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  1. I think Forces 2 could be a really cool game and I don't mind seeing it as the 30th (there were some pretty weak leaks about it some time ago). There is a lot to grow on, potential for many characters being used and returning and I loved the Avatar System. And with better writing it could be a really fun game. it just need polish and someone good to lead the project. But at the same time I'm pretty sure we should expect either something completely safe like a new Mania/2D game or something completely new and unpredictable like Forces was at the time. Sonic... *throws dart* Dota. I hope with my heart that it's not just a collection or a re-release. That would be really sad.
  2. So the school is this (next?) week, and I was thinking about it a lot. It's been a while, since I finished mine, but I do have lots of found memories and friends from it. So I got inspired and put this wholesome and cute thing together: Cream is just the cutest, and I wish we got to see more Vanilla. Shame they weren't used in games for years. At least IDW puts a bigger spotlight on those two. Either way. If you already finished school - any cool memories you can share from it? If you're going back soon - anything you're excited about?
  3. So I don't know if anyone here is a fan or is even familiar with Plague of Gripes - he's an artist and an animator on YT and became largely popular thanks to his ties to the Best Friends Let's Play group. A couple of weeks back, he posted "his Sonic OC". One of his fans from the subreddit commissioned me to make an art of him and I really like how it turned out. It's supposed to be a reference to this moment and originally we thought about drawing a human or a mobian mermaid next to him. But in the interest of time and money decided to go with the birds instead. Also, here is a drawing of a random OC my boyfriend made for our tabletop games. Her name is Sofil Neils. Sofil is a water wizard, that is very kind and polite, working as a teacher in a magic academy of sort. She is a companion of a fire wizard named Raskal Fires, who's a much older red chameleon, that taught her everything she knows. We use her generally as a guide that helps more gentler characters to learn their strengths.
  4. Thanks you! I'm kinda new to posting my Sonic Art everywhere, but I would like to keep doing it for as long as possible Speaking of, here is a small bump, with some more of my stuff: This is Zepp, he's the 3rd hero of our tabletop campaign, very stoic, but fun character that's trying to figure out how much he has to rely on his mechanical parts. It's also probably one of the most complex commission I ever did. And this is something I drew mostly for fun. Tho, as I mentioned on Twitter, for some reason I just cannot for the life of my draw Chao, something about their form just... I just can't. This one turned out alright tho.
  5. Thank you! I can be pretty shy sometimes and I'm much more of a lurker, but I will do my best :)
  6. Hello! I'm new here and I'm still figuring some things out, but I hope you'll like my art. Currently, I'm drawing characters for my boyfriend's tabletop campaign plus some doodles on the side. I also pretty much always take commissions, because rent and food are important. Here are some of them: I will be posting my new more complete stuff here (colored artworks or commissions), but if you want to see the full scope of my work, I have a twitter and a DA, where I drop pretty much everything or newgrounds, if you like maximum quality. In case you're interested about me personally - I was sonic for many years, started with Adventure games, and mostly stayed for comics and music. I also used to dabble into writing fanfics and roleplaying a lot, but art is where I stopped. I'm a huge fan of Evan Stanley's and Tracy Yardley's work.
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