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    I like to draw play video games and love Pink Floyd I am a big sonic fan and love playing sa 2 my favorite sonic character is tails and I like. the color green. my favorite album the division bell. I been a sonic fan since I watch sonic x because I been a fan since I’m not the best at the classics I can beat them without
    getting all the chaos emeralds and maybe some save sates. And my favorite sonic game is sonic adventure.
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  1. One of my favorite lines from sa 1

    1. Soniman


      BRUH I died when I got to that part everything about it just slayed me. The writing, the line delivery, the animation, it was all perfect 

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Prefectly awful. Yikes

      Recording the lines for the older Sonic games must hand been an ordeal and a half. No context, no animations to watch, just individual lines with arbitrary lengths. No wonder SA1 was full of corkers.

    3. Nathan


      And it was rushed to be localized 

    4. The Master

      The Master

      I more love Tails face at the start.

    5. Supah Berry
  2. One thing I always wander How was knuckles born and when and how because chaos destroyed the whole echidna clan and how and why dose he know he must protect the master emerald who taught him? And who was his parents
  3. Some of the best voice acting I ever heard.


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Is he talking about the recent voice actor news?

  4. I’m Nate love Pink Floyd member since 2020 love retro game console and loves sonic adventure 1
  5. I love me some classic sonic like sonic 2 and 3 but I personally think a lot of people can’t get over the classic and only to think Sonics works in 2d and never touch a 3D sonic game and keep living in the past.
  6. I love live and learn open your heart it doesn’t matter v2 and believe in myself and emerald hill zone
  7. I can’t wait for Covid to end so the wash can open again!




  8. I never was a big fan of his version of sonic but I wish him luck finding work but if he gets replaced by movie sonic I dislike him so much not the actor just his version of sonic.
  9. No question the sonic adventure style I love seen all the new characters drawn that way I think new sonic design on forces is boring but the adventures one are so full of style.
  10. I had a weird one that I was friends with sonic and tails and we were doing a heist with guns and I also had this once I was racing against tails in seaside hill/ grand metropolis and tails and amy were cheating
  11. How about going through a war zone like how sonic forces shows all the action of screen there would be a level were you fight with the resistance it would be fun you have to fight the death egg robots and all the copies of shadow and chaos and metal it would be called final fight
  12. There’s dust in my eyes that blinds my sight of a silence that speaks so much louder then words of promises broken.... 

  13. The ultimate life form with a smiease kitty 



    1. Plumbers_Helper


      "This is the ultimate purr-er!"

  14. I’m excited I have finish all of sonic x boom and adventures of sonic the hedgehog I’m excited for a new cartoon I wonder what it will be about?
  15. It did now sega will never make a spin off game for silver or tails because they failed once and never try it again
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