshi island 2 I though it was a funny bright and colorful game that mix up the Mario gameplay but I wish they made a really sequel to super Mario world on the snes and my favorite color Yoshi is the classic green or blue
  4. Take all your over grown infants away some were and build them a home the fletcher memorial home for incurable tyrants and kings. - Pink Floyd the fletcher memorial home 


  5. It would be great if she was the younger version of the old owl man from the sonic ova it’s obvious not tho because she female
  6. For millions of years man kind like just like the animals then something happened that unleashed the power of our imagination we learn to talk- Steven hawking keep talking the division bell


  7. Hey you won a day! Congrats! 

  8. The grass was greener the air was sweeter the nights of wonder the water flowing the endless river for ever and ever- Pink Floyd high hopes the division bell 1994


  9. Since this gaming generation has come to a end what console was the best this generation What’s better switch ps4 or Xbox one 

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      Its literally has every game in existence and from the future!

      EZ GG

  10. Yes @Shadow Chaos ControlYes but I was never the huge online rpg person sega could definitely make a good one but I would probably not be a fan those types of games are not my jam but what would be the story?
  11. My simease cats


    1. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      They are so cute! 

      You know I had to post this: 


    2. FReaK
    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Sibling hugs!

    4. Nathan


      They love to groom each other. and they are Siamese if you please.


  12. But the last time they made on it did not turn out to well sonic and the dark brotherhood
  13. Only 3 do you have Amazon prime
  14. Yes there is I love sonic x cried when tails killed cosmo on Amazon prime but Chris is in season 3 and is annoying as $@&!
  15. I wonder how can you make a sonic cd sequel will it just be like mains but with to many’s springs and spikes is this a mod disk I can buy for my sects Saturn
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