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  1. If anyone is after tickets we've had a few last minute cancellations for the regular tickets. Either give me a buzz on here or email me at westonsupersonic@gmail.com We're hoping it will be another fun event. We've got some of our regular artists and traders returning. One of the new artists has promised something really exciting, so it might be worth keeping your eyes peeled for that! We will also be bringing back the Cosplay competition, Art competition and Speed Run competition. Hopefully we should be receiving some awesome rewards from Sega Europe for those. We're currently watching the front door for their arrival! Our Speed Run this year is Crisis City Act 2 from Sonic Generations, which will be running most of the day. So you'll have lots of chances to try and beat the best time! We also have a few events happening around the event. The Sonic Show are putting on an event on stage (I've been left in the dark about what it is, but it should be good!), as well as a Q&A with Tom Fry and Kieran Gates about Sonic Mania. Later on they will also be hosting an informal art workshop in our art area, so any budding artists can ask them questions on how to draw certain things or just enjoy drawing with the pros! We'll also have the appearance of not one, but two Super Sonic mascots! We found some of the younger fans have been terrified of Fleetway Super Sonic, so we also now have a regular Modern Super Sonic. Both will be wandering about during the day. And of course, there will be cake!
  2. I bet a lot of people on here have forgotten Weston Super Sonic is happening... and in just a couple of days!!! Myself and JonoD are planning a little pre-convention meetup at the CEX cafe on Friday 15th at 2:30pm. A more relaxed environment where we can have coffee and cake, play some video games and have a chat with those of you in the area! We've also got a small handful of goodies we've love to give out to those of you that can make it! For those of you that can't make it to the pre-convention meetup, we hope to see you on Saturday! We've got an exciting line up for the day, with workshops from Duncan Gutteridge, Ferran Rodriguez and a chat with SonicpoX about his work! We've also got a mystery reveal from First 4 Figures again, as well as a live Ask Uncle Poxxy, hosted by The Sonic Show. We've got a huge number of exhibitors this year compared to last year, ranging from general Sonic Merchandise to artwork made by very talented artists, as well as one of our exhibitors making some amazing sonic head cushions! We may have even more in store! Hope to see you there!
  3. We're delighted to announce that Weston Super Sonic 2016 free ticket registration is now live! http://westonsupersonic.wix.com/weston-super-sonic#!registration/c19io But you'll need to hurry, we don't have as many tickets available as last year! Also we're delighted to announce that Duncan Gutteridge will be returning to WSS! For those of you who didn’t get the chance to stop by his table last year, Duncan is a talented artist who was responsible for several incredible pieces of classic Sonic the Hedgehog artwork throughout Sonic’s early years, which made its way to several pieces of merchandise and even the official Sonic the Hedgehog Calendar in 1993! Duncan will be back to share his fantastic work with everyone once again, and is set to give a very exciting demonstration of his skills… Stick with us for all the details!
  4. We have less than 24 hours until this year's WSS Kickstarter funding ends! We're just £66 away from our £1600 goody bag stretch goal! Can you help us help every backer get goody bags?! We still have plenty of rewards left, including t-shirts, pin badges, tickets and a few of last year's goody bags! Meanwhile we've been chatting with our special guests, so expect an update on that soon! We're working with them on trying to set up something quite special.
  5. Out of nowhere, moving at Super Sonic speed! The Weston Super Sonic 2016 Kickstarter has officially launched! Weston Super Sonic Kickstarter
  6. I have to say I'm not all that surprised either. When I ran WSS last time I decided to do a little bit of research and see how many men and how many women had registered for tickets. More women by quite a few had registered. it something like a 3:2 ratio. But despite these sort of findings, I wouldn't want them to alter the series to market it to more women and girls. I think it would lose a lot of its charm. Unlike a lot of video games, the Sonic series has already done a lot to target the female audience in a positive way. The Mario series keeps going about the idea of most of their female characters being princesses, whilst the Sonic series has a wide mixture of different female roles, from the typical stereotypes of innocent and sweet (Cream) to the powerful and able to stand on their own two feet (Blaze). I think Sega realises there are a lot of female fans, otherwise I don't think a lot of these female characters would even exist. I'm pretty sure they would have made Sticks a male character if they felt it should only be targeted towards boys. I also agree the popularity is likely down to the design style. Most boys would likely start looking at first person shooters, sports and horror games for realism and potentially role models, but the cuter styles tend to stick with girls, even into adulthood. Although the whole boys and MLP thing still baffles me to this day. I guess even typical behaviour of genders can be flipped on its head!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  8. It's a real shame that you weren't able to raise the funds, but the important thing is that you tried. The $3,500 you were looking for was a lot to raise for a first convention, but I'm disappointed there wasn't at least a little more in the way of donations. My advice to anyone would be to test out the waters first. Weston Super Sonic was literally a gamble. I'm not a massive personality in the Sonic community, I only belong to these forums and most of my Sonic fan friends are based in the US. I knew I wanted to do something around my birthday. After exhibiting at a wide variety of conventions to gain experience, I decided to try and host a my own mini event. I hired out a community hall for £70, sorted out a few pieces of gear for the games tournament, got some paper and pencils, made a mountain of cupcakes and invited some of my friends along. I sent out the invite to everyone else to see if a convention could happen. It was a lovely surprise that people I had never met before actually turned up for a little convention, despite the bad weather before the event. The feedback was amazing as well, which spread around the community. Next thing I know, I have an excellent co-host to throw ideas off of and we have a crazy dream to host at the Grand Pier in the near future... what we didn't expect was the support of the community we got to actually make it happen this year! The advantage of starting off with a small convention, is that even if the only people who turn up are your friends, at least you could still have a fun time. The larger convention is something to aim for, but it may take some time to build up to it. My first event cost me about £200, most of that going towards the hall and the projector.
  9. Weston Super Sonic Update! Guest Announcement! For those who missed the Facebook announcement, we're delighted to announce we have another guest for our January meetup! Mike Pollock! Unfortunately costs and distance we cannot have our favourite Dr Eggman voice actor at the event itself, but he has kindly agreed to a live Skype chat with us on the day. He'll be answering a selection of fan submitted questions (which we will ask for closer to the date). We're super excited he has agreed to join us for the event, even if it's only through Skype. We have lots more exciting news to announce over the next few weeks! We have another confirmed guest, as well as a look at something exciting that everyone will receive on the day! We hope you stay tuned!
  10. Weston Super Sonic would like to make an important and very exciting announcement! We can confirm we have our first two guests! Richard Elson (STC Artist) Nigel Kitching (STC Writer) For those unfamiliar with the Sonic The Comic series back in the 90's and early 00's, Richard Elson was the main artist for STC and brought alive most of the major plot points in the series, as well as drawing a huge number of covers for the comics, even when the comics were reprinted. Nigel Kitching was one of the main writers in the STC series and worked often with Richard, writing some of the most epic stories in the series. The legendary pair have kindly agreed to join us for WSS 2015!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  12. Although our initial idea was to contact Sega Europe, we are currently keeping that on hold. Although we'd love to get them involved, we currently have secret reasons for not doing so. We're going to play it by ear for now. We're also in the middle of arranging a merchandise seller and artists for the convention. At the Bristol Comic Expo we had a couple very interested in being a part of the event and we are just waiting for confirmation to add them to our list. We are still interested in anyone wanting to submit animations or even if there's any bands that want to play at the event. As per usual, all enquiries should be directed to our email at westonsupersonic@gmail.com
  13. A Scotland meet up would be fantastic! Sadly I wouldn't be able to travel that far, but I'm sure there's plenty that would. What sort of meet up were you planning? A general one at a bar/park etc? Or one with a set venue? Starting one up without a set venue I have found can be a little tricky. I've held several between Weston-Super-Mare and Bristol. The Weston one tends to have numbers of about 5-6 people turn up, whilst currently the Bristol (and our single cardiff one) have drawn just 2. Myself and fellow co-host! Although these sort of meet ups don't cost anything to set up, it is difficult to draw people to them. A set venue is a bit of a gamble. You need to spend money for the venue, but you will be more likely to draw people to your event. I was not aware of any Sonic fans in the Weston area, so I gambled by setting a venue and putting the word out (Thanks to Ogilvie, the word spread to other sites) and we managed to pull off our first event successfully. We had over 50 people sign up for it. Sadly only half turned up, but this could also be put down to the flooding issues we were having in this part of the world at the time. Everyone had a fantastic time and were really keen on a second event. For our second event we've invested a lot more money and time advertising and we're attracting a lot more interest both from fans and from bigger names in the community. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you if you decide to try another meet up. We could use some more events further up north.
  14. I'm going to speak up here, as this is an issue I'm currently dealing with for WSS. There are what I consider three groups of people that could be found. Group 1 would be the fans that are interested in attending the event, but aren't willing to do anything towards it. Group 2 are the ones that will want to volunteer, but at the end of the day, might just be looking for easy entry into the event and may not make things easier at the end of the day. Whilst group 3 is your group of good volunteer staff, which make the day fantastic! WSS is looking for new staff to help with the running of the day. But we're weary about selecting new staff without some form of track record or proof of their skills. It's like selecting a new employee for your business. On paper they may sound perfect and meeting them might make you believe you're picking the right person for the job. But that person ends up doing as little work as possible, turning up late to work and finishing earlier than their shift end time, taking dozens of bathroom breaks just to get out of doing work, hiding in a quiet part of the workplace with a mate and just chatting for as long as it takes for a manager to find out they've gone missing. I'm guessing the SoS wouldn't have the spare time to check on staff to make sure they're doing their roles. I'm not saying everyone is like that. The SoS team currently is fantastic! It's easy to pick people to volunteer, but it takes even more work to find out which people would make the whole event run easier in the long run. Ideally you'd need to put them through a trial run before the big summer event.
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