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  1. I wish you were on brah. I miss you ;A; Happy birthday ;-;

  2. The Psycho was running around aimlessly in this new weird area, looking for any sign of its old location. This was no right. This was not right at all. There was no Vault here. It had to find the Vault and it could not do that here. It wanted out. Outoutoutoutoutoutoutout.
  3. ((Ah, didn't know. No probs. I'll just switch then))
  4. Meanwhile, a new, lanky figure was watching the commotion from afar. The strange man rubbed his hands against eachother, a wide, unsettling grin appearing on his face. Letting out a low "Waa", approaching the much too familiar red-clad plumber.
  5. Ordered Kingdom Hearts 3D. I'll give my opinion once it arrives.

    1. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      I only like it for TWEWY.

    2. KHCast


      I like it because of music,Tron,Story,Hunchback of notre dame, and twewy.

    3. BlueTidalGamer


      I'm getting it for the improved combat and for what's going to happen in the story.

    4. Alex2Beta


      Also TWEWY..But eh..I'll probably enjoy it.

    5. Psycho


      Come on what's wrong with Kingdom Hearts? It got some silly aspects, yes, and the Disney side is pretty unnecessary, but the original content and storyline is really good IMO.

  6. Does enjoying JPop make me a weeaboo?

    1. Clades Jin
    2. Noir
    3. Blue Blood
    4. Vertekins



      Weeaboo = Someone who prizes things solely because of their Japanese origin and obnoxiously hails them as superior as a result.

      Enjoying Jpop = Appreciating a type of music on it's own merits that is no different whatsoever to enjoying other genre's and types of music from other countries of origin.

    5. Silencer226


      I don't think so, a weaboo praises shit simply because its Japanese.

    6. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      nah. If you think the japanese are gods however then yes, you are one.

    7. Psycho


      Holy- That is a lot of defense in very little time o_o

      Anyway, thanks for clarifying that. I really just enjoy the music style to be honest. Then it's also not having a clue what they're saying, which somehow makes it better to me. Not sure why.

    8. Clades Jin
    9. Psycho


      And I am now going to addicted for the rest of the day. Thanks Zero!

    10. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      *makes a bow*

  7. I think he meant Classic Sonic? Maybe?
  8. I'd have to say Silver the Hedgehog. The only memorable thing with that fight was escaping the arena. And that was a GLITCH. You guys all know it, so I honestly don't think I have to explain myself.
  9. So apparently the world is ending in five months. Someone play the Song of Time before then please.

    1. Rigby


      Play it with a kazoo for bonus points

  10. Currently addicted to Voltaire's music.

    1. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      He's pretty good.

    2. Solly


      I really like his goofier/campier songs like When You're Evil

    3. Psycho


      When You're Evil is one of my favourites actually.

  11. Hey all. Suzaku, Brade, or Marcus here. Either name works. Was kidnapped forced at gunpoint held hostage invited here by Lelouch Vi Brittania, as his current username goes. So yea, I'm just your average guy. Enjoy gaming, watch anime every now and then, read a fair share of books and comics. What more is there to say? Looking forward to having a good time here.
  12. We need to play some Osu. >:|

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